1. R

    Nested virtualization networking problems - L2 not able to reach local network

    I have set up a Proxmox server that has an Ubuntu CT running apache webserver and a Ubuntu VM hosting GNS3, and the GNS3 has a Ubuntu Server virtualized using qemu. In the GNS3 has a bridge to the Ubuntu VM, so all the Ubuntu Server is able to access the internet, receive its ip from a DHCP...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Proxmox is not always responsive on local networks

    Hello, On my local network, I have two PVEs, one of which has just been installed. In 90% of cases, I can't access the PVEs, either via SSH or the web interface. The VMs do have Internet access. However, on one of my PVEs, I've installed an argo tunnel (Cloudflare), and I can access the PVE...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Setting up a bridge with two LAN connections

    I need some help because the network world is still relatively new to me. I have another new server, but unfortunately no more network ports are free. So I thought it should be possible to configure my first server as a bridge. It has two network ports. My topology would look like this: The...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 8.2.2: Destination Host Unreachable but local network is fine

    I just had this happen to a 2nd node. This one while still setting it up, before joining cluster. I had this happen to a node I had & I tried a bunch of things but eventually ended up migrating everything off it & re-installing. I thought it had happened as a result of an in-place-upgrade to...
  5. R

    Bond0 ProxMox slow internet speed

    hi, I installed two Mellox network cards of 10 gbit each, but when I make the bond with the two network cards the maximum speed is 9 gbit, always the same dedicated if I install windows and configure lcap the connection speed is 20 gbit, so the cards work correctly, how do I solve the problem on...
  6. S

    opnsense on Proxmox, replacing Unifi UDR as primary router, is this NIC bridge config right?

    I'm replacing my broken Unifi UDR with a N100 fanless box running Proxmox 8.2.2 and OPNsense 24.1. The N100 box has 4x dedicated Intel 226 NICs and 1x Console port. I have a ADSL2+ modem connected to eth0 as WAN (my internet is 80MbpsDown/16Mbpsup, but planning on getting 1G up/down fibre in...
  7. T

    Weird interface creation on migration of VM

    when I do a migration from one host to another the host that i am migrating to goes off line. it will not come back online until I reboot or delete some new interfaces that where created. why is it creating vmbrv10 and ens1f0.10? proxmox-ve: 8.2.0 (running kernel: 6.8.4-3-pve) pve-manager...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Failed to reach Proxmox on VLAN

    Dear community I am pretty new to proxmox but like it so far except when it comes to VLAN's. I know there is ton of articles out there dealing with this topic and I tried quite some of them with no help so far. I have a baremetal machine that connects with two sfp+ ports to my uniFi switch...
  9. C

    proxmox vm is not accessible via the web browser

    hey guys, i have only been using proxmox for a short time and would like to know what my problem is... when i run a webserver nginx/httpd on the vm, i can't access the website via. static priv address. If I use a lxc container instead of a vm it works, what do I have to change so that I can use...
  10. J

    Vmbr0 unknown device type

    Hi, I'm having an issue where I cannot add new interfaces to VMs, or even create new VMs, because proxmox lists my vmbr0 bridge type as 'unknown'. This means that I have no devices listed in the 'bridge' option box when creating interfaces or VMs, and therefore they cannot be created. I can...
  11. R

    [CLOSED] ip-fou (Foo-over-UDP) on unprivileged container

    Hello there! I have an issue with my LXC container about networking things. So, I've wanted to run ip-fou (Foo-over-UDP) on my unprivileged container, and there is kind of an error message "RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted" And this is my LXC configuration file Besides of it...
  12. P

    No DNS with PHP in LXC

    I cannot make DNS queries with PHP in LXC containers, in VM's it works without problems. I have not changed anything in the Proxmox firewall settings, everything is set to default. Normal DNS queries with "ping" work fine with PHP but not, What could be the problem?
  13. T

    8.2.2 upgrade breaks 1st node. Manual network start needed

    Hey all, I have a 3 node Proxmox/ceph cluster and I decided to update. After updating the 1st node, networking no longer works on it. Others have said their 8.2.x upgrade changed the device name but that's not what I'm seeing. Upon booting up and and logging in, I can run manually run...
  14. jsterr

    [TUTORIAL] Broadcom NICs down after PVE 8.2 (Kernel 6.8)

    We had some issues with some broadcom nics going down after update to 6.8 Workaround: NICs go up if you do a service networking restart FIX: Update Broadcom Firmware to latest firmware and blacklist their "beautiful" infiniband-driver This will update ALL YOUR Broadcom-Network Cards to their...
  15. F

    [SOLVED] VMWare -> Proxmox | Storage Ceph - Fragen?

    Hallo in die Runde! Auch wir überlegen, einen Übergang von VMWare zu Proxmox zu realisieren. Stand bisher: VMWare Cluster 5 Nodes, 2 Storages mit SAS Anbindung Nun zu unseren Überlegungen: Unter Beibehaltung der bestehenden 5 Nodes wollen wir die bestehenden Storages gegen ein Ceph-Cluster...
  16. W

    Trying out SR-IOV no network for VM on same Bridge as main PCI

    Hi! I'm fairly new to SR-IOV this and hope I'm using the right terminology and abbreviations. I'm trying to figure this out. I've got a VM which I've assigned it a VF from the main 10GBe network card. This works fine, it does it's thing, no issues. I wanted to use the same PF(The top "root"...
  17. W

    Setup one bridge per VLAN with OpenVswitch

    Hello everyone, I apologize if this question has been addressed before, but I'm currently encountering a roadblock and have been unable to find a solution. My goal is to create a separate bridge for each tagged VLAN on my eth0 interface. Subsequently, I want to connect virtual machines to these...
  18. P

    Unable to send Mail and connect to port 25 from Guest

    Hi, I have a mail server running in a guest vm I can revive mail but cant send them. when trying telnet 25 from the guest it wont connect but from the host it works. connect to[]:25: Connection timed out when i ping
  19. U

    Network bridge where all member-VMs are isolated?

    I want to create a Linux Bridge where all members will be isolated from each other, and can only reach the gateway. As far as I've read Proxmox SDN aims to achieve the inverse; however Linux bridges support isolation natively; I have just ran the following commands and observed this leads to...
  20. A

    Docker Container kein Internet

    Hi zusammen, ich bin gerade dabei mich in Proxmox einzuarbeiten und habe Privat bereits den Umstieg von vmware vSphere vollzogen. Das meiste war selbsterklärend bzw. durch die gute Dokumentation recht schnell zu verstehen. Jedoch habe ich ein Problem mit Docker, gemäß der Dokumentation habe...


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