1. B

    [SOLVED] Network configuration on a Cisco UCS Blade

    Hello everyone, We would like to use Proxmox on a Cisco UCS B200 M-Series Blade. We've already installed the latest Proxmox version on the Host. From the network side on the switch we've configured two LACPs which has 4 ports each. With the VLANs 9 for management and 201, 4092 for data. This...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Unreachable

    Hello All, so I have a bit of a funny one, which I am sure there is an obvious answer I am missing. Last night I swapped out my 16 port Unifi switch for a Unifi 48 POE switch, everything connected to it works as it should... except for my proxmox (1) server. The Server and the VM's all appear...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Access to samba/nfs or any webui of any lxc container always errors with "connection reset"

    Hello. I have read lots of posts in this forum and a lot more on the web in regards to my situation but they were not that similar, or when I did the solution to the issue it didn´t work. So I decided to post to get help from more seasoned people. Since last week I have been using lxc containers...
  4. L

    Sporadic network losses for Debian 11/12 VMs

    Setup: - PVE Cluster 8.1.0 / Linux 6.5.13-3-pve - Typical Proxmox installation with bridged WAN (Linux Bridge) Test VMs: #1: Debian 12 - Kernel: 6.1.0-18-amd64 - IP & Mac Filter enabled (NDP enabled) - Firewall: Block all Incoming (except ICMP Test server ip) / Allow all outgoing - Network...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] Ceph and Storage Networking Configuration

    I have a three node cluster. Each node is an HP 600 G6 DM with the built in 1GbE port and a 10GbE add on through the Flex IO port. Each nodes gigabit port is connected to my UniFi Dream Machine on the (VLAN2) network. The three 10GbE connections are connected to a USW-Flex-XG. I plan...
  6. D

    No network access after fresh install

    I read about a lot of similar post but nothing solved my problem. I have installed Proxmox with a correct network ip, gateway for my network but no network acces after install. My DHCP range go from to I can't access the web ui on my computer on the same network. I also...
  7. D

    Missing NIC

    I have three Cisco C220 M4 servers all loaded with Proxmox 8.1.4 and configured into a cluster. The cluster is healthy. Up until now I have been using one 1 GBe/sec NIC per node. Now I want to utilize another NIC (I have eight others to choose from). With the server at the POST screen, I can...
  8. F

    Proxmox suddenly not accessible via web gui, SSH or ping. Appears to be still working via terminal on device itself.

    I'm making this enquiry on behalf of a friend but seeing as I got him in to this I feel kind of responsible! That said, I'm still an absolute novice so terminology will likely be well off. Please be gentle! So, he states that after initially configuring a couple of containers (for running...
  9. P

    Only some VLANs work

    Hi there I've migrated from VMWare to Proxmox and so far it's been going pretty well. However, when configuring VLANs I've run into an issue with one of my game servers. My server is directly connected to my Fortigate firewall and I've configured the NIC on the fortigate to communicate on...
  10. L

    Mellanox Connect-X 5 weird performance issues over MPLS

    I feel like I need to give a bit of background here. We have two locations, one in Atlanta and one in Dallas. We have an MPLS connection between the two sites and redundant internet connection to separate firewalls and separate switches in both locations. The main focus is the MPLS connection...
  11. S

    Unable to get static ipv6 working on LXC

    My ISP has assigned me a block of ipv6: 2001:19c0:1::1c00/120 I'm currently on Proxmox 7.4. After setting up a new Ubuntu 22 LXC, I've added network settings like so: Static IP: 2001:19c0:1::1c03/120 Gateway: 2001:19c0:1::1c01 I've also tried updating the bridge on the node to include an...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox ceph network configuration

    Hi, I read this sentence on ceph hardware-recommendations : "Provision at least 10 Gb/s networking in your datacenter, both among Ceph hosts and between clients and your Ceph cluster" This is my ceph configuration: [global] auth_client_required = cephx auth_cluster_required = cephx...
  13. powersupport

    Investigating Consistent Network Traffic Display on Proxmox Server

    We have a Proxmox node containing several VMs. In the summary section under network traffic, all the VMs display the same network usage as the node. It should be different for each VM. How can we resolve this issue?
  14. F

    Proxmox LXCs and VMs without internet connection from router

    Hey, new here so I'm sorry if I miss important details. I've recently installed an ASUS AX58U router to handle my home network. I've now ran into issues where none of my containers or vms get an internet connection, eventho they do get IP addreesses from the router. Thanks in advanced
  15. U

    Terrible Network Upload Speeds from Proxmox Host

    I've had fun building a plucky little homelab on Proxmox 8.1.4 running kernel 6.5.13-1-pve. It's installed on an HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC, with the OS installed on a SATA SSD, there being a 4tb NVME btrfs pool, and there being multiple HDD's connected via USB3. Services are run an an...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] HELP! i cant get into web gui and ssh in fresh insatall Proxmox

    im new in proxmox i tried to find solution still cant get it right i try reinstall proxmox try difference version try difference device becouse when installing in other device it say no acceleration hardware support but i get internet in proxmox so gateway not a problem i try ssh into proxmox...
  17. A

    unknown node status when vm backup job

    Help, has anyone encountered a similar problem, a cluster of 3 nodes, one random node freezes, with a VM backup task, restarting networking.service helps and the node comes to life, the VM comes to life after unlocking qm, but the network on the VM does not work if you migrate VM to another...
  18. R

    New PCIE NIC Not Getting Interface Assigned

    I've installed a PCIE NIC into my machine running Proxmox, but no new interfaces are showing up under the network tab. I can tell that the NIC is detected by the computer because it shows up when I run lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet', which I've shown in the first screenshot. The NIC...
  19. C

    invalid server response: '500 Can't connect to (Network is unreachable)' (500)

    Guten Tag, Ich wollte gerade eine neue Ubuntu VM auf meinem neuen Proxmox Server erstellen, da kam die Fehlermeldung "invalid server response: '500 Can't connect to (Network is unreachable)' (500)". Nach ein wenig recherche habe ich herausgefunden, dass es sich dabei um...
  20. W

    WiFi configuration in Proxmox VE 8.1

    Hello, I want to configure WiFi in Proxmox VE 8.1. I already tried to solve the problem using this forum post: Unfortunately, the solutions found did not solve my problem. I have WiFi via USB. I don't know...


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