1. B

    [SOLVED] link0: cannot use IP '', not found on local node!

    Hey. Im running out of ideas on how to re-add a node to my existing cluster. This node was previously part of the cluster, but i had to temporarily use the server elsewhere. Ive reinstalled proxmox but i just cant add it to the cluster (with 2 other nodes) anymore. As far as i can tell the two...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] LXC's on different linux bridges can still ping each other

    Here I am again, the issue is quite simple (and was probably there for a few months but I never realised). The promox I took over already had one linux bridge setup, VMBR0 (which I'm guessing is from the installation), I then created a second linux bridge to isolate my lxc's and vm's >> VMBR1...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Changing routers, what network interface changes are needed?

    Hello all, I recently changed routers, I lost my connection to Promox (via SSH or the Web UI). From my research, I think I understand what changes I need to make but I'd like to double-check with you before I take action as I'm nervous I'll completely lose access (I can still plug my old router...
  4. K

    what to do if my proxmox provider does not support the Default Bridge Configuration

    Hello, i have a proxmox server with a single ip addres and that's my correct network configuration : # network interface settings; autogenerated source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet manual iface eth1 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0...
  5. B

    Container loosing network connection daily

    Hi, using ProxMox now for one year without any issues. From one day to another one of my containers is loosing network connectivity one a day. It's not always loosing the connectivity at the same time. The container runs Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) (Openhabian distro). The container ran...
  6. R

    Beginner Networking Question: How to best Implement Tailscale?

    Hello all, I am looking at using tailscale for my home server, specifications below: Xeon X3450 16GB Ram (First thing to upgrade when I have money to spare) Obviously running proxmox. I am considering using tailscale to set up out of network access for some of my applications, including: -...
  7. Q

    [Hetzner] VM kein Internet

    Hallo, ich habe bereits die Anleitung von Hetzner abgearbeitet, bekomme jedoch für die VM´s kein Internet. Könnte mir da jemand behilflich sein? Bei den IP-Adresse habe ich /26, da die Netmask laut Hetzner Robot ist. in der /etc/sysctl.conf ist net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 und...
  8. P

    No network connections defined - Installing on Debian 11

    Started with a new/clean install of Debian 11.5, and followed the instructions installing Proxmox, to the point: Connect to the Proxmox VE web interface At this point there are no longer any defined network connections. Seems my two existing network connections were disabled. Apparently...
  9. F

    Iptables NAT not working from vmbr with bridged port

    This is my current network setup on host one (vm01). I have a public network available over vmbr0 and a private network connected to a nic over vmbr1 (used for cluster traffic and VM private network via a vlan). Now I want to NAT the vlan onto vmbr0 so that the vms can have limited internet...
  10. A

    Slow speed torrenting using an LXC container

    Hello everyone! First post here, after a couple of days searching, I've decided to ask for help here. I've successfully installed qBittorrent on a small LXC container running Ubuntu 20.04, also got the webui working, looking really good. I also had manually mounted a couple of shared SMB...
  11. L

    Invalid ARP responses cause network problems

    While I have solved the issue, I hope this is helpful to others who run into the same problem. Also, it would be great if someone could verify that this is a sensible approach. Recently, we would lose the network connection to our PVE servers on a semi-regular interval. Virtual machines on that...
  12. M

    Monitor total bandwidth consumed by VM?

    Hi, From what I see Proxmox keeps track of total incoming/outgoing traffic, which leads to the question in the title. Can one get the total bandwidth consumed by the VM? Either via API or some other method? Thank you
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Other WAN / Public IPs not reachable from VMs in NAT Network

    Hello, I use Proxmox on a Hetzner Dedicated Server with the Following Setup: Dedicated-Proxmox, vmbr0: Public IP X.X.X.117, vmbr1: Internal NAT IP VM-Plesk (Public IP: X.X.X.110) VM-Panel (Internal NAT IP VM-Host-1 (Public IP: X.X.X.113) Plesk is Running Debian...
  14. M

    Cannot create a virtual network with NAT for VMs

    Hi everyone! For some reasons, I need to create a virtual network for my VMs to separate them from the rest of the real private network in which I set up my server. I need the entire thing to look like this: I enabled DMZ for the Proxmox server so now it's an exposed host. I need the VMs to be...
  15. H

    Cant access WebServer of ProxMox

    I have just set up a new ProxMox machine. On the server I can run curl -s -k https://localhost:8006 | grep title and get the title from webserver so it is up and running but when I try from browser I just get a timed out message.
  16. Q

    Dual public IP setup

    Hi all, I have a problem with my proxmox at Hetzner. The system has two public IP addresses. My goal is to leave one IP address on the Proxmox, the second IP address should point to a pfSense. At the moment I can reach the Proxmox without errors under the primary IP address of the system...
  17. H

    VM storage traffic on Ceph

    Hello, I think I have misunderstood how some of the different networks function within Proxmox. I have a cluster of 9 nodes. Each node has two network cards; a 40Gbit/s dedicated for ceph storage, and a 10Gbit/s for all other networking (management/corosync, user traffic). I had assumed...
  18. J

    Cant PING Proxmox server or access GUI

    Hello! Proxmox and Linux noob here, I'm having trouble accessing my proxmox server GUI. I believe I have messed something up in the config as the link lights on the ethernet port aren't even lit. It's probably my fault, but any help sorting this would be very much appreciated, I was loving...
  19. R

    Terraform network configure Debian

    Hello! The documentation states that only Ubuntu / Centos distributions can be used to configure a network without cloud-init Is it possible to set up a network like...
  20. D

    Anfänger / Verständnisfrage zur Netzwerkkonfiguration

    Hallo Leute, ich betreibe eine Proxmox VE zuhause im privaten LAN. Proxmox soll aus dem WAN über zwei Portfreigaben (22/8006) an meiner Fritzbox erreichbar sein. "Alles andere" soll an eine pfSense VM durchgereicht werden. "Hinter" der pfSense sind dann weitere vituelle Netzwerke / Maschinen /...


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