vlan bridge

  1. B

    Issues with Single Network with Multiple Tagged VLANs

    I am attempting to setup a pair of Proxmox VE 8.1 servers. The networking plan had been to provide a single 100Gb connection that has several tagged VLANs for the VM Management and the various subnets used by the VMs. But I'm having trouble getting that to work. If I have the default VLAN on...
  2. Y

    Connect some VMs with untagged and some tagged VLANs

    We have tons of VLANs available on our servers. Most VMs are connected to a single VLAN and we created multiple bridges for that, but there are a few VMs that we would like to pass all traffic to and do the tagging in the VM. root@srv00:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces # network interface...
  3. M

    VM not sniffing traffic

    So i have snort on a vm in proxmox, it is correctly set up and in the vm's terminal i enabled promiscuous mode. But snort only is capturing and alerting with network traffic that is communicating with this machine? I think through proxmox i need to make changes to the network interface and force...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] VLAN works form host itself but not on VM

    Hello Forum I have searched the forum for an answer for about a month now, but I am unable to find one, or a similar solution to my problem. Recently I made the decision to migrate to Proxmox as hypervisor after using VMware since 2012. It goes very well. I’ve got an LXC container running and...
  5. A

    Issue Creating Linux VLANs For VMs

    Hi there, I am trying to create 2 VLANs or several of my VMs. The 2 VLANs in question are VLAN10 and VLAN20. They're a part of my network topology as seen in the image below: The issue here is that I have a VM or two that I need in VLAN10 (such as my AdGuardHome DNS server), while I plan to...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] VLAN bridge problem with gateways

    I have a situation where I need different networks for different application groups on a single pmx cluster. To achieve that I have added VLAN's to the config as below. I have repeated the config on each node of the cluster. I have various virtual machines that are configured on the various...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] No networking on VM in same PVE management VLAN

    Hi, as the title says i'm having a problem on VMs and containers that share the host pve VLAN. If the VM goes on a different VLAN, no problem. My intention is to have a bond between eno1 and eno2 with lacp layer 2 and have one bridge so every VM goes through that bridge with the specific VLAN...
  8. B

    VLAN tagging on VMs

    I have simple setup with two physical NIC interfaces. I have VLAN interface for management and I would like to tag VM inside proxmox with the same VLAN. auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet manual auto eno2 iface eno2 inet manual auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual...
  9. BelCloud

    Vlan aware bridge unable to receive vlan traffic

    I've been trying to pass a trunk port directly to a VM, however the incoming traffic does not seem to reach the bridge. My config looks like this: auto vmbr11 iface vmbr11 inet manual bridge_vlan_aware yes bridge_ports eno2 bridge_stp off bridge_fd 0 Vlan id...
  10. M

    vLan failed to bring

    Hallo, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir weiter helfen. Ich habe ganz normal mit Proxmox das vLan erstellt aber die ganzen VM´s + CT´s können es nicht online bringen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen MrModule17 Dedi: Interface: Container: Fehler Network Interface von dem Container...
  11. S

    MIkrotik and Proxmox vlan

    Hello! Sorry for my english, I use an interpreter. Mikrotik (24 ports) Proxmox eth24 server in Mikrotik address Vlan eth24.110 tag = 110 On the Proxmox Server / etc / network / interfaces iface lo inet loopback iface enp2s0 inet manual auto vmbr0...
  12. E

    Proxmox Single NIC VLAN Tagging

    Hi, Sorry if this was already answered from other posts but I can't seem to find any. I have a HP Z420 Desktop installed with Proxmox 4.4-1. It's NIC can support VLAN tagging, however I don't have any idea on how can I tag the host with a specific VLAN ID so that I can still manage to open its...
  13. S

    Failure to set VLAN config

    Hi, I am unable to setup a VLAN config on PVE 4.4. My error should be simple but I do not find it! Context: 3 node cluster, node-3 only running a VM for testing the VLAN setup. The running config: On node-3 I have vmbr9 bridged on eth9. VM103 on node-3 is VirtIO connected on vmbr9 The IP of...
  14. O

    Multisegment separation

    Customer desires a configuration of VM's in the cluster where few limitations should be taken in account. Server that hosts VM's have 4 interfaces (eno1 eno2 eno3 eno4) bonded together in (bond0). Host server should be accessible from dedicated administration network C class segment (f.e...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] 2 hosts with Proxmox 5.1 OVS Switch VLAN

    Dear All, I am trying to achive a network with two hosts installed with Proxmox 5.1 and they are in cluster. The connection between them is direct cable and will be the same later. The connection from Host OS using the vlan ports is working Participants: Host A vmbr1 -...
  16. P

    VLAN bridge not working

    Hi All, I tried to configure vlan's but it's not working (i.c.m. with a virtual pfsense), i configured them the same as described in the wiki https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Vlans (only without bond). Unfortunatly it's not working, is it not working because the network device is not active ? (see...


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