vlan interface

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    [SOLVED] VLAN works form host itself but not on VM

    Hello Forum I have searched the forum for an answer for about a month now, but I am unable to find one, or a similar solution to my problem. Recently I made the decision to migrate to Proxmox as hypervisor after using VMware since 2012. It goes very well. I’ve got an LXC container running and...
  2. L

    Native VLAN

    Hello. Is it possible to change Native vlan to something else than 1? If so, just globally, or is it possible to make it per VM?
  3. U

    [SOLVED] Vlan tagging not working

    Hi, I can't seem to get vlan tagging working properly. This does work iface enp129s0f0 inet manual mtu 9000 auto vmbr6 iface vmbr6 inet static address gateway bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 mtu 9000 This does not iface enp129s0f0 inet manual...
  4. P

    creating Vlan from my GUI

    Hello !! Do you know if it is possible to create Vlans on my pve, without going through a switch or other? Just creating from my GUI? I only have one physical network port.. I can't find much help on google.. Thank you in advance for the help provided :)
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    Question: best use of multiple VLANs with only one vNIC

    Hi! I'm a little bit confused about what the best approach would be when it comes to the use of multiple VLANs in VMs without using dedicated virtual adapters for each VLAN. As an example (test lab setup): PVE#1 - LACP Bond0 (802.03ad) connected to switch#1, VLAN10, VLAN20, VLAN30, VLAN40...
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    How to strip QinQ upper VLAN ID in Proxmox and push inner VLAN outside the Proxmox?

    Hello! I don't know if this is Proxmox or Mikrotik issue, but I've stuck with this for good. I'm getting VLAN ID from another location inside which are another VLANs, so we have QinQ here. All is delivered to rack cabinet, where Proxmox cluster is running. What I want to do is to strip...
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    [SOLVED] VLAN management and same vlan on vm not working

    Hello, I would like configure my manegement LAN on a VLAN 123 and also 1 virtual machine. when i configured if start up the server, its works.. but when i restart network or restart the server nothing work and can't access, i get the error in the attachemnd.. who can help me? I have...
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    mixing vlans and bonding?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to mix bonding and vlas? Say I would like to setup a bond over 2 interface eno1 and eno2, and the interface eno1.3000 and eno1.3001. The main purpose of it is to use iscsi multipath while using the bond for ceph.
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    [How to] set VLAN in the management interface

    Hi all, After some researching ive come to this solution. Here is my interfaces file. It contains 2 interfaces, one for managemento and another to service traffic. Hope it helps! ## interfaces file begin ## auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp3s0f0 inet manual #MANAGEMENT auto vlan666...


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