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    Wake on lan

    I'm new to Proxmox and recently installed it on the same PC where Ubuntu was running smoothly with Wake-on-LAN functional. However, after installing Proxmox, WOL seems to have stopped working. Are there any specific settings within Proxmox that need adjustment to restore WOL functionality?
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    [TUTORIAL] Wake On LAN (WOL) for VMs and Containers

    I've been searching around for a solution to use Wake-On-LAN (WOL) for VMs and Containers in Proxmox, in my case this makes a Windows 11 VM I use when out and about via TeamViewer very easy to boot and doesn't require waking up via Home Assistant first :) All of the following resource are taken...
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    [SOLVED] Wake-on-lan - doesn't work on Proxmox (Atheros Killer E2400)

    I repurposed my old gaming rig into a PVE host, it's equipped with Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 motherboard that comes with Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 10). Back, when this host had Windows 7 installed, I was able to configure the Wake-on-lan in NIC's settings to...
  4. V

    WoL not working after upgrade to 8

    Hello, From various tutorials I was able to setup proxmox 7 in a way that I could Wake on Lan the server from my router and it had been working great for a long time. After the upgrade I needed to wake up the server but I was not able to. From the configuration standpoint, I didn't change a...
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    Wake on LAN + Mount + Unmount + Shutdown hook script.

    I thought I'd share this and hopefully receive feedback or... maybe others exploring the same will find this thread. You can set the backup hook script in the vzdump config. Consult the documentation on same. For testing you can swap the comments for the variables: SHUTDOWN_COMMAND and...
  6. D

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox Backup Server PBS automatisch via WOL starten und stoppen

    hier meine 5 cent um einen externen Proxmox Backup Server automatisch bei jedem Backup-Job sicher zu starten, das Backup-Storage zu aktivieren und wieder aus zu schalten. Anregungen und meinen Dank gehen an diesen Beitrag. Als Vorbereitung ist es wichtig das man zum PBS mittels ssh-key Zugang...
  7. B

    Wake on lan for VM

    Found a theme with a script https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/wake-on-lan-for-vm.84355/ But there is a problem that it doesn't work and I can't figure out why. Error 8: read: arg count How many times I haven't searched there and I don't understand why the error. Also tried just running nc -nl...
  8. P

    Sending magic packet (WOL) from proxmox hosted lxc container to outside physical computer

    Hi there, I am trying to send magic packet from either a LXC or QEMU machine hosted on proxmox to a physical machine on another lan, but it looks like the magic packet does not go farther than the proxmox host. The target phy machine is on another lan I sniffed packet using wireshark on my own...
  9. I

    WOL or MQTT Wakeup/Stop Backup server

    To avoid being easily hacked and to save power, my backup storage device should power on and shut down by the Proxmox backup scripts. It would be great if the backup script on Proxmox could power on and off external devices. Best to do via WOL (Wakeup On Lan) and/or MQTT/TASMOTA. Simply turn...
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    WOL on proxmox 7.0-13

    Hi I'm trying to make an old workstation (HP z600) WOL, but this seems to fail using proxmox 7.0-13 Linux proxmox 5.11.22-4-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.11.22-9 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021 10:11:11 +0200) x86_64 GNU/Linux The bios has enable the s5 wake on lan feature (which is WOL for this) The card has the g...
  11. 9

    Wake on Lan (WoL) not working

    Hi All, I recently installed Proxmox 7 (5.11.22-4-pve) on a Lenovo ThinkStation P310 [PN:30ASS0ME1R] with onboard Intel I219-LM GB Ethernet controller. I couldn't get Wake on Lan (WOL) to work on this machine, no matter what I tried until now. The BIOS (is up-to-date) supports WoL and is...
  12. N

    WOL not working AFTER 2nd shutdown

    Hey guys, I've got a weird one here. As the title states. WOL works just fine. After I shut it down using the GUI and try again, WOL does NOT work until after I unplug/replug the power cord. MOBO: Asrock TRX40 Creator. Ideally, I'd only use the 2.5G LAN for WOl and the 10G Lan for all data...
  13. H

    Automatisches Starten und Herunterfahren bei Untätigkeit

    Hallo, wo kann ich es denn eingeben, dass der Proxmox-Server bei der Unterschreitung einer bestimmten CPU-Last herunterfährt? Ich möchte den Server zum Spiele- und Programme-Streamen nutzen. Wenn dann niemand mehr darauf zugreift, soll er nach 15min. ausgehen. Wie ich eine VM automatisch durch...
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    Kein Wake-on-lan mehr nach Update auf pve 6

    Hallo allerseits, am Samstag habe ich meinen pve Server auf pve 6 updated und seit dem kann ich den Server nicht mehr per wake on lan starten. Unter der vorherigen Version habe ich in der Datei /etc/init.d/halt den Wert NETDOWN umgestellt, damit WOL läuft, diese Datei existiert nun allerdings...
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    Suspended Mode Recovery: No ethernet connection or display out

    Hi. I'm trying to set up Wake On Lan with Proxmox so that when it's not being used it will automatically go into suspended mode and when someone tries to connect with it again a WoL packet will be sent and turn on the server. The problem I'm running into is the recovery after suspended mode...
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    Wake on LAN behind pfSense

    Hi, I'm running a home server on proxmox with several VMs on it with Wake on Lan (WoL) enabled. I have seen several guides on installing pfsense on proxmox. I have a spare 4 port NIC in addition to the current on board NIC I have setup with WoL. This must be a silly question and I feel this...
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    [update] Wake (and other) on LAN for VMs (v0.3)

    (EDITED) I ever wondered why there's no solution to startup VMs by WOL 'til now, so I helped myself and wrote a bash script that I want to share. I called this baby dosthol (Do something on LAN) which will do other tasks some day, i.E. remote shutdown and others. Maybe someone will find this...
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    PCIe passthrough stops after suspends to RAM.

    Hi, I got Proxmox installed and set up just the way I envisioned it and I have been loving it. There is one thing that's left and I can't seem to get it sorted out. Current set up is as follow: - Proxmox installed with 4 NICs and an LSI HBA card. - eth0 is bridged for the host itself. - eth1...


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