1. L

    Whitelist DNSBL

    Add a network sender in whitelist on "Configuration>Mailproxy>Whitelist" so that it would be ignored in the RBL filter but it still continues to reject emails. What else could I be doing to cause the IP to be ignored? Log: 2024-04-19T14:58:06.638412-03:00 aspmx1...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Spam Quarantine - Whitelist - Entries

    Hey there, Quick question: After adding an email sender to the whitelist in the "Administration - Spam Quarantine" section, where can I find this entry? I'm a bit lost because I whitelisted my test email address, but I can't seem to locate the entry. Thanks a bunch!
  3. S

    Conditionally skip filtering based on valid+aligned DKIM signature for specific domain(s)?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck whitelisting trusted domains conditional on having an aligned and passing DKIM signature for in the message? The goal is to only skip filtering for messages from that trusted domain that are authenticated. This way it's a whitelist that is not...
  4. G

    Wildcard Whitelist being ignored

    Hi, A few days ago we entered a number of email addresses under a wildcard domain i.e. *@example.com in the whitelist section. These have saved as I have just had a look. Yesterday one of those email address on the whitelist sent an email to a user on that domain and it was put into spam...
  5. M

    Description field in 'Mail Proxy' > 'Whitelist'

    It would be helpful to add an editable description field in the "Mail Proxy Whitelist" for easier identification of registered addresses.
  6. B

    Global Whitelist via CSV

    Hello, Under "Who Objects" I can manually add e-mail addresses to the global whitelist. Is there a way to upload data with email addresses? Kind regards Frederik
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Searching for a specific address/domain/IP on the Who Objects/Whitelist page

    Hi There are a lot of addresses in my white list (imported from another system). Sometimes it becomes necessary to check if an address is on the white list. Search built into the browser does not work. Are there any workarounds to solve this problem?
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Mail gateway 6.2 Mail filter Add Disclaimer, Who objects, !WhiteList

    Hello, In the Proxmox 6.2 Mail Filter interface, I can set a rule to add text to incoming mail (Add Disclaimer). Sample: CAUTION: This email originated from outside the organization. Do not click links .... . I want to set it to only put on incoming emails that are not whitelisted. How do I set...
  9. W

    Action Objects: Don't modify subject/mail if mail is whitelisted

    Hello! I have some mails with SPAM declared. So the default Action Object "Modify Spam Subject" is adding a prefix to the mail subject "SPAM: __SUBJECT__". I now have some mails of them which are actually "good" mails - so I whitelisted them. Now I still have them still delivered with the...
  10. U

    Better DKIM Whitelist

    To quarantine the flood of marketing junkmail, using a backstop rule at the very bottom of the priority that matches header fields for all the various marketing automation systems has been very successful. Basically, a large set of "</> Match Field" entries like so: X-Mailgun-Sid=.+ X-SG-EID=.+...
  11. V

    Question about DNSBL

    Colleagues, good afternoon! Tell me, please, how can I put whitelist higher in priority than DNSBL? The problem is that the mailbox we need got into DNSBL, adding this mailbox to the whitelist did not help. Very necessary.
  12. U

    [SOLVED] Which "From" Do Whitelists Operate On?

    Using the "Whitelist" button in the Quarantine area adds the "From" address shown on that page to the user's whitelist. Adding that same email address to the global whitelist should allow the same, but for all users on the mail gateway. However, I have noticed that some email is still being...
  13. N

    Blacklist gmail but have Whitelisted addresses flow through?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if it is possible to create a blacklist for the entire gmail domain (as there are simply far too many phishing / spam capabilities with a gmail address) but still have the pre-existing whitelisted gmail address flow through without being either moved into quarantine...
  14. CarstenMartens

    [SOLVED] Whiteliste für Kunden manuell anlegen

    Hallo, ein Kunde erhält Emails über unsere PMG. Für eine seiner E-Mail Adressen existiert noch keine Whitelist da noch nie irgendeine Spam-Mail für diese Adresse ankam. Jetzt müssen aber zwei Adressen in die Whtelist der E-Mail Adresse. Kann die irgendwie manuell angelegt werden?
  15. L

    DNSWL - whitelist

    I ask you to add DNSBL in the settings - similarly with DNSBL - often blacklist closes good domains and using whitelist can compensate for this. If you add them to the general DNSBL sites - good domains are blocked: Jun 20 19:15:09 mail postfix/post screen[22284]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from...
  16. O

    [SOLVED] Mail Proxy Whitelist Regex

    Hello, I'm trying to verify that my regex looks good, in theory, it should be fine, but I'm seeing this in the logs: Apr 13 18:18:11 smtp postfix/smtpd[1039]: warning: regexp map /etc/postfix/senderaccess, line 1: Invalid preceding regular expression Apr 13 18:18:11 smtp postfix/smtpd[1039]...
  17. L

    Configure the whitelist the spamquarantine writes into

    When we browse our spam-quarantine and 'whitelist' a sender the whitelist entry will appear in the user-Whitelist. Is there any possibility to let it write the entry in the global whitelist instead of the user-whitelist? Thanks in advance and stay healthy
  18. Z

    [SOLVED] RBL Whitelist

    I am currently using Abusix and a certain IP has been marked as reject/disconnect. Our client needs their emails and the listed IP isnt abused and just needs to be cleared from Abusix DB. I did see this: https://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-whitelist-hosts-ip-addresses-in-postfix...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Adding whitelisted entries before all others

    Hi all, Is there any way that I can have any objects that users themselves have whitelisted or the global whitelist over ride and be delivered. I have some domains that are getting flagged and even though that they have added the emails to their own whitelist, and I've added both the domain and...
  20. L

    Feature request (Quarantine): Whitelist AND Send (in 1x click) option?

    Hi there, The filtering system we moved to PMG from had the option to Whitelist and Send in a single click when in the per-mailbox Quarantine web viewer. Would it be possible for Proxmox to consider adding this into the Quarantine web GUI? It would avoid quite a few 2nd requests to the web...


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