Blacklist gmail but have Whitelisted addresses flow through?


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Dec 5, 2022
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if it is possible to create a blacklist for the entire gmail domain (as there are simply far too many phishing / spam capabilities with a gmail address) but still have the pre-existing whitelisted gmail address flow through without being either moved into quarantine, or rejected?

I have so far tried creating a blacklist for the gmail domain and keeping our whitelisted gmail address, but the blacklist overrides the whitelist, resulting in any gmail address being blocked.

Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated.
I have solved the issue I was having, pretty simple but I just didn't see it at the start.
Had to create a rule that took incoming emails from gmail addresses and pass it through the whitelsited user OU and then pass it to the blacklisted user OU all while being position 99 in the rule hierarchy.
Yes, we have done exactly this with PMG. We block the entire, and Domains in the "Blacklist" section under Who Objects. Then we have only known/allowed addresses from those Domains in the "Whitelist" section under Who Objects. If they are not in the Whitelist and come from those Domains, they are blocked/rejected.
Hi Damiano23, that's what I tried at the start, just blocking the entire domain but whitelisting specific email addresses, no luck for me on that. After creating that new rule and putting into position 99 all emails from the whitelisted section in Who Objects began to pass through, while all other emails from gmail's domain where successfully getting blocked.

Gotta love and hate gmail at the same.
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