1. F

    blacklist dosent work

    hi i have domains in the blackist ue for some reason dosent work.. why ?
  2. F

    Automatically block emails

    Dear Esteemed Friends, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the possibility of implementing a rule in Proxmox Mail Gateway to address a specific concern we have regarding email usage. Our goal is to enforce a stricter control over the email sending behavior of our...
  3. A

    Proxmox 8.0.3 | Broken / on laptop keyboard running proxmox - How to disable?

    Good Morning All, I am running proxmox on an old laptop with a keyboard that has seen better days.. The keyboard will repeatedly type the / character all by itself. How can I blacklist the built in keyboard on the laptop so that none of the keys pressed on it register to proxmox? I currently...
  4. T

    Recommended black / DNSBL list

    I am new to Proxmox Mail Gateway, Whats the recommended setup for a good spam filter? What blacklists are you using? DNS-setup? Any other recmommendation? Thanks!
  5. V

    Question about DNSBL

    Colleagues, good afternoon! Tell me, please, how can I put whitelist higher in priority than DNSBL? The problem is that the mailbox we need got into DNSBL, adding this mailbox to the whitelist did not help. Very necessary.
  6. N

    Blacklist gmail but have Whitelisted addresses flow through?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if it is possible to create a blacklist for the entire gmail domain (as there are simply far too many phishing / spam capabilities with a gmail address) but still have the pre-existing whitelisted gmail address flow through without being either moved into quarantine...
  7. M

    VM Blacklist IPset

    Does PVEFW read this if we add it to VM firewall config? [IPSET blacklist] I would like to have a blacklist per VM. Thanks
  8. I

    How does "Mail Filter->Who Objects" work?

    Hi. I've added some.domain to Blacklist at Mail Filter->Who Objects but incoming mails from this domain are still being accepted by Proxmox. Is there anything else I need to configure to reject all incoming mails from blacklisted domain?
  9. O

    [SOLVED] Remove User Blacklist

    What is the best way to remove all entries in a users blacklist? I've tried the following: pmgsh delete /quarantine/blacklist/*@*.* -pmail '' 200 OK But all the addresses still exist in the blacklist. Attempting to delete the user addresses in the WebUI results in for the one with...
  10. G


    Hallo ich habe eine Frage kann ich in den Blacklisten mit einen Regulären ausdruck z.b TLD it. schreiben: *.*:it würde er das so werten können als regulären Ausdruck?
  11. CarstenMartens

    [SOLVED] Mail in Blacklist eintragen

    Guten Morgen, wir wollen unser Mailgateway von ASSP auf PMG umstellen. Das Email-Empfänger von der PMG als Spam getagte Mails in die Whites/Blacklist eintrage geht - über die Mail von der PMG - einwandfrei. Wie können Email-Empfänger aber Mails, die von der PMG nicht als Spam erkannt wurden, in...
  12. M

    PMG stellt keine Mails mehr zu bei Fehler in der Blacklist

    Servus zusammen, hatten am WE einige Einträge in der Blacklist ergänzt, durch einen Fehler ist die PMG zum Stillstand gekommen: Falscher Eintrag: .*\adresse\.de Korrigiert: .*\.adresse\.de Fehlermeldung: tail -f /var/log/mail.err Betroffene Zeile laut Errorlog: Wie gesagt hat die PMG...
  13. F

    pmgsh get /quarantine/blacklist all email list

    Good afternoon, I ran into the problem of displaying a list via api, how is this possible to implement? pmgsh get /quarantine/blacklist all email list ???
  14. G

    Blocking Mail with specific alias part in from

    Hello, i want to block all emails from "Dr. med. Frank" <> where the part between < .... > can be anything. So i wrote a regex in the global blacklist looking like this: ^\"Dr\.\smed\.\sFrank\" As far as i could test with the expression should be exact...
  15. V

    User blacklists

    Hello The version used is proxmox-mailgateway: 6.4-1 (API: 6.4-3 / 225ecb80, running kernel: 5.4.78-2-pve) Faced with several issues that have not yet been resolved. 1. Is it possible to give quarantine control to one user (LDAP or built-in) quarantine control for a specific domain (there are...
  16. O

    block mail to <> (rule: Blacklist)

    Hallo, heute habe ich einen mir nicht erklärlichen Eintrag in den Logs: Feb 3 10:53:09 gate pmg-smtp-filter[31341]: 212DD601A7283034C3: block mail to <> (rule: Blacklist) Woher könnte dieser stammen ? Ich habe nur die Globale Blacklist eingerichtet (Mail Filter > Who Objects >...
  17. T

    White / Black lists in different locations

    I searched through the documentation, but found no information that defines the differences in Whitelist and Blacklist registration settings. Mail Filter > Who Objects ... Configuration > Mail Proxy ... Administration > User ... For example, when I open a message that classifies as SPAM...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] email filter action object "Block" - no 550 to sender? pmg send 250 O.K.

    Hello, I have create some blacklist entry for a test email address and use the default email filter action object "Block". If I send some email from this blocked address, message is blocked correctly but PMG send 250 O.K. to the sender. But email is blocked and dropped from PMG and I can't...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] global blacklist is not working default settings / after reboot rules working maybe a bug

    Hello, I have create a global blacklist rule (default rule). Only move the message to qms and not block. Under "Who Objects" -> "Blacklist" I Add some E-Mail Adress. The Blacklist Rule is by default on the top with Prio 98. If I now send test E-Mail with blocked E-Mailadress, E-Mail will...
  20. DerDanilo

    PMG huge blacklist blocks server

    Apparently a huge blacklist of 400k mail addresses and somewhat about 100k domains in the ruledb seems to slow down PMG server tremendously. I am speaking of delays from hours to days, not just minutes. I could not find anything in the documentation about limitations for the ruledb. @proxmox...


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