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    Unable to delete backups, No space left on device

    Hi, so, i noticed that today my BPS server storage just has filled up, i was trying to do some cleaning tasks, but here are results: 2024-02-08T13:23:34+01:00: starting garbage collection on store HDD1 2024-02-08T13:23:34+01:00: Start GC phase1 (mark used chunks) 2024-02-08T13:23:34+01:00: TASK...
  2. A

    Stopped start failed: QEMU exited with code 1

    Hello! I can't open VM, can you help me with a solution?
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Unable to make a vm

    Hey, I tried to create a vm but impossible: TASK ERROR: unable to create VM 100 - activating LV 'pve/data' failed: Use --select vg_uuid=<uuid> in place of the VG name. My vm will be on openmediavault. Thank you for helping me
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    Cluster failed

    I have 6 nodes in my Proxmox cluster connected over OpenVPN through pfSense. The nodes are located in different locations except Node1 and Node2. Nowadays few nodes come and go offline. Sometimes I have to restart the OpenVPN server to make the nodes back online on the cluster. Im using Proxmox...
  5. J

    Tape job failing with SCSI transport error

    Hello! We are running into an issue when trying to run a Tape backup job of about 9.5TB to our tape library and it fails shortly after starting with the following error: TASK ERROR: write chunk failed - write failed - scsi command failed: transport error Other smaller jobs (~400GB) have...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Backup Restore // TASK ERROR: unable to restore CT 102 - no such logical volume pve/vm-102-disk-0

    Hello all, unfurtunately, I've had some issues while upgrading from PVE 6.4 to PVE 7, so I decided to install PVE 7 from scratch. I created backups of all LXCs and VMs and saved them on a PBS (V 2.0-4). Of course, I saved network configuration, storage.cfg and the config files of the LXCs and...
  7. L

    ext4 signature error

    Hey Guys, my problem is that everytime I try to create a new LXC or VM via the ProxmoxVE UI I get the below error message. WARNING: ext4 signature detected on /dev/mass/vm-108-disk-0 at offset 1080. Wipe it? [y/n]: [n] Aborted wiping of ext4. 1 existing signature left on the device...
  8. N

    Proxmox CT startet nicht

    Hallo an alle, Ich habe mir in den letzten Tagen Proxmox installiert und wollte mal probieren einen Container mit Debian 10 zu erstellen. Der Container wurde erfolgreich erstellt, jedoch bekomme ich beim Versuch den Container zu starten folgende Fehlermeldung: run_apparmor_parser: 882 Failed to...
  9. D

    TASK ERROR: cannot continue garbage-collection safely, permission denied on: "/sys/kernel/tracing"

    Dear Community, after installing PBS on Debian 11 I got this error when trying to start a garbage collection: TASK ERROR: cannot continue garbage-collection safely, permission denied on: "/sys/kernel/tracing" Do you have an idea how to solve this issue? I have installed PBS as described in...
  10. M

    TASK ERROR: MAX 6 vcpus allowed per VM on this node

    I just rebooted my server and one VM did not start with the error "TASK ERROR: MAX 6 vcpus allowed per VM on this node". My server is runnung on a Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 with 6 cores (12 with Hyper-Threading). Before the restart the VM was running with 8 vcpus without any problems!
  11. H

    KVM VM (64GB) won't start with memory hotplug enabled

    Hello, This had been asked several times however after extensive search there is still no real answer that would make sense or a formula that I was able to follow to assign memory - sometime it work and sometimes doesn't (guessing!) up to 48GB works fine after adding this workaround "options...
  12. I

    Proxmox backup

    Hi all My setup is a cluster with 8 Proxmox nodes and storage on NFS shares exported from a Synology storage. My question is about backup: In order to minimize the impact on the storage, I have split the backup for each node in each day of the week. For each node I have chosen to exclud some...
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    "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference" at VM START

    Hello. After migration vm with Windows Server 2008 R2, I can't start it. On start I get an error: TASK ERROR: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/QemuServer.pm line 2924. I have 4 nodes in cluster and I able to migrate any vm except my WinServer2008. For...
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    [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: migration aborted

    2018-09-07 16:53:51 ERROR: migration aborted (duration 00:00:00): volume 'local:iso/Win10_Pro_1511_English_x64_july_2016.iso' does not exist TASK ERROR: migration aborted The ISO exist on the target node. The VMs were moved from node that went offline. HA was set up to that is normal. But I want...
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    VMS does not turn off

    Hello friends, I'm new to proxmox I was a vmware esx user for years but I decided to use proxmox on my new dedicated servers I am very satisfied because I have a problem I often can not turn off VM always the same error, at least only changes the VM id "TASK ERROR: can not lock file...
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    Problem Start VM after Migrate

    Hello I have a problem to start VM after moving the machin from a stopped node with command (mv) this is the message error Executing HA start for VM 100 Member pve2 trying to enable pvevm:100...Could not connect to resource group manager TASK ERROR: command 'clusvcadm -e pvevm:100 -m pve2'...
  17. P

    TASK ERROR: command 'vzctl start 100' failed: exit code 60

    Execute commands # vzquota drop 100 After this, the command # vzctl start 100 Then I see 2 posts Starting container ... Initializing quota ... I waited for about 6 hours, so nothing happened What to do? what is the problem? The virtual machine 100 and does not start


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