1. X

    Successfull access log without IP address

    In my log file I have a problem, all successful logins not have ip address, all incorrect logins have ip addresses. How can I add the IP address into log of successful accesses? tail -f /var/log/syslog Jun 13 14:01:00 proxmox-server pvedaemon[573436]: authentication failure...
  2. J

    How to fix... Logs spammed with service related to software no longer installed

    I installed a program called ExpanDrive on my Proxmox VE host at one time; its command-line program was named exfs. I've since removed and purged this software, yet my system logs at /var/log/syslog continue to include massive numbers of entries related to expandrive, which doesn't exist...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Remote Syslog Server

    How do I configure PBS to send it syslog to a remote server? I can't seem to get it working with rsyslog like I can with PVE.
  4. M

    Send tasks logs to syslog server

    Hey, I configured logs to be sent to a syslog server using this tutorial *.* @@your_syslog_server_ip:514 but I noticed that logs generated by tasks are not being sent. How to do so? I suppose this can be related also to Proxmox VE's tasks.
  5. G

    HD-IDLE not logging spindowns/ups to syslog

    Hello all, recently I migrated from Proxmox 6.4 to a new server running Proxmox 8.1.3.. I am using HD-IDLE to spin some hdds down. HD-IDLE spins the hdds down as expected, but I am missing the "spindown"/"spinup" messages in syslog. Messages regarding the service status are logged correctly in...
  6. L

    kern.log spammed by NFS messages

    When doing backups since today the `kern.log` is spammed with huge amount several GB - ~ as large as the backup file) of messages ``` 2023-08-04T09:59:19.278111+02:00 hv1 kernel: [793097.803800] NFS: write_begin(dump/vzdump-qemu-109-2023_08_04-09_51_32.vma.dat(136249364), 4096@46983004160)...
  7. F

    Netfilter Syslog Spam

    Hallo zusammen, kann mir jemand erklären warum ich alle 5-10 Sekunden folgende Nachrichten im Syslog habe, bzw. wo es her kommen könnte? Lässt sich das abschalten? Jul 22 01:54:09 root2: NETFILTER_CFG table=filter family=7 entries=4 op=xt_replace pid=1727369 subj=system_u:system_r:initrc_t:s0...
  8. T

    Colleting Logs/Troubleshooting a Server Hang

    I'm running Proxmox VE on kernel proxmox 5.15.102-1-pve and I'm trying to troubleshoot the following problem: Every few days my Proxmox server will 'hang' and become unresponsive via Web (timeout) and SSH (key exchange errors). An Unraid and OpnSense VM will continue to function and be fully...
  9. D

    Unexpected reboots every day

    Hello My hosted PVE server reboots itself and I'm not sure why. Anyone who can help me decipher the PVE syslog for clues? Around Mar 06 07:32:01 there is a "--Reboot--" logged. From my findings it seems that the reboot is not related to system load or temperature it reboots when the system is...
  10. R

    Proxmox self reboot sometimes

    Hi all, I just noticed that proxmox restart all VM but can't find the reason could you please help me with the syslog below? Feb 15 17:19:00 ns3128946 systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox VE replication runner...
  11. U

    [SOLVED] Repeated Log Message about Reset Low-speed USB Device Using xhci_hcd

    I have been seeing syslog messages for a while with the following message: reset low-speed USB device number 4 using xhci_hcd I have found the culprit and wanted to share my fix here for anyone else who runs into this. The problem was located in the server's IPMI Virtual Keyboard and Mouse...
  12. H

    Network device promiscuous mode

    Hi everyone, I am getting the following syslog messages every 10 seconds or so. It has been happening for a long time, I have updated packages, restarted Proxmox, etc. but this keeps happening: Oct 05 16:16:42 pve kernel: device eth0 left promiscuous mode Oct 05 16:16:43 pve kernel: device lo...
  13. M

    I see some strange logs in my syslog related to containers

    I have these logs and they haven't stopped coming for days, I don't recall having this record in the logs before. Can someone know what it is? syslog Sep 10 11:12:01 ns3116965 kernel: [2643114.275953] audit: type=1400 audit(1662801121.089:508424): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount"...
  14. N

    Proxmox VE 7 Unexpected Reboot

    My hosted PVE server either rebooted itself or crashed overnight and I'm not sure why. All of my Windows vms are showing the unexpected shutdown pop-up at login. Anyone who can help me decipher the PVE syslog for clues? Around July 03 00:57:06 there is a "--Reboot--" logged. Just before this, it...
  15. B

    journalctl error messages, pve-ha-lrm & iscsid

    Dear Members, I have a 5 members cluster, and I have 2 strange error messages in syslog, journalctl. ===================================================== Jan 05 13:45:17 pve1 iscsid[1652055]: conn 0 login rejected: target error (03/01) Jan 05 13:45:17 pve1 pve-ha-lrm[1874176]: vm 132 - unable...
  16. P

    Filter or modify displayed syslog?

    My syslog on all nodes is basically page after page of: Dec 12 13:03:27 putsproxp10 corosync[3147]: [KNET ] pmtud: Starting PMTUD for host: 7 link: 0 Dec 12 13:03:27 putsproxp10 corosync[3147]: [KNET ] udp: detected kernel MTU: 1500 Dec 12 13:03:27 putsproxp10 corosync[3147]: [KNET ]...
  17. A

    What do these syslog entries mean

    Im getting a lot of: Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2584811]: worker exit Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2477]: worker 2584811 finished Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2477]: starting 1 worker(s) Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2477]: worker 2615437 started Dec 04 20:32:44 pve pvedaemon[2517694]: worker...
  18. F

    Process proxmox-backup-api flooding syslog

    Hi, My PBS installation is actually flooding my syslog server. The following line appears several times every minute, irregularly but sometimes about 10 per seconds: Can it be less verbose, or can it be fixed if not normal behavior? Thank you.
  19. D

    Corosync - nsscrypto: Incorrect packet size

    Hello, after upgrading from pve6 to pve7, the syslog of both servers is spammed with: corosync[8001]: [KNET ] nsscrypto: Incorrect packet size. After some googleing I haven't found a solution yet. Hopfefully someone can help. Edit (Solution): Related corosync github issue The reason was the...
  20. U

    Flooded with ZED "Missed 1 events" in syslog and CPU constant load

    Getting a lot of zed[3356334]: Missed 1 events zpool events shows thousands of: Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.844797988 sysevent.fs.zfs.config_sync Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.884796898 sysevent.fs.zfs.config_sync Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.884796898 sysevent.fs.zfs.config_sync Oct 14 2021 11:23:52.924795810...


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