1. hoffmn01

    2-node cluster - mail loops back to myself on target domains for one node only

    Hello Proxmox-Forum, we do have a storage error. We are running a 2-node cluster of the latest mail gateway version in HA mode. One of the nodes started to make trouble delivering mail to external domains (Microsoft-based and others). The error is reproducible. The error message on the node1 is...
  2. P

    Problems with SPF and PMG version 8

    Hello, I have had pmg version 8 installed for a couple of days now. Some messages are rejected because the SPF check is not done correctly. The domain is bancsabadell.com of a major Spanish bank and this is the SPF record v=spf1 exists:%{i}._i.%{d}._d.espf.dmp.cisco.com...
  3. M

    PMG + Exchange 2019 - out of office reply (SPF + DMARC reject policy)

    We have an internal Exchange Server which receives an sends mails through pmg. LDAP is not set up, so its only a gateway. All is working as expected so far. We have an DMARC and an SPF entry setup which tells to reject non conform mail senders. Here comes the problem, were I want to find a...
  4. P

    SPF on downstream server fails

    Dear readers, I am trying to see if i could implement this solution for our customers, this could save me a lot of time with different mailservers to maintain. Everything was pretty simple and straightforward, and it looks like it is doing great. I do however have an issue now. Upon testing...
  5. K

    Proxmox Mail Gateway DMARC / Postqueue

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe momentan das Proxmox Mail Gateway in der Version 7.3-6 im Einsatz. Zudem habe ich opendkim und opendmarc installiert und an Postfix angeschlossen. Soweit funktioniert auch alles. Jedoch habe ich im opendmarc Daemon eingestellt, dass die DMARC-Policy ausgewertet werden...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] SPF Failed E-Mail mit 500 ablehnen - DKIM / DMARC

    Hallo zusammen, besteht die Möglichkeit E-Mails abzulehnen wenn der SPF verletzt wird. Bspw. wenn die Domain einen Hardfail eingetragen hat? Ich würde gerne E-Mails nur bei einem hardfail nicht bei einem softfail ablehnen. Habe ich im Standard eine Möglichkeit dazu? Die gleiche Frage auch auf...
  7. R

    SPF Record von externen Domains wird nicht erkannt bzw. überprüft

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe heute festgestellt das das Proxmox Mailgateway keine SPF Check trotz aktivierter Option durchführt. Ich habe von einem externen Server im Auftrag einer anderen Domain welche einen Hardfail SPF Record besitzt eine E-Mail an meine Proxmox Mailgateway geschickt. Die E-Mail...
  8. O

    Mail Proxy Use SPF

    I have an issue when Mail Gateway is set to Use SPF, that it doesn't seem to work correctly to allow the following domain with a more specialized SPF record where they are using this for example: exists:%{i}.spf.hc4187-23.iphmx.com. Do you have any workaround, other than whitelisting their...
  9. A

    SPF not working.

    Hello All, I am to to this Proxmox email gateway. We have just deployed Proxmox gateway in cluster in our company and it's working great. We have enabled the feature of SPF check (Use SPF option is set to YES). But the emails with same from/to domain are getting delivered. Emails form...
  10. D

    spf softfail for ip sender in header

    hi! I use proxmox mail gateway 7. When i send email the header fail for ip local header apper in header. header: Received-SPF: softfail (fcen.uba.ar: Sender is not authorized by default to use '*****@fcen.uba.ar' in 'mfrom' identity, however domain is not currently prepared for false failures...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Mail reject

    Hi guys. Recently, a customer emailed me and had an issue like below I have added the domain to whitelist. but I don't understand how this error occurs Some emails coming from the domain still pass. Example: ThaiNX3@fpt.com.vn Someone please help me I'm using mdeamon. i turn off authentication...
  12. S

    spfquery show fail for exists flags

    Hi, Our pmg installation says mailserver is not a designated for addresses which spf record has exists flag. External online test tool say it must pass. https://www.spf-record.com/spf-lookup/unicredit.eu?ip= The following commandalso show the fail on our server: # spfquery -s...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] PMG behind NAT SPF failed

    Hi, is there a way to configure SPF when PMG and email server are behind NAT? PMG is working great but, in order to receive emails, I had to disable SPF check... Thank you Ciprian
  14. G

    SPF rule

    Guys, good afternoon! All right? I would like to use the PROXMOX email gateway as AntiSpam for a Microsoft Exchange server, however I would like to create some rules that I am applying and it is not working. For example: In "Mail Proxy" "Options" I deactivated the option "Use SPF" because I...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Relay Access Denied

    Hi all! I have a 2 node cluster. I relay all my internal email for customers off of one of the 2 nodes. It has been this way for eons. It has worked flawlessly for eons. Now, this afternoon our of nowhere the relay server decided to it would no longer relay any mails from that email server. My...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] PMG rejects forwarded e-mails cause spf failed

    - Sender sends a message from domain : eg. slawek@sender.pl to maria@reciever1.pl (both hosted externally, not in our enviroment) - The message goes to MTA of reciever1.pl domain to the mailbox maria@reciever.pl - in the mailbox maria@reciever1.pl a forward is set to to...
  17. F

    SPF, envelope from and friendly from

    hi all, in pmg the spf subsystem check dns records using the remote ip and the envelope from in received mails. it should be possible to check also the "friendly" from header? thanks, francesco
  18. I

    fatal error in spf code

    today i got an error in Sep 11 12:15:17 mailgate pmgpolicy[8138]: *** FATAL PROGRAM ERROR!! Unknown method 'char_str_list' *** which the program has attempted to call for the object: *** list.example.net. 7190 IN TXT \# 11 0a737066322e302f707261 *** *** Net::DNS::RR 1519 has no...
  19. F

    Postsrsd, SPF and forwarding

    Hi all, I'm going to install postsrsd and setup it to work with latest pmg. this daemon should help us with well known forwarding problems with SPF, that are now affecting some of our users that have old style .forward on the inbox servers. do you know of problems with this type of...
  20. S

    SPF failure Whitelist

    DomainHello all, I do have a valid subscription key for PMG, but for some reason it seems like the only key I can plug into my account is a VE key. I have an issue with a company sending email the most backwards way possible. Their helpdesk is rather special and they simply don't understand...


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