1. Email limitation as a VPS server provider

    Hello! I appeal to your knowledge in search of the best ideas to answer the following two questions: As a provider of VPS servers (servers to which I do not have access), what would be the best method to limit the number of emails of each customer? (KVM virtualization via Proxmox, public IP...
  2. Spam filter rule to check subject for part of recipient name

    Hi, we currently get a lot of spam where the subject contains part of the email adress the spam is sent to. It's already filtered after passing PMG, but I'd like to not accept the mail at all. Example for "": "j doe You want this" - Text varies - First part is always the email...
  3. [SOLVED] Spamassassin won't autolearn

    Hello dear Forum I am trying to get autolearn for the bayesian filter running but it won't work when I artificially try to trigger it. As I understood it, there are the following prerequisites for the autolearn to hit and learn spam: - "Use Bayesian filter" shall be set to "Yes" under "Spam...
  4. Many emails from

    Hello, Lately I'm receive many emails from The mails arrive every day at random times. Is this part of how PMG works or it's something else?
  5. Block by domain

    I want to reject (as in - not event send to spam, just reject) all mail from .click/.xyz/.today domains (with exception for It's not possible to enter ".click" in blacklist by domain and "click" doesn't cause Mail Gateway to reject. What I'm doing wrong? Mail Gateway 7.1-2
  6. What is the meaning of KAM_DMARC_REJECT?

    I'm trying to configure PMG with unbound as local DNS, as explained here. And it seems to work because my firewall logs shows the PMG server is connecting with multiple IP's on port 53 every time I get an incoming email. But I'm also seeing a lot of false positives with this hit...
  7. CarstenMartens

    [SOLVED] Absender freigegebene Spam

    Guten Morgen, wir stellen gerade komplett von ASSP auf PMG um. Nun ist mir aufgefallen, das, bei Mails die aus der Spamquarantäne freigegeben werden, als Absender nicht der ursprüngliche Absender der EMail genommen wird, sondern die Mail als postmaster@ abgesendet wird. Kann das irgendwie...
  8. Spam emails with links

    Hi, How can I block e-mails containing links from unknown sources before they reach the user? Thanks.
  9. [SOLVED] Adding whitelisted entries before all others

    Hi all, Is there any way that I can have any objects that users themselves have whitelisted or the global whitelist over ride and be delivered. I have some domains that are getting flagged and even though that they have added the emails to their own whitelist, and I've added both the domain and...
  10. Verständissfrage Spamfilter <from> und <to>

    Guten Morgen Zusammen, ich hätte da eine Verständnissfrage, ich habe aber keine Ahnung wie ich die Frage korrekt stellen soll um durch Suche bei Google oder im Forum hier passende Treffer zu erhalten, daher sorry wenn es jetzt für Euch trivial wird... Der PMG läuft nun gut und ohne Probleme in...
  11. CarstenMartens

    [SOLVED] Mail in Blacklist eintragen

    Guten Morgen, wir wollen unser Mailgateway von ASSP auf PMG umstellen. Das Email-Empfänger von der PMG als Spam getagte Mails in die Whites/Blacklist eintrage geht - über die Mail von der PMG - einwandfrei. Wie können Email-Empfänger aber Mails, die von der PMG nicht als Spam erkannt wurden, in...
  12. Somebody has used this configuration for harden PMG spam detection?

    Hi, in a forum I found this link which shows the step by step of a configuration to supposedly harden the PMG functions, but I would like to know if anyone has used these configurations and if they have had good results.
  13. (General SPAM issue): Bugzilla.proxmox being used for SPAM/SEO

    just got this that is peppered with spam URLs Where is the best place to log/report them?
  14. [SOLVED] email trotz Filter zugestellt

    Grüß Euch Zusammen, unsere Firewall nimmt als erste Instanz Emails entgegen und tagged als SPAM erkannte Emails im Betreff mit FGspam, gibt diese dann aber weiter. Als Zweite Instanz kommt dann Proxmox MG zu Einsatz. Neben den üblichen Regeln von Proxmox haben wir einen Filter erstellt, welcher...
  15. [SOLVED] Block a domain name

    Hello Everyone. i tried to add 1 domain to blacklist, I also have a spam blocking rule in & out. but when i send mail from domain in blacklist it doesn't work. So hope someone can help me. Thanks & best regards !!!
  16. [SOLVED] Undeliverable mail message not signed by DKIM

    I have proxmox mailgw as a relay to more mail servers in my local network and when someone tries to send mail to non-existing address, PMG returns Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender which is marked as spam because the message is not signed with DKIM, how can I have PMG automatically sign those...
  17. Level 1 Spam

    Hello, I've been troubleshooting and am getting the following emails that are level 1. Any ideas on tweaking the rules out of the one's listed to block them properly? Thank you in advance! :) Apr 6 13:26:30 smtp postfix/smtpd[6796]: connect from...
  18. Spam Scoring anpassen (Missing/Blank Subject + Empty Message)

    Hallo Folgendes Problem: Wir haben viele User, die senden einfach Bilder vom iPhone an Ihre Dienstmail. Das ist bei uns legitim, weil wir einiges an "Beweisfotos" dadurch zustellen. Proxmox erkennt diese Blank Mails mit den Anhängen leider alle als Spam, so dass ich das Scoring hier anpassen...
  19. mail gateway gmail spam

    Hi all I have one mail server and one pmg server. When i send email via my mail server email goes to inbox. But when i send email via pmg (relayhost = mymailserver:26) email goes to spam. gmail says that spf and dmarc and dkim is passed. My score in mail-tester is 10 when send via pmg.
  20. Stopping spam from the MX filter in reply to field

    I have an odd issue that I am trying to figure out how to resolve. In the logs, my customer got this email (spam / phising) Dec 2 11:10:20 swarmx1 postfix/smtpd[155817]: connect from[] Dec 2 11:10:21 swarmx1 postfix/smtpd[155817]: Anonymous TLS connection...


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