Many emails from


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Jan 25, 2022

Lately I'm receive many emails from The mails arrive every day at random times.
Is this part of how PMG works or it's something else?


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I would think you have to ask the sender why they send the mails, not us : )

As you can see on the column at the right, they were rejected by proxmox, so I believe everything is working as intended.
I think this is a very aggressive open relay tester. I don't see why they are performing the test so frequently, however. I see this occur almost once an hour.
Lately I'm receive many emails from

attempt from specifically this address is something I've seen quite many times - but as you said - it's an open relay tester and mails will not get accepted from them (unless the config is really broken and the system is an open relay) - I would consider this just background-noise of the internet and nothing to worry about
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I have solved the mystery of spameri{@}tiscali[.]it. It is an SMTP scanner that anyone could be using.

Here are a few examples of it:

Here is the scanner running in a sandbox:


If you open one of the samples in Binary Ninja ( and search for the email address in strings, you will find where the string is stored and read from.


You can also see where the string is referenced in the assembly code:


Finally, here is one location where the string is used as an input parameter for two functions (there are others according to the code references shown above, but this is one example):



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