slow network speed

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    Ubuntu Server 22.04 / speedtest dw 1.26Mbit - up 1.37Mbit

    Hi Guys. How are you? I'm Tato, new here. Few months ago started to learn about virtualization and virtual machines. My problem is that I have 3 VM working and this one, "Ubuntu Server 22.04" works slowly. I'm using for wordpress and I was thinking that the problem was with him but I started to...
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    Terrible Network Upload Speeds from Proxmox Host

    I've had fun building a plucky little homelab on Proxmox 8.1.4 running kernel 6.5.13-1-pve. It's installed on an HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC, with the OS installed on a SATA SSD, there being a 4tb NVME btrfs pool, and there being multiple HDD's connected via USB3. Services are run an an...
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    Slow proxmox backups via NFS

    I have a NFS server, normally it is fast (~1Gb/s). When I backup a vm it starts at ~800Mb/s and after a while, the speed drops considerably.
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    Slow Download Speeds on Proxmox v8.0.3 Host

    Hello, I'm experiencing an issue with slow download speeds on my Proxmox v8.0.3 server, and I'm looking for some assistance to resolve this. Despite having a 500Mbps connection, my download speeds are significantly lower than expected, though upload speeds are as expected. From iperf output...
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    VM showing 10Gbit NIC speed instead of 40Gbit

    Hello all, I recently bought a Mellanox ConnectX-4 EN MCX415A-BCAT NIC card, and installed it into my Proxmox machine. I can see it among the network devices, I can query it`s speed and it displays the expected value, which is 40Gbits. So everything looks, and works as I expect, but then I...
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    [SOLVED] Network speed stuck at 100Mb/s - Proxmox VE 8.0.2

    Hey, I've just installed Proxmox VE 8.0.2 on two different types of PC and I'm having the same issue. They both are stuck on 100Mb/s network speeds, not sure where to go from here. I did fresh install's just last week and made sure they are both up to date. root@TestLabServer:~# ethtool eno1...
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    [SOLVED] Extremely slow upload speed (1Mbps) in Windows VM

    Hi, I have a Gigabit NIC plugged into a PCI-E slot on my Proxmox server. I also have a Gigabit internet subscription. I created a Windows 11 VM on the Proxmox host and passed the NIC to the Windows VM. The VM can recognize the NIC without any problem. By running Google's internet speed test, I...
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    Poor network performance in LXC container

    Hello. Yesterday we migrated our Proxmox VPN server from QEMU virtualization to an LXC container, and when we connected to the VPN and measured the speed on, the download speed was 0.98 Mbps, less than 1 Mbps. Upload speeds were about 30 Mbps, which was typical. When running with...
  9. R

    Very slow iperf speeds (~370Mbps) with proxmox host 10Gbps NIC

    Hi All, Bit of newbie to setting up home servers and Proxmox. Any pointer would be of great help. I have configured Proxmox server on a Supermicro server and connected 10-Gigabit X540-AT2 NIC through Asus router that has 10Gbps ports. Using same 10Gbps NIC port for proxmox internal networking...
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    [SOLVED] Tweaks for PBS datastore on slow link

    Hi guys, I recently installed PBS on my PVE as LXC container and I'm slowly migrating all of my QEMU VMs to LXC containers. My setup is pretty basic: my mini-pc contains both PVE and PBS, and I configured PBS to use my NAS as a datastore. The NAS is connected to PVE via a PowerLine which is kind...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Slow transfer disk passthrough

    Good evening, In Proxmox I have an OpenMediaVault VM with Virtio scsi driver (single). I have disk passthrough (sata hdd) just via adding "scsi1: ata-xxxxx" in my VM.conf. The disk was visible in OMV and I create filesystem and SMB shares in OMV. I didn't want to modify anything on the proxmox...
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    Retention & sync jobs

    Hello all, I'm thinking about migrating to PBS for on-site & off-site backup. While the connection between headquarters and branch office is relatively (very) slow, the backups have always lagged behind for some days (using copy job in Veeam). The lagging is not a problem while is ok that i...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox, OpnSense, Open vSwitch slow uploads

    In the last few days I've just started recognizing I have an problem, but i'm sure it's been happening over the last 2-6 months. I have a small Proxmox server that runs OpnSense with a dual port Intel NIC as my firewall for my home internet. On systems external to this Proxmox server, i only get...
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    Very slow network speed on VMs

    Hi there, I'm running a PVE 7.1-7 and I'm experiencing very slow network speeds on VMs. My host: Dell R710, Dual socket Xeon X5670, 48 Gb RAM, and dual 10 Gb network card, which are bridged (aggregated), making 20 Gb . However, on VMs I can't get more than 300 kbps. There are currently 6 VMs...
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    LAN network speeds are fine, but Proxmox and VM's have slow internet speeds.

    Hi all! I have a very odd situation at the moment. The internet download speeds on both proxmox and any VM's are not at all what I should be getting. I have a 1000/100 connection and all of my other devices on my LAN are able to hit these speeds so I know it is not an issue with my...
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    PVE + Hetzner vSwitch network issue

    Hello, I am having a very odd issue with my setup - it is on PVE (7.1-10) running on a Hetzner dedicated box and using vSwitch additional network. Background and setup: I have a Hetzner vSwitch attached to my server. That vSwitch has an additional /28 public network on it. When working with...
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    Slow Networking until PVE reboot

    Hi all, first time posting here, thanks for reading. I'm having a strange issue that I can't seem to fix. If I'm downloading a large amount of things from the internet my networking will throttle from the expected 500mbps(max) to about 2mbps both directions (haven't done an iperf yet though)...
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    extremely erratic network performance on pci-e quadNic

    never mind.
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    Slow Speed with SoftEther VPN

    I built a softether vpn server in the proxmox virtual machine, using both Debian 10 and CentOS7 I used "ip link set ens18 promisc on" in the VM to turn promisc on The device can connect to this VPN but the network speed is very slow My network environment is 100Mbps downlink 30Mbps uplink I...
  20. K

    Slow network speed on VMs, but not on host

    Hey there! I got a very strange issue; Sometimes my network speed is throttled to 100 Mbps. But I got 1000 Mbps at home. For example; If i download something on host, its downloading in 110MB/s (normal speed) - but if i download from VM, it's downloading in 10MB/s. It's like its changing from...


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