[SOLVED] Tweaks for PBS datastore on slow link


Dec 30, 2021
Hi guys, I recently installed PBS on my PVE as LXC container and I'm slowly migrating all of my QEMU VMs to LXC containers.
My setup is pretty basic: my mini-pc contains both PVE and PBS, and I configured PBS to use my NAS as a datastore. The NAS is connected to PVE via a PowerLine which is kind of slow: 50Mbps at peak (because it's in the basement of the apartment building, 2 floors below).

Is there any tweak that I can implement to have faster backups over this slow link?
not really, no. your link is likely not only slow, but also not really low latency..
Hey @fabian , thanks. I was asking because I remember that on PVE I can set a `tmpdir` in the `jobs.cfg` to specify a temp direcory where (I suppose) files are elaborated before sending the backup to the NAS
that only affects certain files or backup modes, and doesn't work for PBS at all. if you need something similar for PBS, the only option is to have a PBS with local storage but aggressive pruning (e.g., only keep 1-2 backups), and syncing that to the offsite PBS that keeps the backups long term.
But in that way I'd need 2 separate PBS servers, 1 on PVE and 1 in the basement next to the NAS. Right?
no, one PBS with two datastores (one backed by the local disk, one backed by the network share one) would also work


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