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    Share persistent host-directory to VM

    Hi all! I'm new to Proxmox and I try to add a directory from the host (e. g. a directory on the system drive) as shared directory to the (Debian) VM. I want to use this as persistens config directory for Docker containers running inside the VM. If the VM crashes or I need to relaunch a new one...
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    Optimize computer for gaming and developpment

    Hallo, I were introduced to proxmox by a friend and I like it alot but I am kinda of noob. I am a software developper that likes AI and games and to create things and I also like gaming so my goals come from that. I like that I can make my computer into several VMs and CT so I can develop...
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    Shared folder from proxmox host to VM and CT

    I'm new to proxmox, I created a ZFS drive which is accesible on Proxmox at /Storage I wanted to make it accesible do the VM while remain accesible to the host and other CTs, I managed once, but I had to remove the VM and start over since I can't figure out how... anyway I managed to do the same...
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    Backup nur von einzelnen Ordnern auf Festplatte

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir meine erste Proxmox Maschiene in einem 2HE Server für die Schule / IHK Prüfung/Projekt aufgesetzt. Das System läuft auf einer 500GB m2 SSD, eine 6TB Platte dient als Massenspeicher. Stand jetzt habe ich zwei aktive VMs. "PiHole" und -"Mediaserver". In der VM...
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    NFS Backup share disconnecting during backup operation

    I have 5 NFS shares coming from my Unraid server into my Proxmox cluster of 4 nodes (named Prox-1 through 4 respectively). These shares are: AppData Archives Backups ISOs VM-Datastore They connect fine, but the Backups share will error out partway through a backup operation, and the Archives...
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    How to have shared storage between containers/VMs?

    Is there a way to mount a directory that lives on a disk on the proxmox host and into a container or VM? What I mean is that I have a directory /mnt/tank/whatever on the proxmox host (ZFS dataset), and I'd like that directory to be accessible at /whatever from within a container or a VM on the...
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    Newbie question on ZFS - using multiple devices as a single logical unit

    I have three brand new physical storage devices with different speeds: a) 7000 MB/s SSD with 512 GB b) 2400 MB/s SSD with 1 TB c) 190 MB/s HDD with 2 TB My initial plan was to use: (a) for the operational system and most used programs, (b) for most of my data, and less used programs, and (c)...
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    Share smb with hosts

    I created a SMB/CIFS share from my NAS. In the Client VM - CT Ubuntu how to add access to this mount point. It seems all I would need to do is this but in the VM I go to that directory and it is empty. If this is not the way then how would I go about doing this? I want to share this mount...
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    Sharing ZFS with VM and CT

    Hi, I've found a few things about sharing storage with VM and CT, but I haven't found the answer or I may not understand enough. I currently have 1x SSD with Proxmox, VM and CT on the server. Furthermore, 2x HDD on which I created ZFS. In Proxmox, ZFS is attached to point dataA. As VM and CT I...
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    [SOLVED] Sync issue between mount and OMV shares

    I'm having some sync issues. Currently I'm mounting my HDD drives (ntfs) in my node with the command mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sde2 /mnt/disk1 which works fine and everything mounts. I also have a OpenMediaVault VM running which shares these drives (or folders) on my network so I can access them on...
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    How to share storage between VMs and proxmox?

    Hi, I have attached a large HDD over USB3.0 to my Proxmox node. I use it to store backups of VMs and containers. However, I also would like to run many media-heavy Docker containers in a VM (Plex, family photos, Nextcloud, etc) and would have to store the media on that said HDD. What is the...
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    Use FC storage in PVE cluster

    I used to use standalone PVE hosts, with local attached disks. Nice and tiny setups :) Now I have a chance to set up PVE cluster with shared storage. It involves some like 2 groups each consists of "6 hosts and 1 SAN". All hardware to be rented so we can make some adjustments at this point...
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    Sharing data between LXC, virtuals and other station in LAN

    I am a novice user of Proxmox, but at the same time delighted with it :-) I want to use Proxmox at home, for a home server, for my own use and that of a few friends. I have a question about good practice. I would like to have some virtuals and LXC in it. But I would also like some of these...
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    Asking for suggestion: How to access ZFS dataset from VM

    Hi, I am looking for a way to share my ZFS dataset (= DS) with a VM. Options that I am considering: (1) export DS to VM via NFS: great for private network, not so great if the VM is a public host (2) create a disk on ZVOL and attach it to the VM: easiest option, but I must allocate the...
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    [SOLVED] SMB Share in LXC Container: Permission denied on write

    Hi there, I've got an SMB share from my NAS server for my data. My Jellyfin instance (hosted via docker inside LXC) should have read-/write-access to this SMB share. The problem is: I always get permission denied issues in my LXC container. The Proxmox host can write inside the share, but not...
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    Share a virtual drive amongst multiple VMs?

    I'd like to create a virtual hard drive and mount it to multiple VMs, some with read-only access. I do not want to share anything with the host and do not want to use networking to accomplish this. Is this something that's possible? Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] Shared Storage

    Hi, Actually I'm a beginner, which is why I wanted to ask you a basic question. I would like to know if it's possible to connect a hard drive to the Proxmox computer, which can be accessed from several VMs at the same time. Do you know if this is possible, and if so, how would you recommend me...
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    sharing of the same diretory between several VMs on the same hypervisor.

    I am a proxmox beginner. I want to share "lucene index (4Go) " on local directory between one VM (the producer: Writer) and other Vms ( consumers: Reader) on the same hypervisor. It is possible ? If yes what is the best proxmox configuration (file systeme and protocol) ? Thank's a lot. Best...
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    Best way to share host ZFS dataset to internal unprivileged LXC containers and VMs

    Hi guys, what is the recommended way to share ZFS dataset from Proxmox host to: - unprivileged LXC containers and/or VMs - all guests Linux - CTs and VMs in VLANs on vmbr1 (LAN), with local IPs from,,... - Proxmox 6.2 Is there a way to use ZFS native NFS share for that...
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    ZFS (NFS) dataset shared inside of unprivileged LXC/VM

    Hi guys, I'm trying to configure a share in my unprivileged container with id mapping. In host (Proxmox 6.2): - created user ctuser (1003:1003 in host) - both /etc/subuid, /etc/subgid look like this: root:100000:65536 ctuser:362144:65536 root:1003:1 - in...


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