Sharing ZFS with VM and CT


Dec 7, 2021
Brno, Czechia
Hi, I've found a few things about sharing storage with VM and CT, but I haven't found the answer or I may not understand enough.

I currently have 1x SSD with Proxmox, VM and CT on the server. Furthermore, 2x HDD on which I created ZFS. In Proxmox, ZFS is attached to point dataA.
As VM and CT I have Nextcloud, OpenMediaVault etc.

I would like to connect ZFS to some of these VMs and CTs so that they can see each other and work with the data. Is it possible to do this at the Proxmox level?

E.g. I can mount the HDD directly without Proxmox using the entry "scsi1: / dev / sd <X>" in "/ etc / pve / qemu-server / <VM> .conf" and then work with the partitions. But this is not possible with ZFS.

For ZFS, I tried to use "pct set <VM / CT> -mp0 / host / dir, mp = / container / mount / point", but it doesn't seem to work. I also tried to write "mp0 / host / dir, mp = / container / mount / point" directly to "/ etc / pve / lxc / <CT> .conf".

Does anyone have any idea how sharing should be done or is the whole view of sharing bad?
Consider sharing iSCSI or NFS instead?
Non of your VMs/LXCs will have any aadministrative access to ZFS (so they can't use snapshots, zfs commands and so on) but on filelevel you can bind-mount a datasets mountpoint into a LXC. If you use unprivileged LXCs keep in mind that you will need to edit the user-remapping like described here:

For VMs you need to use network protocols like SMB, NFS or iSCSI. But proxmox got no build in SMB/NFS server so you would need to install and setup your own NAS fuctionalities.


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