1. G

    Proxmox ZFS ARC cache max size (auto)configuration script

    "ZFS ate half of my RAM." - :eek: That's pretty much how it started. Diving deeper to this subject it appeared that it's very common problem. Here are few topics on this forum that I read to understand what's going with ram: "Disable ZFS ARC or limiting it" "zfs_arc_max does not seem to work"...
  2. D

    PANIC while importing rpool (endless importing)

    Hey guys, Unfortunately I had the issue that my Proxmox host was not reachable anymore, that is why I restarted it. Unfortunately after that it is not possible anymore to import the rpool. I just get two PANIC messages and the timeout messages. I let the server importing the pool for over 10...
  3. C

    Move Disk Soft Locks All Storage

    I have been struggling with an issue for the past few weeks where using either "Move Disk" in the GUI or "qm move disk" in the CLI from one ZFS pool to another soft locks all storage pools on the host, VMs become entirely unresponsive. This only seems to happen with VMs >30GB, for some reason...
  4. T

    Mount propagation in LXC containers

    Hey folks! I'm using a ZFS pool on my machine, and I've been mounting filesystems from the pool into Proxmox LXC containers. However, I've run into a problem where if a dataset has children (e.g. `tank/media` contains `tank/media/movies`, `tank/media/music`, etc.) then the filesystems below it...
  5. I

    Sanity check on Intel NUC

    Hi guys! I currently do my backups to a NFS share on TrueNAS. But since the TrueNAS also sits in my home, I cloud sync it up to OneDrive from there. In the future I would like to switch to PBS instead, mostly just for fun of trying out new things. I have an unused i5 8th gen NUC and was...
  6. S

    Disk space not reported correctly in WebUI (ZFS)

    Hi, everyone; this is my first posting here. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this. I am deploying a new server in my Organization that has Proxmox. We're a VMWare shop that is moving away from them. I have this new server with 16 3.84 TB NVMe drives that I set up in a RAIDd2 setup...
  7. L

    How to Raid with 3 drives

    Hi guys, hope someone can help. So I have a single drive zfs pool using a 22TB Seagate Ironwolf pro. I have another 22TB drive (a Seagate Exos X22). I know I can add this to the pool as a mirrored drive, but I also need to increase my capacity, but will never do stripe. I can obtain another...
  8. E

    Storage snapshots causes disk performance degradation

    Hi! I found some comments about using Snapshots (LVM or ZFS or GlusterFS ) in Storage causes disk performance degradation ( permanent slow I/O ), but if you remove all the Snapshots, the performance is returning to normal. Has anyone here had a similar experience?
  9. C

    Choosing Correct Block Size for VMs running on iscsi over zfs.

    hey everyone, So rn I'm running the storage backend for my proxmox ve (8.2.4) box via zfs over iscsi. Trunas core box provides the iscsi backend. I have two storage pools on my truenas box: HDD_Pool: 4x 8TB WD Reds running raidz2 ( atime 12 and 128k record size) Nvme_Pool: 6x TB Samsung 990...
  10. O

    ZFS pool HDD fails

    Hello, Yesterday i discovered by a complete coincidence that one of the drives in ZFS pool has completely failed without any prior notice. by a complete luck i want to check something in ZFS tab and i saw one of the pools is degraded. i go today a new 4 TB HDD and installed it, then i ran this...
  11. A

    ZFS in-tree kernel builder (to avoid missing dependencies on boot)

    Dear Proxmox Community, I have a project I wrote back in 2021 I'm re-writing with Proxmox in mind. I met a local business owner who hosts his servers on Proxmox, and he sounded interested when I mentioned I had compiled ZFS modules inside a kernel, so it sparked some interest in me to...
  12. I

    Windows VM Trimming

    Hey Guys, I have scoured through the forum to try and answer my question with no success... I have 3 PM nodes running windows VM's with the storage being ZFS backed, with thin provision enabled. I noticed the 1 ZFS array reporting 17TB used, but in the VM there's 20TB storage assigned, but...
  13. M

    What to do with my old ZFS zpool of Steam Games [Changing Old Windows PC into Proxmox]

    Hello, I am in the middle of trying out Proxmox for the first time. My old PC used to be Windows 10 which had 4 Hard Drives running as a Zpool, accessed by Windows. It was a pain to get ZFS to work for me using OpenZFSOnWindows, but it worked. The Zpool stored a large quantity of games from...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] RAID card issues on Kernel 6.8.4 - boot fail

    [TL.DR]: RAID card firmware bug seems to cause a non boot issue on Kernel 6.8.4-N-pve, works on 6.5.13-5-pve. Any ideas on how to fix? Today I have done a lot of troubleshooting for one of my Proxmox servers. It started when I was rebooting the server after some updates. Suddenly it wasn't...
  15. F

    Speed loss after switching from LVM to ZFS?

    I have a Dell R530, I recently switched from using RAID5 disks with the built in raid card to HBA mode and using ZFS. Before when I was using LVM, my sabnzbd could max out my connection (between 120-150mbps), however after switching I'm only hitting between 5-30mbps consistently. sab reports...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] Upgrading a ZFS cluster

    Hello, I have 3 basically identical systems I’m having put together in a cluster. 2 out of the 3 have the same amount of storage but 1 of them has only half the amount. I want to make everything zfs and I am using intel or micron enterprise ssds. With zfs would I be able to slowly upgrade the...
  17. T

    What do you think about ZFS spare disks?

    I have to get on an airplane in order to visit my servers. Or use remote hands. You know how that can go. So, I'd rather not _need_ somebody visiting my servers. Or at least as little as possible. And some of its old junk. So it dies. Enter the spare disk conundrum. It's easy to find ZFS...
  18. M

    LVM / ZFS possible safe and sensible disk layout

    Hi guys, since I'm still at the beginning with proxmox (coming from unrai*) I'm wondering about the right disk layout. I have quite a wild growth concerning my hard disk landscape and wanted to ask if a ZFS makes sense or rather LVM? How could a possible ZFS make sense with the disks? I also...
  19. L

    PBS not showing ZFS

    I have a proxmox ve with a single ZFS, named zpool. Inside that proxmox ve node, I have a privileged lxc container with PBS installed via proxmox scripts. When I go into the PBS into storage, I don't see the ZFS storage and I get this error: Bad Request (400) command "zpool" "list" "-H" "-p"...
  20. R

    ZFS io-Probleme

    Hallo zusammen, ich lese zwar schon geraume Zeit mit und habe zahlreiche Hilfestellungen gefunden. Jetzt aber habe ich mich registriert, da ich nicht weiter komme... Ich möchte von meiner Synology Rackstation umsteigen auf Proxmox und die Sync nur noch zur Datensicherung nutzen. Dazu habe ich...


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