1. B

    Proxmox HA + MSSQL Failover Cluster

    Hi all, I am in the process of configuring a Proxmox High Availability (HA) cluster and I plan to run Microsoft SQL Server with a failover cluster setup, but without using an external NAS for storage. This setup is somewhat complex and I find myself in need of guidance from someone with...
  2. N

    Is ZFS recommended for single node with heavy use of passthrough ?

    Finally got all the parts for my home server and currently testing. I plan to have SR-IOV passthrough for VM networking, HBA passthrough for storage VM. This means i can't take live snapshots and because it's just one node i don't need replication. Without using 2 major benefits of ZFS, should...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Share ZFS Storage between Nodes

    Hi, I am rather new to Proxmox and to an extent Linux. I currently have a Cluster consisting of 2 Nodes. Both Servers have different sized Partitions. We use the larger Partition to store the VM's on. "zfs-pve01" and "zfs-pve02". Now I want each host to have access to both zfs-storages to...
  4. I

    Verständnisfrage: Nach Restore NC_VM = Festplattenzuordung?

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe meine VM Nexcloud unter Proxmox 7.4 (alter Server A mit 256GB SSD & 512GB NVMe) mit VZDump Backup gesichert und unter Proxmox 8.1.10 (neuer Server B mit 256GB SSD & 1TB NVMe) wieder hergestellt. Soweit alles gut... Jetzt habe ich den überblick verloren :-( Meine...
  5. R

    Issues using pvse

    Hello I am having some issues. I have several nodes in a cluster that I want local encrypted zfs pools for storage but I can't add the pools using the same name on different proxmox nodes, so I can't easily migrate between encryped zfs pools. Steps to reproduce: #1. Create the base disk in the...
  6. G

    restore failed: OpenSSL error

    Hello, Having this error when trying to restore VM from PBS on the same network. `restore failed: OpenSSL error` Here is the full log : Using encryption key from file descriptor.. new volume ID is 'local-zfs:vm-4120-disk-0' restore proxmox backup image: /usr/bin/pbs-restore --repository...
  7. M

    Raid mit 6 HDDs

    Hallo ich habe folgende Hardware: AMD Epcy 7401P Asrock Rack EPYC d8 2t 8x32gb 2133 mhz RAM LSI 9361 8i 1GB 6x6tb Dell Sas 12G 7200rpm HDD Leider erziehen die Konfigs nicht die werte die ich gern hätte. 1: JBOD und ZFS Raid 5 -> 2GB Read 270MB Write 2: JBOD und ZFS Raid 10 -> 2GB Read 38MB...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] ZFS Pool Name ändern

    Hallo Zusammen, ich denke ich weiß mittlerweile so ungefähr was ich tun müsste bin mir aber nicht 100%ig sicher und würde daher gerne noch den Forumsjoker ziehen..... Ich habe viel rumgespielt die letzten Wochen mit Proxmox und ZFS und habe daher einen Pool wo ich jetzt am Anfang einen blöden...
  9. S

    Feedback for PVE setup for large Nextcloud installation (with other services)

    Hi there, Current Situation: We have a Nextcloud install with about 1000 users (but many are inactive). Everything is currently running on a Debian bare metal server, with caddy as a reverse proxy and Nextcloud (and other services) in Docker behind. Our current server (4 cores, 32 GB RAM, no...
  10. C

    Snapshot Not Working. Out of space.

    I have set up my volume to be thin-provisioned. I am trying to snapshot a VM to run updates but when I do, proxmox says I am out of space. TASK ERROR: zfs error: cannot create snapshot 'VMStorage/vm-101-disk-2@Test': out of space Here is the output of zfs list: NAME...
  11. S

    Boot Probleme mit H220 HBA Karte

    Ich habe einen DL380p Gen8 HP Server mit einer H220 HBA Karte verbaut, da ich meine Festplatten direkt ins Betriebssystem durchreichen möchte. Das installieren von Proxmox im zfs RAID 1 funktioniert ohne Probleme. Es werden auch alle Festplatten erkannt, jedoch wenn ich den Server anschließend...
  12. G

    ZFS zvol + cache=writeback - unexpected read speed increase?

    Situation: - ZFS on NVME, 1GB/s nvme read speed - ARC (in ram) size about 120GB - fully heated pve-manager/8.1.4 (running kernel: 6.5.13-1-pve) CPU: E5-2683 v4 This CPU has a very poor per-core performance. This leads to: - Windows 10 VM, Virtio-SCSI Single, iothread, 128kb block, cache=none ->...
  13. L

    Best ZFS Configuration for 12 18 TB HDD Drives?

    I am thinking about what zfs configuration to use. I think RAIDz2 would be great because its 2 drives for tolerance, but some people were saying not to use it with more than 10 drives, do you think 12 drives would still be fine? Thank you!
  14. L

    Can you mix Seagate Exos X24 and Seagate IronWolf Pro drives in the same ZFS pool?

    I have 4 18TB Seagate IronWolf Pro drives and I was wondering if I could used Exos drives of the same size together? They seem to be basically the same kind of drives but I just want to make sure. My use for this is running Virtual Machines. Thank you
  15. M

    [SOLVED] LXC ZFS Nextcloud Storage

    Hy Leute kurtze frage Hab einen LXC (unprivilegiert) mit Nextcloud auf auf einem ZFS pool laufen da ist mir letztens aufgefallen das der Proxmox HOST direcken zugriff auf die daten im LXC container hat. (keine mount points vorhanden) Gibt es da eine möglichkeit das zu unterbinden? mfg. Mike
  16. R

    Proxmox install - ZFS on NVME, RAID1 does it make sense ?

    Hello everyone I been testing ZFS on NVME Drives. Installed proxmox on 2 NVME drives: They are SN: 7VQ09JY9 7VQ09H02 Filesystem: ZFS Raid 1 (mirroring) Reboot to installed proxmox and check: zpool status -L pool: rpool state: ONLINE config: NAME STATE READ WRITE...
  17. T

    new disks in zfs - is it possible?

    I'm new to ZFS on Proxmox. one of nodes have: - 250 Gb boot ssd (with /boot, local / local-lvm on it) - 1 Tb SSD with ZFS (added post-install), with one Can I add another disk to just extend available space on pool (without any extra redudancy, I have PBS-based backups)? I'm correct that I...
  18. C

    ZFS Sync Fehler

    Hey ich bin ein riesen Proxmox fan geworden und habe aktuell 2 Server bei denen einer Master und einer slave ist, diese sind nicht als HA Verbund konfiguriert. Sie laufen beide unabhängig voneinande, jedoch sichert der Haupserver einmal in der Nacht die VMs und LXCs via ZFS Sync auf den slave...
  19. L

    New build: storage optimization for variety of workloads

    Storage noob here. I am building a new single node proxmox server on a 2U server that has 9 3.5in 4TB HDDs and 6 2.5in 800GB SSDs beyond what is used for Proxmox's boot image. The server will be running a mix of stateful container workloads, databases for stateless containers, and VMs for...
  20. S

    unable to create zfs root pool

    I have a dl380p gen8 with a p420i controller in hba mode. 2 SSDs (OS) and 6 HDDs (DATA) are installed. I tried to install Proxmox on the two SSDs in RAID 1 (ZFS). I was able to select the two hard drives and started the installation, but I got the following error message: unable to create zfs...


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