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    Backup und Restore ohne PVE

    Hi zusammen, ich kann mit dem Proxmox Backup Server auf einem Linux Host ohne PVE ein Backup auf dem PBS erstellen. export PBS_REPOSITORY='root@pam!pbsbackup@' export PBS_PASSWORD='mysecret' proxmox-backup-client backup root.pxar:/ Wie kann ich aber dann eine komplette...
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    Proxmox crash after restoring VM/CT backups under certain (unknown) circumstances: NEED HELP

    Hi Proxmox community, I've encountered a strange issue with my server where the entire node crashes during the restoration of VM backups. This issue has occurred under specific circumstances and I need some advice on troubleshooting and prevention strategies. I'll write out the full story, and...
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    slow vm migration

    Good afternoon dear, I have a problem with about 3 nodes of which all share a 10g fiber link for migration and vms backups. but even if the vms migration and restoration are slow some reason why so little speed 3 nodes config network nodes cluster config slow restoraution vm...
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    [CLOSED] How to work with file .img containing multiple partitions?

    Hello everyone, I must preface this by saying I only have basic knowledge on how virtualization tools work, and I'm trying Proxmox for the first time. After setting up some virtual machines, I now want to create one to perform restore of a my_file.img image file. So, I tried to follow this...
  5. M

    vm restore - latest version from backup?

    I have a remote site where I test/validate backups of my vm's. Backups and replication is done frequently. For DR testing I would need to restore the vm, adjust any settings needed - power up - test - shutdown if not needed. rinse and repeat as needed. The question I have is this - 1. I...
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    Restored a VM from Backup and it has no hard disk

    Recently i had restored a VM from a backup, id restores without hard disk, in addition to this when i try to restore it again it gives the following error "TASK ERROR: command 'set -o pipefail && zstd -q -d -c /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-100-2024_03_17-14_41_03.vma.zst | vma extract -v -r...
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    VM Performance Issue While Clone and Restore

    we are facing an issue and are not sure how to troubleshoot or find the exact reason behind it while we attempted to clone any VM or try to restore a backup from PBS we noticed the other VMs would get affected and not function properly like hanging for sometime already i tried to make the VM...
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    Question about "Mount point volumes are also erased" when restoring a backup

    I've seen some threads where people have mounts set up on the LXC itself, where you can see the mount from the Summary tab, and those mounts get deleted when doing a restore. I have some mount points set up using systemd. For example, I used these steps setting up a mount for my Plex LXC...
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    Privileged LXC group IDs different to host after restore

    Hi, I have just done a clean install of PVE 8.1.3 after changing some hardware in the host. I have restored my Plex LXC and some of the groups have different IDs in the container than the host which is breaking my GPU transcoding. The render group is ID 107 in the LXC but 104 on the host. On...
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    After 100% read while restoring it gets stuck/freeze, any version, vm, proxmox.

    Hi, I have problem with restoring my vms into new proxmox 8 and now I am on 7.4 version, but there is no problem with versions, because even when I wanted to try restore on original proxmox, where backup was done, it never finish. I start restore option, than it reads to 100%, than all qm get...
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    Queuing Restore

    I had a server crash on me and I am trying to restore 10+ VMs & CTs on a new server. I got everything up and running and I'm able to do a restore. But I'm unable to do a restore of multiple VMs as it errors out with trying to acquire lock... error before or during data restore, some or all...
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    Restore just 1 disk from VM

    Is it possible to restore just 1 disk out of a VM? For example, I have a Windows Server 2016 VM which separates the data drive E:\ from the C:\ Operating System. Could I just restore the Operating system or just the Data drive from PBS? Sometimes there is an error after Windows Updates and the...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] pmgbackup restore: unable to update postfix table

    I backed up a v7 PMG server restoring it to a new v8 server, the restore mostly worked, however I received these error messages and the relevant tables weren't restored. I checked the backup archive and found the files in good order, any ideas what is causing this issue? Restore command...
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    Advice on restoring proxmox

    Hi all, I think I bricked my proxmox server when I removed an AX210 wifi module that was installed in it during the original installation. I didn't think much of it at the time. First time linux. I no longer have the module as I sent it back this morning. When I came to boot in the evening...
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    [SOLVED] restore overwrite disks

    Hello, If i had VM with three disks like 101,102,103 and i backup 101,103 so when restore the backup (overwrite) what happen to 102 Best Regards
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    Probleme mit zurückspielen von Backup VM's

    Hallo, Ich habe ein Proxmox Cluster von 3. Auf einem der Proxmox Clusters sitzt der Backup VM. Ich habe dort 2 datastores. Einen auf der Festplatte selbst wo der Backup VM sitzt und der andere bei Hetzner Storage Box. Beide zeigen das gleiche Problem auf. Backups zu erstellen geht sehr schnell...
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    VM restore options - /var/tmp

    Today I was moving some VM's manually between servers via backup&restore, and I noticed that my system copies the dump file all okay between servers, but when I start the restore process, it is really sluggish and my I/O wait time increases. This is more of an intro to my actual question, but...
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    VM Wiederherstellen funktioniert nicht

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe Proxmox 8 neu isntalliert und alles aus dem Backup wiederhergestellt. Doch einzig und allein eine meiner VM's mmacht Probleme. Das Backup ist abgebrochen, und seitdem krieg ich das BAckup nicht wieder korrekt gestartet. Hier das log vom Restore Job: Header Proxmox...
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    Gelöst: Restore nach neuem Aufsetzten

    Hallo, ich habe mir mit dem Update auf v8 wohl alles verhagelt. Jetzt habe ich v8 komplett neu aufgesetzt und es läuft. Nächster Schritt die gesicherten Maschinen zürückspielen. Ich habe das Verzeichnis /etc noch retten können etc\pve\storage.cfg zurückgespielt die configdateien unter...
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    PBS restore ct/lxc without specific mp/path - pct restore

    Hello all, I have a backup of a ct/lxc that is hundreds of GB big - it's stored on my Proxmox Backup Server. Most of the data is stored in a mount point, and I would like to restore the ct/lcx without this mp. Is it possible to restore the ct/lcx without a specific mp or directory path in the...


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