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  1. Probleme mit dem Restore

    Hallo, ich habe den Umstieg von Proxmox 6.4 auf 7.2 genutzt, um mein System ganz neu aufzusetzen. Von jedem LXC und jeder VM waren 5 Versionen vorhanden, die laut Log-File alle OK waren, so dass ich vor dem Update eigentlich ganz zuversichtlich war. Leider war ich da zu optimistisch. Bei zwei...
  2. restore and ssh lost

    Morning, I have some problems with restore. My hypervisor is in proxmox 7. Backup are in storage local. When i do a restore, with interface or with command line, i lost the ssh of my vms in this hypervisor after a certain time. And before the end of restore, the ssh go back. Someone can help me ?
  3. PBS killed a virtual server

    During the attempt to restore, the virtual server was destroyed because the backup copy contained an error. Formatting '/MainPool/4Files/images/273/vm-273-disk-0.qcow2', fmt=qcow2 cluster_size=65536 preallocation=metadata compression_type=zlib size=128849018880 lazy_refcounts=off...
  4. Ho do I Restore pbs backups from NAS?

    pve-manager: 7.2-3 proxmox-backup-server 2.1-6 After Upgrade of PB-Server there was a crash on reboot. At the end, ZFS was corrupted and I have to reinstall PBS. Before I synced PBS to NAS-NFS. So, how is the secure way to sync NAS back to PBS?
  5. Nextcloud lxc inkl. externen Speicher umziehen

    Hallo Leute, ich habe heute meinen Server auf neue Hardware übersiedelt und stehe nun vor einem Problem das ich nicht lösen kann. Auf der alten Maschine war nextcloud auf der host SSD installiert, alle Daten die ich dann in der Cloud hochgeladen habe wurde auf meine HDD gespeichert. Was in...
  6. Restore files directly to bare metal

    Hello friends, I created this post to know if anyone else here in the group that uses the PBS client on Debian bare metal has had the need to restore the backed up files directly on the host after a problem? I say this because today I use Duplicati on some clients to backup data in the cloud...
  7. VM restore on coinstalled PBS and PVE host

    We are going to set up an environment with 2 servers, one for production use with PVE (PVE1) and the second with both PBS and PVE (PVE2, used for restore of PVE1 VMs in case of DR) installed. PVE1 server will backup many VMs to a datastore (datastore1) on the PBS server. The goal is to provide...
  8. Unable to load chunck ... Data blob has wrong CRC checksum.

    Hi , since a few days i'm experiencing some pretty troublesome problems with my PBS. I increased the size of my datastore from 4TB to 10TB and since then, I have a lot of verify tasks that are failing. Here is one of the many failed log that i'm recieving: () 2021-11-03T02:13:50+01:00...
  9. restore backup on exist vm

    Hello dears i want use from PBS backup file as image to rebuild my vm with backup image. restore command has error in this case. "VM {vmid} already exists on node" please assist me how can i do this. thnaks
  10. How do I backup and restore VMs and CTs?

    Some background information: I have 1 server connecting 4 Proxmox Nodes. They were all on the 5.0 version, but I wanted to upgrade them to 6.1. I upgraded 1 node to 6.1 and I want to backup VMs from the other 3 nodes on the 5.0 version into the 6.0 version. I also do not have any internet...
  11. Retrive one file from backup, .vma.zst?

    So I was too quick celebrating a move from one VM to another... I forgot ONE file. Lucky for I have backups! But every VM like this vzdump-qemu-110-2021_08_01-02_00_02.vma.zst. I read about the VMA tool but how do I unpack a .zst? Or how do I get that darn hidden file that I missed?
  12. Server summary showing wrong HD space

    I update to Proxmox 7 last weekend and restored my containers and vm backup from proxmox gui, then i noticed on server summary that HD space its no showing rigth values. Let me share some data: Do you think this is a normal behaivor under proxmox 7??? or i did something wrong B/R
  13. Proxmox unbootable - grub error: disk lvmid not found

    Hi, A node(Proxmox 01) in my cluster after I have to enlarge root LVM, is no longer booted. Unfortunately, I do not have a backup of root system In normal other node of proxmox looks like this: root@prox03:~# blkid |grep root /dev/mapper/pve-root...
  14. [SOLVED] Mount and Restore on different server

    Hi all, I've gone through the forum here and have not quite seen the help I am requiring. I have a cluster with 4 pve nodes and 2 pbs nodes. 1 PBS node is onsite and 1 if offsite. I've setup another test pve node with PVE7 and have added the offsite PBS node to it. That works perfectly fine...
  15. powersupport

    How to update pbs client on centos standalone server

    Hi, We have a centos stand-alone server with PBS client installed, we installed the same using the below documentations
  16. [SOLVED] error before or during data restore, some or all disks were not completely restored. VM xxx state is NOT cleaned up.

    PVE 6.4-5 I am trying to restore a VM from backups but get the following error error before or during data restore, some or all disks were not completely restored. VM 900 state is NOT cleaned up. TASK ERROR: unable to restore VM 900 - - protection mode enabled
  17. error occured during live-restore: MAX 8 vcpus allowed per VM on this node

    Thanks for the PVE 6.4 release! The Live-Restore feature is especially interesting to me, because I've always looked for ways to make the restore faster in order to keep disaster recovery times a minimum. Situation: Main Node has 16 cores / 32 threads VM 101 has 32 vCPUs, because the database...
  18. BUG: Error Restoring LXCs when from Privileged Containers

    Hi, I am very very worried because I cannot restore several LXCs from a backup done on PBS. Here is the error I get: recovering backed-up configuration from 'pbs:backup/ct/109/2021-04-18T05:00:02Z' Formatting '/mnt/p03ssd/images/109/vm-109-disk-0.raw', fmt=raw size=26843545600 Creating...
  19. [SOLVED] Share encryption key between two PBS?

    Hi. I've been using PBS as a backup service of my PVE servers and it's really great. After the OVH disaster I decided to set up another server for syncing my main PBS backups. That's my current stack: PVE1 -> PVE Server (Cluster mode) PVE2 -> PVE Server (Cluster mode) PBS1-> PBS Main Server...
  20. Restore LXC from PBS fails: Use 'none' to disable quota/refquota

    Hello all, I intend to restore a ct backup from pbs, however restororing fails with recovering backed-up configuration from 'pbs01:backup/ct/100/2021-03-05T00:00:01Z' Using encryption key from file descriptor Encryption key fingerprint: TASK ERROR: unable to restore CT 105 - zfs error: cannot...


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