1. J

    Reinstalling a Proxmox 7.4 node using backed-up files vs deleting and adding it back

    Hey everyone! So I have a 7-node cluster of PVE 7.4 and I need to reinstall one of the nodes because I did not REDACTED when installing it. I would like to keep the same IP address and hostname. The node is already empty (i.e., all LXCs and VMs have already been migrated to another node) and HA...
  2. C

    Lost Volume Group, then cannot delete LXC

    I 'm cleaning a number of unused LXC and VM. Silly me, in Confirm dialog box I ticked "Destroy unreferenced disks owned by guest". Now I can't Remove the remaining LXC and VMs because the Volume Groups have been deleted! What can I do to delete the LXC and VMs?
  3. S

    Remove Hard Disk virtio

    Hi, I have a Mac VM with Ventura running on it. I have added some virtio disks to it and now I want to remove one disk from the System. I am unsure if I can strait remove it from the hardware tab of the VM. I am afraid that i will have some booting errors later. The hard drive has only 3...
  4. F

    PVE can't delete images in CEPH Pool

    Hello, I have a ceph pool "SSD_POOL" and I can't delete unused images inside it. Has anyone gone through something similar? I'm trying to remove, for example, the vm-103-disk-0 image
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Removing unattached VM Disks

    This one feels like a bit of a bug to me. 1. I have 2 ZFS pools, rpool and vpool 2. When I restore a VM, PVE likes to restore to rpool by default, so a VM disk gets created, e.g. vm-100-disk-0 under rpool's VM Disks 3. So I stop it and restore again to vpool, however the disk in rpool still...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Remove header from email

    Hi PMG has the ability to change the headers (Mail Filter/Action Objects/Header Attribute) Is it possible to remove headers?
  7. B

    PVE - Remove one node from ceph cluster

    Hello, I have a PVE cluster with ceph installed. My ceph cluster is so composed: -node1: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd -node2: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd -node3: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd -node4: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd I need to remove one node(either ceph and...
  8. A

    Ceph OSDs marked out, but still rebalance when I remove them.

    Okay, so reading the manual for Ceph tells me to mark an OSD as "Out" and then allow the pool to rebalance the data away from it before removing it, and then removing it should not require any rebalancing. Okay, so I did this. I marked an OSD as OUT. I added two OSDs to replace it. I let the...
  9. I

    How to remove local (Directory) storage properly?

    In my attempts to understand how Proxmox storage works in a cluster, I took a spare disk and tried to add it through the web GUI via node -> Disks -> Directory -> Create: Directory. I selected my spare disk but the only filesystems I could pick were either EXT4 or XFS. I went for EXT4. Now...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Removing old Storage from GUI

    Hey guys! I'm still getting used to Proxmox, but so far it's been amazing! Since I'm still getting hands-on learning about the product, naturally I've been playing around with storage configurations. I've created some lvm/lvm-thin volume groups, but they were temporary, and I now wish to...
  11. H

    2 Node Cluster, need to remove 1 node

    Hello, I currently run Proxmox 6.1-7 with a few virtual machines including pfsense. I noticed the cluster option and it seemed intriguing so I created a cluster to try to learn more about it. I have my main node with all my VMs (called pve) and a second node (called proxmox). I need to remove...
  12. S

    Cant able to remove VM or templates.

    We have a Proxmox cluster (version 6.1-8 ) we are not able to remove any VM or templates. Getting error TASK ERROR: rbd error: rbd: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory How to resolve this issue
  13. M

    How to remove osd/mng/mon when one machine is out the cluster ?

    Hi, I'm testing proxmox, and I need to know, how to remove osd/mng/mon when one machine is out the cluster. Exemple, I have 4 machines, I removed one using of the command "pvecm delete exemple",but the configurations(OSDs, mom and mng) of removed machine stay in cluster. How to delete this...
  14. S

    Remove node and add new one

    Hi guys! I have 4 nodes in cluster but 4th node is dead. And I'd like remove node and replace one by new server but I found next notes: " Please be carefull, it a permanently remove !!! Never restart the removed node Don't assign the local ip address of the removed node to a new node Never...
  15. T

    Revert cluster to single instance systems

    Having a 2 node cluster like # pvecm status Quorum information ------------------ Date: Wed May 1 13:33:16 2019 Quorum provider: corosync_votequorum Nodes: 2 Node ID: 0x00000001 Ring ID: 1/8 Quorate: Yes Votequorum information...
  16. S

    VM removal causing chaos

    Good day everyone, I recently hired in as an IT Manager for a mid-size company and do not have much experience with Proxmox. When I was cleaning up our infrastructure, I came across our old backup VM and went to remove it as we now use a stand-alone appliance for in-house backups. As a test, I...
  17. D

    Why old kernels are never removed?

    Why Proxmox does not do any workaround this kernel cleaning process? We had not touched this, yet it seems our disks are getting clogged and the upgrade process is prolonged only due to so many kernel checks and yeah, what a day. So how does one, "safely" clean up OLD Kernels, and why they are...
  18. W

    [SOLVED] Having trouble deleting container in 4.2

    So I downloaded and installed a template. Now I want to remove said container. I'm able to delete OS disc images and templates from the storage, however, it won't let me remove the container VM drive. I'm logged in as Root & I'm unable from the web interface. Is there something else I should...
  19. R

    Error deleting template

    Hi, I've created a VM, then converted to Template. Now I don't need it anymore, but I can't delete it. Basically I tried to remove the disk selecting the item and clicking to "Remove". The first time the disk has been transformed in "Unused Disk 0" (as usual when a disk is removed). But when...


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