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    Problem after network failure

    Hey Everyone, We recently had a network failure in one of our data centers. The network failure caused all of the proxmox nodes in our customer to fence themselves. They're back up an running, and the cluster shows all nodes in, but we're having the following issues: 1. HA no longer works...
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    Proxmox Cluster with different versions & upgrading

    Hi This post is in two parts. Currently have a cluster of 4 physical servers running proxmox 4.4-15. I want to add a 5th server to the cluster but running 5.4. Before I do this do they play nicely together? Is this scenario supported and even possible? Part two of the question. I want to...
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    Unhealthy Proxmox Cluster

    Hello, We have an unhealthy Proxmox cluster with the following configuration; 5 Nodes with Proxmox VE 4.4-1/eb2d6f1e Ceph cluster with 2 OSDs in each node with a total of 10 OSDs. The cluster was operating fine and suddenly we noticed our VMs have become unreachable. The Ceph status on the...
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    VM runs very slow

    Hello ! I use a self-bought server colocated somewhere in Romania and I feel that there isn't normal what happen. When I install OS (any version of centos/freebsd) it is going very, very slow (over 10 minutes for a minimal iso). Server configuration: HDD: single ADATA SU650 SSD 240 GB...
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    All virtual machines Stopped

    Hello. I just noticed that all of my hosted virtual machines were stopped in pve. I did not issue any stop, and they have been working flawlessly for several months. When I opened the web interface, all of them were stopped. I was able to restart the machines successfully, but I am afraid...
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    Making the PVE Storage Larger

    I have upgraded from a 1TB drive to a 2TB Drive and I have used CloneZilla to move Proxmox to the new drive and I am trying to Expand it to use the larger storage. I have Partition setup and expanded to 1.8T on the Linux LVM (/dev/sda3) but I when I go into the Proxmox interface and look in df-h...
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    Issues after upgrade to 5.1

    I've got 2 proxmox clusters - one with hammer ceph cluster (bigger) and second one working as a ceph client with dedicated pool (smaller). I wanted to first upgrade smaller cluster before bigger one with data. After upgrading two nodes of smaller cluster to proxmox 5.1 they are working properly...
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    [SOLVED] Unusual logon

    Hi, Please can someone point me in the right direction. Proxmox 4.4 Today one of our VM's experienced extremely high CPU load causing many systems to fail. Upon logging into the proxmox GUI, I could see three messages service: pve daemon : 'successful auth for user 'validuserid@pam' This...
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    Convert subvol disk to raw disk ?

    Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to convert "subvol root disk" to "raw root disk" for a container ? Or is there an option to backup my container with subvol root disk in a raw format ? Or is there an option to restore my backup of a container with subvol root disk in a raw...
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    Datacenter Firewall not affecting node (?)

    I'm using proxmox 4.4 I have one node with VMs I have just activated the firewall on datacentre with following options set: Firewall: enabled Input Policy: Drop Output Policy: Allow In the rules I have a security group called proxmox which contains IN access for Web interface: 8006...
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    [SOLVED] rbd error: rbd: couldn't connect to the cluster! (500)

    Hey, i found many threads with the same issue but all they have the same solution (missing keyring). I checked them but i din´t find my mistake maybe someone can give me a hint. storage.cfg: i´ve did: cp /etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring /etc/pve/priv/ceph/rbd.keyring file is now present...
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    SAN ISCSI as Quorum disk ? (Proxmox 4.4)

    Hello everyone ! I have a question concerning the use of a SAN (its brand is EMC if it's important) as a Quorum disk. I'm currently working on a test lab containing two proxmox nodes (version 4.4) and I want to activate HA in a cluster. I understood that in order to activate HA, I either need...
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    USB Passthru to Windows 2016

    On a test server I've install ProxMox 4.4, and created a Windows 2016 virtual machine. I want to plug a USB Drive in the host and passthru to the guest. What I did was..... lsusb to find the vendor ID and product ID Then in the qm monitor I did device_add...
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    Migration von KVM VMs ins LVM

    Moin, ich möchte eine Reihe von lose umherfliegenden KVM Maschinen in eine Proxmox Instanz (aktuelle 4.4) importieren. Promox läuft in einem 2Node Setup mit DRBD und LVM. Die Frage: Wo kopiere ich die Images hin? Ablegen im Lokalen /var/vz/ Storage war einfach, aber hier weiß ich gerade nicht...
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    NFS backup and cluster freeze

    Hello I know, it's an very comun problem and there is a lot of post about this, but I haven't found an definitive solution to the problem. I have an cluster with proxmox 4.4 of 15 servers, all of them have an NFS share connection to an Freenas server for backup files. Sometime, for some...
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    [SOLVED] Function not implemented TASK ERROR: create failed - rbd create

    Hi Guys, i just upgraded our ceph to jewel for almost 1 month now. today when we try to create new vm using ceph storage we receive below error: ()error writing header: (38) Function not implemented TASK ERROR: create failed - rbd create vm-101-disk-1' error: error writing header: (38)...
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    RPi TC, Spice and Proxmox

    Hi, I test Proxmox on my computer and I want to connect my Rpi 3 for remote display. I installed RPiTC on my RPi and I configured Spice. When I boot the RPi, I launch Remote Player, I entered the proxmox IP (spice:// I have the message "connectiong to the SPICE graphic...
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    Proxmox 4.4 question regarding SSD storage

    I have a question, and if it's a dumb one please don't judge me because I am fairly new to Proxmox and starting to get accommodated... I have a dedicated server with 2 x SSD drives with Soft Raid, but I am able to use only one in Proxmox, and that doesn't seem right to me. I don't quite...
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    Critical security bug in NoVNC console

    Today, I was editing a product in WHMCS, and by "mistake" I saved the order with the "Server:" selected as another node, that it should really be. What happened after was horrible, because the user opened his console, and the was connected to another VM on another NODE, seeing the whole...
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    [SOLVED] slow lvm commands with kernel 4.4.49-1

    Hi there, I'm running a testnode (bare Jessie with a special partition layout) and it was running smooth and shiny with kernel 4.4.35-2, absolutely no issues and all the lvm commands were as quick as usual. But after upgrading to kernel-4.4.49, suddenly all lvm related commands took way too...


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