1. [SOLVED] PMG acting as relay-server for hosts in networks with dynamic public IP's

    Hi I'm trying something with PMG. What I want to accomplish, is that I can sent mails from different hosts in different public networks on the internet via PMG acting as a SMTP relay. The problem is, that these hosts on the internet are in networks with dynamic public IP's. So I can't at these...
  2. Block email body content

    In the section of "What objects", I'm able to add Match fields according to subject and from, I'm able to block those types of content, but my doubt is, how can I block the content of an email, according to the body, what is the value that I need to put in the field value to do that
  3. Teach Anti-SPam

    What is the best way to teach anti-spam? I don't want to whitelist the domain, but I want PMG to learn that that type of message is not usually spam.
  4. DKIM Authentication-Result Header Inbound Mails

    In der Dokumentation zur PMG finde ich folgendes: Proxmox Mail Gateway verifies DKIM Signatures for inbound mail in the Spam Filter by default. Leider werden bei Inbound E-Mails weder ein "Authentication-Results" Header, noch weitere Informationen zur DMARC Richtlinie o.ä. gesetzt. Ist das ggf...
  5. Benutzerdefinierte SMTP Reply Codes für before_queue_filtering

    Vielen Dank für die Implementierung der before_queue_filtering Funktion! Aktuell werden alle blockierten Nachrichten bei aktiviertem Feature mit 5.7.1 Rejected for policy reasons abgelehnt. Ist hier geplant, benutzerdefinierte Reply Codes anzugeben, damit der Sender weitere Informationen über...
  6. [SOLVED] DKIM Ändern des Selektors führt zu Neugenerierung des Private Keys

    Wenn der DKIM Selektor im GUI geändert wird, wird automatisch ein neuer Private Key /etc/pmg/dkim/selector.private generiert. Macht es nicht mehr Sinn zu prüfen ob /etc/pmg/dkim/selector.private existiert und das bestehende Zertifikat zu verwenden, sofern es existiert? (Verwendete PMG Version...
  7. Throttling outgoing messages to specified domains

    Hi there, As you are well aware this days all major email providers such Gmail, and many more are deferring if too many messages/hour/minute are being attempted to their accounts. In fact, i am seeing a lot of "451 too many messages, slow down" warnings in the deferred queue list. As...
  8. DerDanilo

    [SOLVED] User address in mail header

    We found a weird issue on several PMGs filtering mails exposing other users addresses in the mail header. This is GDPR wise an absolute fail and should be fixed asap. Apparently the spam header lists "Sender email is commonly abused enduser mail provider (......... list of other users...
  9. Problem with Verify Receivers and bounce message / Recipient address lookup failed

    Hello, I use proxmox mail gateway as a relay server. The final mail server is a postfix server. I enabled the verify receivers and set it to Yes (550) on PMG. I tested with some test e-mail: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: Recipient address...
  10. DerDanilo

    PMG huge blacklist blocks server

    Apparently a huge blacklist of 400k mail addresses and somewhat about 100k domains in the ruledb seems to slow down PMG server tremendously. I am speaking of delays from hours to days, not just minutes. I could not find anything in the documentation about limitations for the ruledb. @proxmox...
  11. LDAP/ AD Users no longer able to log into PMG portal for quarantine items

    Hi Team we have set up LDAP to internal AD - Active Directory so that users an use their AD credentials to log into PMG and manage quarantine items. Initially this was working during testing and now this is no longer working. any assistance in troubleshooting this issue would be greatly...
  12. How to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1?

    Hi there, Is it possible to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 without having to reinstall from ISO or to install on a separate machine? Is there a way to upgrde everything manually or using APT? Thanks!
  13. Cluster bei Produktiv-System einrichten

    Hallo, wir haben jetzt Proxmox Mail-Gateway seit August im Einsatz und sind (wie könnte es anders sein :)) begeistert davon. Jetzt würden wir unsere 2 Gateways gerne zu einem Cluster zusammen schließen. Wie wir das technisch realisieren ist uns soweit klar, jetzt stellt sich nur die Frage ob...
  14. SPF failure Whitelist

    DomainHello all, I do have a valid subscription key for PMG, but for some reason it seems like the only key I can plug into my account is a VE key. I have an issue with a company sending email the most backwards way possible. Their helpdesk is rather special and they simply don't understand...


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