1. T

    manche Emails gehen nicht raus (Domain abhängig), Host not found

    Salve, ich nutze seit Jahren PMG 8.1.2 als Single Node Lösung vor einem Exchange Server und zerbreche mit seit Tagen den Kopf über folgendes Problem... Urplötzlich und ohne (wissentliche) Konfigurationsänderung gehen Emails an bestimmte Empfänger Domänen nicht mehr raus. im Syslog taucht als...
  2. X

    PMG 7 to 8 | DBI connect failed

    Dear forum, a cluster with two nodes was upgraded according to ( After that upgrade DBI connection fails: Mar 11 17:13:17 pmg pmgmirror[633]: starting cluster synchronization Mar 11 17:13:17 pmg pmgmirror[633]: sync...
  3. X

    Ruleset for whitelisting outgoing email receivers

    Dear forum We are looking for a rule set that will automatically whitelist the recipient's email address when the email is sent. Do you have any idea how to solve it? Best regards
  4. G

    email impersonating me

    Hi I have a question. I noticed in my PMG logs that someone attempted to send an email impersonating me to someone else, and it was rejected. I want to ensure that PMG consistently blocks such attempts. Is there a way to guarantee that these kinds of messages are always rejected/blocked...
  5. K

    Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: unknown user: "nigel"

    Hi there, On our PMG Cluster, we have 1 node that rejects all mail for one of our users. Here is a NDR: node1 said reject: RCPT from[]: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: unknown user: "nigel"...
  6. A

    Can't call method "version" (Perl)

    Hi, I'm getting the following error when updating configuration on the web interface. It's a fresh installation Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.0.11. Error: update config section 'mail' failed: Can't call method "version" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/PMG/ line 730. (500) Info Debian...
  7. X

    Character set, ISO or UTF?

    Which character set should be set, ISO or UTF? Where is this set correctly in the Proxmox Mail Gateway? We have the problem that emails are displayed incorrectly to the recipient and therefore do not get through: &lt&lt;;&gt
  8. P

    [SOLVED] PMG Cluster - ACME Sync

    Hi Forum, i have setup a 2 node cluster configuration to keep the configuration in sync. As it seems, the added acme account from node1 was copied to node2. I was able to request a certificate for node1 without a problem, but on node2 i experience this behaviour: i can only select the...
  9. powersupport

    Bulk emails with Proxmox mail gateway

    we have a client who is looking to send out 800,000 emails a month using proxmox mail gateway. May I know how many Proxmox mail gateway servers are required in order to gain smooth delivery? Thank you.
  10. X

    PMG | SMTP-Smuggling

    Has the vulnerability SMTP-Smuggling (CVE-2023-51764) already been mitigated in the current PMG standard setup?
  11. T

    SPF being ignored in PMG

    I'm testing out PMG as a mailproxy for my Exchange server. I noticed that it's possible for me to send an email from ****.com to ****.com, creating a phising mail, from a simple SMTP testing tool (****.com represents my own domain). PMG runs on a container (in Proxmox) next to the Exchange...
  12. hoffmn01

    2-node cluster - mail loops back to myself on target domains for one node only

    Hello Proxmox-Forum, we do have a storage error. We are running a 2-node cluster of the latest mail gateway version in HA mode. One of the nodes started to make trouble delivering mail to external domains (Microsoft-based and others). The error is reproducible. The error message on the node1 is...
  13. A

    Spam. Report generation

    Hello. I have enabled daily report generation. Now my inbox has turned into spam. How can I prevent this from happening? PMG 8.0.3
  14. L

    Mail Delivery System report

    Hello. I need help with the "Mail Delivery System". How can I disable the alert that returns to a sender if the destination address does not exist or any different problem? Thank you Aleksei
  15. L

    Proxmox Status Report - didn't work.

    Hello. I have a newly installed server PMG (Mail Gateway 8.0.3). And I want to receive every day the report "Proxmox Status Report", but it didn't work. I do receive all "Proxmox Notification:" like "Virus Alert" and more, but not daily report. I checked the configuration file, and the option...
  16. L

    apply the rule by text

    I have seen many similar topics, but I have not received an answer. How to make a rule using text with? On the forum send to . It turns out something like /\sometext\b/i = strict match, case insensitive. Did I make the rule...
  17. L

    A rule with multiple conditions

    If several conditions are specified in the filtering rule, for example: the spam rating level and text with (regular expression) - how will the rule work out? Condition or other condition? Or does the operand And = necessarily have to match both conditions for the rule to work?
  18. A

    PMG - No route to host, Network Unreachable

    Hi. There are 2 PNG (there are 2 MX records). Both PMG are in the cluster. The first PMG sends emails through the first ISP, the second PMG sends emails through the second ISP. PMG version 8.0.7. DNS servers on domain controllers (MS Active Directory). The NTP servers are specified by Google...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] IP in Networks = Relay access denied 5.7.1

    Hi there, I have added a client single IP like in Configuration > Mail Proxy > Netowks, and I can see it in file /etc/pmg/mynetworks on any node in the cluster. The client has set his mail server to relay to my PMG on port 26. However, the client receives 'Relay access denied...
  20. CarstenMartens

    Anhang in Quarantäne nicht zu finden

    Hallo, wir haben gestern eine Mail mit einem Verschlüsselten Anhang erhalten. Dieser Anhang hat das Mail Gateway laut Log in die Quarantäne verschoben: 2023-10-09T13:51:23.170822+02:00 pmg1 pmg-smtp-filter[797416]: 4C0AC56523E93B262E4: new mail...


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