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    SSHFS Storage as Datastore

    Heyho I have a problem. I have a StorageBox from Hetzner and wanted to use it as a Datastore for my PBS. I mounted it via SSHFS with following entry in /etc/fstab: /mnt/storagebox fuse.sshfs...
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    No network after upgrade to version 8

    Hello guys! I found myself in a tight spot. Yesterday, my galaxy brain decided that it would be nice to upgrade Proxmox 7 to 8 remotely. I have a VPN set up in my router, and I've been remoting in with no problem for the past 2 years (server is 3000km away). I started playing around like many...
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    pvesm cifs permissions

    I have a few shares setup now and I thought everything was working well until I tried to write to a share. I'm getting a permission denied. I've tried creating the vault folder in the LXC before adding in the mount point to the container too. pvesm add cifs vault --server --share...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to unlock container

    I have a container (ID 103) that is stuck in snapshot-delete state and locked after backup failed due to insufficient disk space. I cannot unlock it using 'pct unlock 103' as I get the below error: unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/hv01/lxc/103.conf.tmp.1176271' - Permission denied That file...
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    Node Persistent when trying to Delete it

    I am trying to delete one of my nodes in my 2 node cluster. I have used the pvecm delnode [nodename] command and deleted the corresponding directory in /etc/pve/nodes, but the deleted node is still showing up in the WebUI. I saw in a separate post that some others have had to remove it from the...
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    [SOLVED] /etc/pve/lxc/102.conf: Permission denied

    Hello gents I'd like to create a CT for running TailScale, that should be easy they said, it's easy indeed. But, following the Tailscale's instruction to bring up Tailscale in an unprivileged container, i'm unable to write in /etc/pve.
  7. C

    ACME API endpoint: 403 Permission check failed (user != root@pam) - despite user being root@pam

    The title says pretty much it all. :) I'm writing an API client and a Terraform provider for Proxmox VE. So far the `version` and `storage` endpoints are working (albeit not necessarily complete :D ). I'm now trying to create an ACME account but I get a `403 Permission check failed (user !=...
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    Cannot create containers permission denied

    Hi all, I am pretty new to proxmox and don't very knowledgable in linux. hence building my proxmox server to learn. Not sure what I may have done but I can't seemed to create an unpreviledge containers. Keep getting the below error. I can create VM and previledge containers. Header Proxmox...
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    TASK ERROR: cannot continue garbage-collection safely, permission denied on: "/sys/kernel/tracing"

    Dear Community, after installing PBS on Debian 11 I got this error when trying to start a garbage collection: TASK ERROR: cannot continue garbage-collection safely, permission denied on: "/sys/kernel/tracing" Do you have an idea how to solve this issue? I have installed PBS as described in...
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    After creating and assigning user with admin priv getting permission denied when accessing from console?

    Dear all, I created few internal users added them to admin group and gave the group adiministrator priv in proxmox. Everything is working fine except when trying to access user account from console I don't get a bash prompt instead get a sh prompt. And when I try to create or do any activity it...
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    Mknod in an unprivileged lxc container

    Hi, I'm facing some issues trying to build a sock5 proxy container (with docker-ce) inside an unprivileged lxc container. I put the feature "mknod=1" (which is experimental I get it.) No matter this feature, the command mknod performed inside my lxc container returns an error ~# mknod...
  12. R

    Unsuccessful in creating a network drive (CIFS/NFS) in Proxmox with Truenas as Server

    Hi Proxmox, First off, I would like to take a moment to show much appreciation for this VE. Whilst I've banged my head through many walls and scoured many corners of the internet for guidance, Proxmox has allowed me to learn so many new things regarding Linux, VE, (re-learn) Networking and many...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Permission denied to mkdir ZFS shared over NFS between Proxmox nodes

    I have added a node to a cluster. Both nodes are running PVE 6.4-8 and I am sharing my disks using ZFS over NFS. I have connected to the respective NFS shares and can see their disks on my node but apparently do not have the right permissions and I'm not certain what those would even entail...
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    connection error 401: permission denied invalid PVE ticket

    Dear anyone who can help.. so I've been trying to access proxmox via Web gui but always failed. it said connection error 401: permission denied invalid PVE ticket. I tried to access via SSH it worked with no problem. saw another thread it said ntp server doesn't sync the time but I check my...
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    NFS TrueNAS - ISO-files können nicht gelesen werden

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Nation :) Für mein Abschlussprojekt habe ich als Aufgabe bekommen einen Virtualisierungs-Cluster zu Evaluieren. Der Cluster besteht auf 4 Nodes und der sowohl VMs als auch ISO-files liegen auf einem Server mit TrueNAS und spricht mittels NFS. Mein Problem: Ich kann eine VM...
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    Issue with NFS share on LXC CT and permissions

    Hi, I have a fresh installation of an ubuntu on LXC with docker. I mounted on this LXC a share NFS folder from an VM of Openmediavault like that: arch: amd64 cores: 6 features: mount=nfs,nesting=1 hostname: Docker memory: 4096 mp0: /mnt/pve/storage-docker,mp=/mnt/storage-docker net0...
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    Proxmox-backup-client failed : Error: EACCES: Permission denied (500)

    Hello guys ! I rely on you because I have a problem ! I have 4 servers on which PBS is installed. On this 4 servers, two of them can no longer connect to PBS and their storages went to the status of "unknown" and when I go the "backup" tab, I read this error message ...
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    Lxc with mount folder and no permissions to write files

    Hello guys, i create a mount for my external USB Hard drive, add mapping in the container config file like this: mp0: /home/nextcloud, mp=/home/nextcloud After restart my Container with ID 600, i can access into /home/nextcloud and see files in folder but i cant create files. I think its...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to create backup group "/mnt/datastore/<datastore>" - Permission denied (os error 13)

    Greetings Proxmoxians I've just deployed a PBS server with a single ZFS datastore (zbackup in the backup log below) and cannot seem to figure out why backup tests are failing with these permission errors. The PVE cluster is authenticated against PBS with a user eeboo@pbs who has Admin...
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    ZFS permission error: After node restart container can't be started anymore

    Hi all, I created a new ZFS pool "zfs1" and enabled encryption for "zfs1/encrypted_data" based not the documentation here: All works fine with the mounted share "zfs1_encrypted" -> mount point "zfs1/encrypted_data" until I restarted the...


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