1. J

    OVH with multiple subnet?

    Hello! I have OVH server with multiple subnet /25 and /27 which i would like to use on my server. I do also have vRack available, which i can use. Also with and without. Is it possible to use all of available IPs on my machine, without the need to generate new MAC for each of available IP (there...
  2. Q

    OVH vrack and VMs

    Hello, I'm looking for help on configuring the ovh vrack for VMs hosted by proxmox ve 6. I already configured public IP and vrack private IP on my proxmox host and, through vmbr0 bridge, I already assigned a different public ip to my ubuntu 20.04 VM. I'm a kind of lost on how to bridge the...
  3. M

    Kein Login nach Hinzufügen eines OVH NFS Storage möglich

    Hallo zusammen, nach dem Versuch einen OVH Backup Storage via NFS hinzuzufügen, ist der Login über das Proxmox Webinterface nicht mehr möglich... :( In der Remote Konsole kann man mehrere Versuche eines Verbindungsaufbaus zu dem NFS Storage sehen, welcher jedoch immer wieder mit einem...
  4. A

    ProxmoxVE 6.1 Install Fails - Black Screen

    Hi All, I have recently rented a new server from OVH and trying to get ProxmoxVE 6.1 installed. I am trying to avoid using their template because of the unknown changes and issues other users have experienced in the past. I am using the OVH IPMI with latest PromoxVE ISO, all goes well but then...
  5. M

    How to automatically assign ips to windows vm?

    I have a windows 2012 vm installed and I have an ip block how can I make it automatically assign ip addresses? I am planning on converting it to a template
  6. M

    How to assign ip addresses with ovh

    Hello, I have a Proxmox VE 6 installed on OVH dedicated server and I have a few ip addresses as well. How can I assign the ip addresses to vms (Ubuntu 18.04) so it will be accessible via ssh? And same question how would I do it with Windows so I can connect to it as an RDP? thanks
  7. T

    Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Hallo, ich versuche aktuell IPv6 auf meinen Proxmox Server bei OVH einzurichten. IPv4 funktioniert bereits als routed setup. Ich habe bereits versucht die Einrichtung nach diversen Anleitungen vorzunehmen, dies hat jedoch nicht funktioniert. Subnetz: 2001:41d0:2:xxxx::/64 Gateway bei OVH...
  8. T

    Proxmox 5 + OPNsense + Failover IP for each VM at OVH

    Hello, I have a bare metal server at OVH with several FO IPs. I'm trying to change my current configuration of Proxmox to the following: - PVE admin : - OPNsense : - VM1 : - VM2 : I also want to have a private LAN for the VMs and set up a VPN for administration...
  9. A

    Opensuse on Proxmox6 : Network Connection problem

    Hello All, i buy server from OVH and install Proxmox6 on that , after that i install VICIDial which based on OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 . i am trying to connect with internet but all my try failed. as per me only one reason because IP and Gateway IP from different network. MY IP : 51.x.x.200 My...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu LXC container with multiple gateway

    New to Proxmox , I recently installed on a OVH's dedicated server a 5.4-13 (zfs) Proxmox VE. I needed to have one LXC container with 1 unused public IP (IP failover) and 1 LAN IP (for connecting with other LAN-only containers). I used the set up described by OVH (ovh mac address , fail-over IP...
  11. B

    Adding failover IP to proxmox vm?

    There may have been a possible answer but the forum was a few years old. What I am trying to do is ip alias additional failover ip's for a vm in proxmox. I can do so in a regular vps but I am not the most familiar with proxmox networking so I need some help. Normally I would just do the ip...
  12. R

    VM network does not work after migrating to another host OVH - Soyoustart dediated servers

    Hi All, I have 3 hosts in cluster with Ceph, all three hosts has 16 IP blocks assigned to each host, I have assigned IP from host1 and, network does not work when I migrate to host2 as those public ip is not available to any another host, what would be the best approach to have same IP on any...
  13. G

    Proxmox 5.4-7 no network connection VMs

    I installed proxmox by a OVH template and I am unable to get a network connection on my VMs In other installations by OVH template everything worked well without further configurations The only difference in this new one is the proxmox version. In other installations OVH template used proxomox...
  14. N

    Second (and not only) IP on Centos 7 VM (KVM) machine

    I attempt to assign secondary IP address on a CentOS 7 KVM VM. My node is on OVH. I already added an IP (virtual mac etc) on the CentOS 7 VM and it's working fine. I attempted to replicate the same procedure, assign an extra IP but I can't ping it from the outside. Is there a limitation? I mean...
  15. S

    VM no network connection

    Hello, I am using OVH as a host provider for my dedicated server. When I use LXC Containers, failover IP's from OVH work correctly for example (Fail over IP) with the GW of (GW for main IP for dedicated server) with the virtual mac address assigned to. However, when I create a...
  16. M

    Trying to join cluster puts system into weird state

    Situation: I have one Proxmox 5.4-3 with a few VMs ("old"). I have another Proxmox 5.4-3 freshly set up ("new"). I created a cluster on "old" (glade) and wanted "new" (starsong) to join the cluster. The moment that I trigger the join action on "new" (pasting the Join information and...
  17. A

    OVH SYS servers now using UEFI ~ ESP sync?

    Recent OVH SYS servers are now configured to use UEFI, and their Proxmox 5 (ZFS) installer template manages the post-install setup so Proxmox can boot. The EFI system partition doesn't appear to be synced across multiple disks, and it's unclear how this will deal with a kernel update. Asking...
  18. Tapio Lehtonen

    Problem with OVH ZFZ install

    How have you OVH users installed proxmox 5 ZFS? I tried the installation model provided by, but although it offers possibility to customize partitions, it ignores the size I give and uses all of disk for the ZFS rpool (except UEFI partion and a third small partition for something)...
  19. O

    LXC networking problem

    We have 5 physical machines hosted at OVH. Each of them have Proxmox 5.2-10 installed Machines are inside of OVH vRack. we have separate LXC for database, separate LXC with loadbalancer and several separate instances with our web application stack (php and nginx). When we put more LXCs with...
  20. D

    Changes in OVH IP Routing to VMs

    In the past, I configured Virtual Machines on Proxmox using the default gateway with the .254 end of ip failover. Currently, the tutorial says that I should use the gateway with the .254 IP end of the dedicated server (host machine) However, I am not able to deliver internet to the virtual...


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