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    [SOLVED] Update 7 to 8 issue with cloud-init

    Hi, I updated a server from v7 to v8 (for now it's only for tests purpose ;) ). Everything seems to goes OK but when I restart the server, no web GUI :( SSH is ok so I dig and it's nearly the same problem as here :
  2. M

    Anyone having Problems with Proxmox Backup Server 2 Template on OVH?

    Hi All.. Hope someone can point me in the right direction with this, I can't create a store - the last time installed PBS on a OVH box it worked like a dream but can't remember how the hell I did it. The disk layout I have used (disks) and have also included the Storage (PBS_storage) from...
  3. A

    OVH & IPv6 only

    Hello, Is it possible to configure guests to have entire IPv6 without packet lost like this? I've GAME-1 with /64 and I'd like to have /128 on guests. I tried with NDP, etc. and it works very randomly. More details about configuration:
  4. M

    ovh ip failover and bridge

    Hello, I have installed both Lubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server on Proxmox VMs. However, I don't have internet access on either of them. I followed this tutorial, but I still don't have internet access...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Interfaces name

    Hi guys Host: OVH I'm trying to create a VM with 8+ failover ips. The problem is only ens18 to ens23 is being accepted. The network is not starting: Apr 12 19:48:07 Router systemd[1]: Starting Raise network interfaces... Apr 12 19:48:07 Router ifup[762]: Cannot find device "ens24" Apr 12...
  6. L

    OVH - Proxmox 7 + ipv4 + ipv6 (NAT)

    Hello guys I've been facing problems since always related with configuring all LXC's and VM's with ipv4 + ipv6 in OVH. There are 5+ posts in this forum related with that, but not even a completely working tutorial so the community users can finally configure they're machines in the correct way...
  7. E

    I have a issue to upgrade grub on ovh dedicated server

    Hi, Can you help me to upgrade grub on ovh dedicated server? My server is on buster with raid 1 soft and zfs. I try to update grub, but I cannot stop my raid 1. I have this error message "mdadm --stop /dev/md4 mdadm: Cannot get exclusive access to /dev/md4 perhaps a running process, mounted...
  8. B

    NAT + IPv6 for containers on OVH Host with 1 Public IPv4 + IPv6/64

    Hi, I have a Proxmox host running a dedicated server from OVH. They provide both a single public IPv4 address, and a IPv6/64 block. I'd like to route all the IPv4 traffic from containers on my host through NAT, but set a proper public IPv6 for direct access. I've succeeded in getting the IPv4...
  9. C

    Problem configuring grub-pc on Ovh raid 1 server

    Hi, I'm updating Proxmox 6 using ssh, and it asked the following question. What should I choose using raid 1? Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. M

    Can I use vzdump in "OVH rescue mode" using chroot and mounting my partitions?

    Hello friends, I'll accompany you another day I'm having some software problems that I already mentioned in another post and I wanted to export the backups to a safer place, but I need to create some new ones, is this possible from OVH's "rescue mode"? I currently get an error when using...
  11. M

    After updating the system through CPanel and rebooting my system it loses the connection

    Hello everyone, I tried to upgrade all the containers and VMs one by one and then upgrade the head node to a newer version of proxmox 6.4 before making the jump to version 7. After upgrading to a newer version of proxmox 6.4 I ran into a connection problem. The update apparently worked fine...
  12. X

    Server recommendation

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day. I am looking for a server specification recommendation and if possible a provider that offer those specifications. Here's the scenario: I need a server capable of running 25 - 30 Windows VM. Each VM will also need a dedicated public IP (IP...
  13. S

    Bond doesn't failover to the other slave (OVH / Proxmox 7.1-12)

    Hi all, I've configured the following ethernet bond [bond0], which appears to be working when both [eth0] and [eth1] are online, however, when I take down [eth1], IPv6 stops pinging for the node but not in the VMs. When I put [eth1] back online and take down [eth0], IPv6 is up for the node but...
  14. C

    Route subnet over gre + lxc

    Hi, guys! I have: Server as router on OVH: a.a.a.a Failover ips on OVH: b.b.b.b/29 Unprotected server (node for VMs/cts) on other ISP (or other OVH server): c.c.c.c I need to create containers on an unprotected server, but so that traffic to the containers themselves or VMs goes through a...
  15. L

    OVH and Proxmox

    We are looking to add some services in Europe for clients and have been scouting for suitable hosting space. OVH seems to be one of the only options that offer Proxmox hosting. However, from their many options to select from, we can't quite figure out which is the most suitable one. We would...
  16. F

    [OVH] Split /64 into /112 for LXC containers

    Hello! I try to split /64 subnet IPv6 from OVH into /112 subnets for my LXC containers. My server has 2001:41d0:700:4354::/64 and I've set up this configuration: iface vmbr0 inet6 static #address 2001:41d0:700:4354::1 address 2001:41d0:700:4354:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] Best way to detect what node a VM is moved to (HA)

    Hii everyone, So iv been playing about with HA on some OVH servers. It works but I need to code a script to point the VMs IP to the new node when they are moved. (I do not have access to vrack) . I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. I could write a function to query the Proxmox API...
  18. D

    [TUTORIAL] Using IPv6 on SYS (probably similar on OVH)

    IPv6 issued to me by SYS XXXX:XXXX:XX:XX6e::/64 (X's are redacted for privacy) I am using Windows 10 as a testbed running in Proxmox 7.1-8 For IPv6 config: Address: XXXX:XXXX:XX:XX6e:0000:0000:0000:1000 (you can change any of the 0's in the last 4 blocks, I used 1000) Prefix: 64 GW...
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    SOLVED:: Ubuntu networking on OVH server - network unreachable

    Hi. I already tried two tutorials and none worked. Network. Can anyone lend a hand? Posting here both paths I tried: 1 - using this tutorial: the commented line is there because I tried both...
  20. C

    Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    I'm trying to install Proxmox VE 7 on ZFS via the recovery console. What I have done so far: Boot recovery Note the MAC address of the active ethernet interface: ip a Download Proxmox: wget Start VM and attach the hard drives...


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