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Nov 13, 2023

I'm quite aware that there may be a few threads that detail similar issues like the ones I am facing, however this seems to be slightly special, especially with OVH's strange networking.

The following setup is given:

Proxmox VE 8 Host on latest Version with all Updates installed.

Said host has one main IPv4 (hereinafter A.A.A.A/24 with Gateway AG.AG.AG.AG) and one IPv6 Subnet with 64 prefix (B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B with Gateway BG:BG:BG:BG:BG:BG:BG:BG).

There are also 2 additional ("failover IPs") I shall refer to as:
- C.C.C.C/32
- D.D.D.D/32
They both have a virtual mac address assigned to them, this allows them to be used without additional routing for them specifically.

OVH is annoying in how it assigns IPv6 subnets instead of routing them to your server.

On the Proxmox Host, there is one connected eno1 port, which is the one and only connection to the network and the internet respectively.

The setup is meant to do the following:

There is a pfSense VM on the host that handles all incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the server with 3 "WAN" Ports, each has one of the 3 IPv4 on the server, and one IPv6 address from the subnet. The IPv4 failovers have Mac Addresses assigned to them so it is easy to attach them to the pfSense appliance using vmbrides, however when I assign IPv6 addresses to those bridges, they do not work and no traffic can come through.

Side note, the VE web interface should not be behind the pfSense. Only the containers and VMs will be.

This btw is not specific to pfSense which is also why I am posting it here. I am using pfSense as a reference because it is a semi popular product and refers to a use case for this setup.

I am open to any suggestion and/or solution of course.

I have looked through the forums but no solution worked for me thus far.

Thanks in advance :)


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