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    Correct settings for Hetzner and allowed MAC-addresses?

    Currently i have my servers IP set at eno1 2: eno1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP group default qlen 1000 link/ether b4:2e:99:c9:b0:74 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff altname enp0s31f6 inet xx.yy.zz.kk/26 scope global eno1 valid_lft forever...
  2. D

    Proxmox - Netzwerk / MAC Problematik

    Moin zusammen, für ein Projekt habe ich einen Proxmox Server 8.x laufen. Neben dem regulären Netzwerk, habe ich für eine zweites Netzwerkfreigabe einer anderen Abteilung erhalten. Ziel ist es einzelne Dienste über eine pfsense FW zu Routen. Von meinem Proxmox-Server wurde eine explizite MAC...
  3. U

    [SOLVED] Assigned MAC differs from DHCP lease

    When creating a VM I tried to use a manually assigned MAC, after booting the OS(Ubuntu) and running ip a the VM correctly has the manually assigned MAC. However when checking the DHCP-server the ip lease contains some random very long MAC like this one...
  4. D

    OVH: Setup with pfSense at OVH

    Hello! I'm quite aware that there may be a few threads that detail similar issues like the ones I am facing, however this seems to be slightly special, especially with OVH's strange networking. The following setup is given: Proxmox VE 8 Host on latest Version with all Updates installed. Said...
  5. Z

    Looking for a Proxmox Specific MAC Address generator (as opposed to having PVE autogenerate it for me)

    I'd like to Pre-generate the Mac Address for a tool I'm building. I'm currently using one for VMware (and VMware only allows specific MAC addresses) and wondering if Proxmox has something similar? Is there a Proxmox SPECIFIC Mac address generator? (i'm guessing there is a function in the...
  6. V

    Mellanox VF changes MAC

    Hi I recently noticed a problem, I use a Mellanox VF (Connectx-5 EN) and it seems like it changes MAC-adress for each boot. That's a problem since I use SLAAC to add IPv6 adresses. Here is a screenshot from the manual. I guess that I can't be the only one with this issue, is there some good way...
  7. B

    Why does proxmox have 2 ip address?

    This isn't really a problem (or at least I hope so), I just want to understand proxmox better, but I didn't know where to ask this, and I didn't find any answers on the forum. I was just messing with the router settings when I noticed, that whenever I turn on my proxmox machine, I have 2 more...
  8. R

    Zusatz-IP von proxmox an pfsense weiterleiten

    Hey, Ich habe jetzt in den letzten tage so viele Beiträge gelesen und getestet aber noch bin ich nicht am ziel wie erwartet. So kommen wir mal zum Problem: Ich habe eine Haupt IP nenne wir die mal <1>.244 und habe mir jetzt eine einzelne Zusatz IP gekauft die wir <2>.253 nennen. Das Problem ist...
  9. P

    Node has lost network connectivity after adding VLAN interface

    I was messing with one of the nodes on my proxmox cluster and experimenting with putting the management interface/GUI on it's own VLAN, and in the process managed to completely kill the network connectivity on the node even after undoing all my changes. I'll try to explain in a series of steps...
  10. M

    Loading custom iptables rule on startup with post-up fails

    Hello everyone I have a custom firewall rule for a few VMs that I can't enter in the GUI. The most elegant way would be to load it directly at startup by "post-up" in the /etc/network/interfaces file. The rule looks like this: ip6tables --insert tap181i0-IN -m mac ! --mac-source...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] [FAILED] Failed to start LSB: Personal Firewall

    Hello, I have been using PVE for several months and recently I had to change my motherboard, after replacing the motherboard of my server I have a defect when starting the promox distribution: [FAILED] Failed to start LSB: Personal Firewall :mad: In front of my server I use a netgate...
  12. Y

    is this normal? The mac address is the same between proxmox and lxc

    hi I'm new here is this normal? The mac address is the same between proxmox and lxc but in my network setting show a different mac address eth0@if56: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state UP group default qlen 1000 link/ether 12:62:2b:6d:9b:9a brd...
  13. W

    Setting consistent MAC address.

    Hi everyone. I need to install a software license server vm which requires a MAC address to stay consistent. How can I use the same MAC address if I decide to reinstall this VM? Thanks! Newbie here!
  14. D

    statische IP PVE über DHCP-Router/ Mac-Adresse

    Guten Abend, kurze Frage: Ich würde gerne die statische IP Adresse meines Proxmox Servers über den Router vergeben (DHCP -> statische Adresse über MAC-Adresse). Bisher habe ich die Adresse direkt auf dem Proxmox eingetragen. Ich habe zwar gefunden, wo ich die Adresse des Proxmox ändern kann -...
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    [SOLVED] Update to 7 (network problem)

    Hi! Please help.
  16. C

    [SOLVED] MAC Addressing in Linux Bridge and VM

    Hi Proxmoxers, Running a few VMs and CTs on Proxmox 6.2-4 on a server with multiple NICs. NIC ports are assigned to Linux Bridges and then connected individually to a particular VM or CT via the hardware GUI. I have noticed that in pve (in shell when I run ifconfig), the MAC address assigned...
  17. V

    Irrelevant packets as present for every VM on proxmox-host

    My network has some issues. When the network traffic increases, the network connections tend to be very slow even though it's an 10GB network. I'm not sure whether it's proxmox-related or not. Example: VMx = virtual machine x VHx = proxmox virtual host x VM1 = (E2:A9:CC:75:79:AF)...
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    Duplicate MAC Addresses Generated for Bonded Interfaces on Identical Server Hardware

    Greetings fellow Proxmox users and moderators. First I want to thank the Proxmox team and developers for creating an amazing product. I have been a Proxmox user for only about 2 years but a Linux admin for about 15 years. Regrettably I have not created a forum account until now, however I...
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    Kickstart files and MAC-addresses

    Stumbled across something interesting last week that took me a while to understand. I have a number of VMs that use PXE-boot to install Centos7. I serve custom kickstart files from a local tftp server. Part of the kickstart file has an %include section that points to a local http server by a...
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    Proxmox 6 lxc container not generate mac address error message in syslog

    Hello, I have Proxmox 6 Server with LXC Containers. If I added some network adapter to one container everything works fine, mac address is on default settings (auto). But no mac address will generate. In syslog I have this error message: systemd-udevd[22359]: link_config: autonegotiation is...


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