1. A

    configuring ipv4 /28 subnet

    General question: I have a /28 subnet and am planning (as i have not many servers and vms) to give each of my vms a subnet ip. I already got this working, to a point, where i had internet, but i had no firwall whatsoever. I already did this before and had a single IP with an OPNsense firewall...
  2. R

    LXC containers not receiving IPv4 addresses

    Hello, I am new to Proxmox. I have some problems with obtaining IPv4 addresses from dhcp in my LXC containers. When I reboot my LXC containers, they won't receive an IPv4 address anymore. I am not sure if this is related, but it seems this started occurring after I ran the following commands on...
  3. D

    OVH: Setup with pfSense at OVH

    Hello! I'm quite aware that there may be a few threads that detail similar issues like the ones I am facing, however this seems to be slightly special, especially with OVH's strange networking. The following setup is given: Proxmox VE 8 Host on latest Version with all Updates installed. Said...
  4. M

    How to create a CT in a server without public ip

    Hey I'm currently setting up a server with proxmox and the problem is : we couldn't buy any public ip for the CT. I tried what I could to try and make this work but I can't quite figure out what I should put in IPv4/CIDR.
  5. U

    Ipv4 addresses issues

    I have installed pimox (proxmox in raspberry pi) and although it was running fine for months, i had to reinstall everything because disk corruption. Now, reinstalled pimox and installed a debian VM and Home Assistant VM.. Both are working fine with ipv6..but ipv4 is not working. They dont take...
  6. L

    Connection is lost intermittently and IPv4 address disappears for both supervisor and VMs

    Hi, I've scanned the forums and read hundreds of threads here and on other forums as well - but nothing seems to help. I'm running a Proxmox server and it's connected to an Unifi UDM with three networks:, and The VLANS are tagged with 192 and 172 (which...
  7. S

    IPv4 not available in newly created VM

    Hi, I am installing Flatcar in a Proxmox VM. I have already several VMs working under the `vmbr0` bridge. I disabled the Firewall while defining the VM in Proxmox. Everything goes fine during the install from the Flatcar Production ISO image. But when I `ip a` , only IPV6 is available under the...
  8. L

    OVH - Proxmox 7 + ipv4 + ipv6 (NAT)

    Hello guys I've been facing problems since always related with configuring all LXC's and VM's with ipv4 + ipv6 in OVH. There are 5+ posts in this forum related with that, but not even a completely working tutorial so the community users can finally configure they're machines in the correct way...
  9. A

    Ping LXC over ipv4

    Hello everyone. All of a sudden I'm having trouble resolving LXC hostnames. I think it started after the proxmox update. Now, if I ping LXC by hostname, it resolves as ipv6, but it doesn't ping with the ipv4 flag (-4). If I disable ipv6 in LXC, LXC will usually ping over ipv4. What needs to be...
  10. C

    Proxmox API - Post lxc - IpV6=auto

    Good evening, I wanted to try to POST a lxc with the api proxmox and putting in the net0 that: "net0":"name=vmbr0,ip6=auto,gw6=2001:470:c8fb:ffff::,gw=,ip=,rate=100" But when it creates my lxc, I look in the network tab and I have this: It does not replace auto with ipv6...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] IPv4 access lost after VM snapshot rollback

    Hi, I had a problem after upgrading one of my VMs to Debian 11 so I made a rollback followed by a VM restart. Now the VM has lost it's IPv4 address, only IPv6 is available: My Proxmox version in use is: 6.4-14 Any ideas how this could happen and how I can get back the IPv4 address?
  12. T

    Need Help - Proxmox with pfSense (1x NIC, 2x IPv4)

    Hello, I have rented a dedicated server. I have proxmox installed on it. Now I want to use pfSense as firewall and for internal routing of the other VMs. My goal is to: - An IPv4 for the host on which proxmox runs and is callable on the internet over it. - An IPv4 for the VM of pfSense, so...
  13. T

    No Internet over Ipv4

    A few days ago i buyed more Ipv4 Addresses and since then, all my LXC´s and with the old and the LXC´s/on Windoof VM are without Internet. I already checked my DNS Settngs, but i found no errors. If i try to ping or any ipv6 adress/domain i get a respond. But with ipv4 not. I already...
  14. P

    Hetzner: IPv4 Routed to VM not working proberly

    Hello, for the last couple of days we try to switch our Proxmox installation from a Linux bridge to a routed setup with Proxmox. The Linux bridge worked just fine, but won't allow us to route IPv6 traffic to the VMs at the same time. Still we can't employ a IPv6 Linux bridge as Hetzner doesn't...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] REST API not setting IPV4 address for LXC container

    I have a working REST API Connection to proxmox. I can create and clone an LXC container just fine using the API. After cloning a container, I am trying to use the REST API to set the containers IP Address, but it's not working. My NodeJS code is below. let formBody = await...
  16. W

    Cannot access webgui after update from any browser

    Hello. I'm trying to troubleshoot a login issue to my usual https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8006 after updating Proxmox with the command apt-get dist-upgrade. Here is the version: pve-manager/6.4-13/9f411e79 (running kernel: 5.4.157-1-pve) I can ssh and access from mobile but not from browser from a...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] pveproxy only listening on ipv6 address, not on ipv4

    I have a Proxmox 7 install ("xxxx" below), which previously was working fine. However I noticed this morning that I cannot connect to the web GUI as I usually do (pveproxy on port 8006). I haven't made any recent changes that I'm aware of. I can see from systemctl that it's up and running, and...
  18. J

    Same IPv4 address on every VM

    Hi, I recently bought myself a DELL PowerEdge R470 Server and installed Proxmox 7.0.13 on it. It's working great, but all the virtual machines have the same ipv4 on the internet. They only have different IP addresses on my local network. I looked a bit around but I couldn't figure out how to...
  19. M

    i can't connect to pve by ipv4 adress

    root@E2650LV3:/var/log# lsof -i:8006 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME pveproxy 3152 www-data 6u IPv6 20340 0t0 TCP *:8006 (LISTEN) pveproxy 3153 www-data 6u IPv6 20340 0t0 TCP *:8006 (LISTEN) pveproxy 3154 www-data 6u IPv6 20340 0t0...
  20. O

    PVE7 - Local bridges not working with IPv6 ULA

    Hi proxmox people ! :-) The way bridges work has really changed in Debian11 / Proxmox 7. When creating a bridge without a slave interface, it works with a private IPv4. But if we assign it an IPv6 of ULA type (fdxx: xxxx: xxxx: xxxx ...), it is impossible to ping this bridge on IPv6. The ip...


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