1. E

    Why is QDevice setup by PVE backwards?

    The pvecm qdevice setup requires an ssh connection to the QD, which is not there for "casting votes". As QDs are meant to be run externally, why is this not the other (natural) way around, i.e. generating script for one to execute on the QD, possibly provide the feature (as a perk) by calling...
  2. A

    No PVE internet access

    I am new to proxmox, and trying to get my server to work. I have access to the GUI, but no ablilty to access any of the repositories, also cant Ping any web sites ie: google or Clock and date are also wrong. I assume all are related but I can't seem to fix. when I use the shell ip a...
  3. H

    (beginner) NVMe drive setup: will I be stupid?

    Hey there! I'm starting to upgrade my home server and want to start using proxmox to seperate my concerns, those being: - Photo backup using immich - DDNS & nginx web server - Paperless & Obsidian - Home Assistant AFAIK, its quite important to start out with the correct number of drives; as I...
  4. B

    Einsteiger sucht Starthilfe

    Hallo zusammen, seit etwa 2 Monaten experimentiere ich mit meinem Heimnetzwerk und verschiedenen self-hosted tools. Inzwischen bin ich auf proxmox gestoßen und begeistert von den Möglichkeiten, lerne jeden Tag mehr dazu. Inzwischen weiß ich relativ genau, was ich erreichen will. Hänge momentan...
  5. D

    OVH: Setup with pfSense at OVH

    Hello! I'm quite aware that there may be a few threads that detail similar issues like the ones I am facing, however this seems to be slightly special, especially with OVH's strange networking. The following setup is given: Proxmox VE 8 Host on latest Version with all Updates installed. Said...
  6. R

    Best Practice... Install additional storage drive.

    Hey Gang... I have a basic Proxmox setup (8.0.4). The server has an 500GB nvme drive with the default set up of: local 100gb local-lvm 400gb I'm a 2TB SATA SSD drive to the mix, and wondering the best way to set it up to be able to: Store more VM's (less active) Store Backups all VM's...
  7. X

    Disk configuration for my new homelab

    Hello community, I am pretty new and noob to Proxmox and ZFS and trying to setup a new homelab. Here is my configuration for it 1xNVME 1TB 4xSATA HDD 4TB each CPU: 12th Gen Intel i5-12400 (12) @ 5.600GHz RAM: 64 GB (planning to upgrade to 128, but not in the nearest future) My motherboard...
  8. Y

    [SOLVED] Unable to install Proxmox 8 on DL360 G9 - install stops at Creating LVs

    I just bought a HP Proliant DL360 G9 with the following config BIOS P89 v242 (04/25/2017) 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz 2x DIMM DDR4 16384 MB 2133 MHz Smart array P440ar Boot mode UEFI 2x Samsung OVO 870GB SSD 1 array of RAID 1 is created on the smart array The ISO is...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Configuration issue: Mail for [host]:25 loops back to myself

    Hi, I am struggling for a couple of hours with my second PMG installation and I am encountering an error while testing inbound mail. Here is what I am getting in return to the sender's mailbox: and here is what I am getting in the Tracking Center: Here is my PMG relay configuration: My...
  10. M

    Connection refused when trying to send outbound mail

    This is my first installation of the Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG) and I am stuck at the very basic setup issue, even though I think I followed the instruction and the tutorial on how to configure PMG. I configured my internal Synology MailPlus server to relay to PMG on port 26 and it seems to be...
  11. D

    Homelab cluster - disk setup best practice guide, ZFS

    Hi - firstly, I have looked for a guide on how best to do this, but haven't found anything that I can make sense of, mostly because the majority appears to (understandably) be targeted towards Enterprise environments - if i've missed one, I would be very grateful for a link, and totally...
  12. V

    Mini PC with mvne + ssd Best setup

    Hello, i have a mini PC with mvne 128gb. Ah this moment i have proxmox Installed, a VM for Home Assistant, one lxc container with Maria DB, another VM with NextCloud. I want make upgrade with ssd disk 512gb. For mvne 128gb + ssd 512gb, what is the best setup for this software? Should have...
  13. D

    Hardware setup and config

    I am a software engineer so I am not as well versed in hardware/systems as some of you. I just bought a Dell PowerEdge R720 w /12TB of storage I want to be able to: Test Ansible playbooks for software application install and configs Run some web applications in my home Have decent file storage...
  14. V

    Suggestions to cover my use cases appreciated (setup recommendations)

    Hello everybody, 3 month ago i got a refurbished Fujitsu Q956 Mini PC to try out Proxmox and further possibilities for private use. It was more to learn and play around a little bit. Before I had no knowledge about VMs, Linux in generall and docker and so on. I got some very basic knowledge now...
  15. S

    Build advice to host TrueNAS Core and Plex

    My build started off a as an Unraid server but I'm now reconsidering going back to an earlier idea of running Promox as my hyper visor. Right now I have the CPU/MOBO/RAM and 4x NVME drives. In the coming weeks I plan on purchasing the HBA controller along with 8-12 SAS drives. I'm looking for...
  16. I

    Promox 7.1 setup stucks on Dell Power Edge R7525

    Hi, Proxmox 7.1 setup stucks on a new Dell Power Edge R7525 with: 02 CPU AMD 7302 3GHz,16C/32T,128M,155W,3200 128GB di RAM (04 x 32GB) Controller PERC H755 SAS Virtual Disk 01 = RAID 5 (04 x 600GB SAS 15K) Virtual Disk 02 = RAID 5 (03 x 900GB SAS 15K) Last messages before aborting the...
  17. T

    Proper storage setup

    Hey virtualizers, Alright so I want to wrap my head around a proper storage setup when setting up ProxMox. I installed in on metal, on a Xeon W 3670, my boot SSD is a 1TB WD Blue with a 2TB Seagate HDD. So, should I be using ext fs? I'm not setting up any RAID volumes, so I don't know that I'll...
  18. B

    Should I use IT Mode or RAID Mode in my controller

    Hi, I'm a new user to Proxmox, I haven't installed yet, just currently building the server it will sit on. Given Proxmox supports ZFS, should I use a RAID enabled controller, and let that deal with RAIDing the drives? Or should I use a RAID card flashed to IT mode, and allow ZFS to handle the...
  19. R

    Proxmox Setup for New User

    New Proxmox user. Installed Proxmox 7.2-1 on a SSD. After the installation I am asked to direct a web browser to a specific address. No matter what I do, I cannot get any browser to connect to the address. I suspect that proxmox is not connected to the internet. How does internet get setup...
  20. H

    Validation/Options for Proxmox with PfSense Build Home Webserver Hosting

    I don't have Proxmox and PfSense experience, but have watched a couple of YouTube videos about setup. Wonder if I can get any opinions from anyone with more experiance on a small self-hosted web hosting solution I’m imminently looking to setup. Networking Modem -> PFsense Box -> Managed Switch...


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