1. H

    PVE8.1 - SDN (problematic) experiences and and other fun with IPv6 configurations

    Good day, I have new set of clusters to be deployed in environments where I do have needs for SDN (vxlan-evpn) and loopback routes for CEPH while preparing for IPv6 only networks. Though I did got it going at one stage (IPv4 only), there are still missing pieces/processes that I'm stumbling on...
  2. B

    IPv6AcceptRA = False default in LXC for IPv6 DHCP

    IPv6AcceptRA seems to be auto-set to False when setting LXC containers to DHCP on network settings for IPv6. Is there a setting I can adjust to change this to True?
  3. D

    Windows Server 2022 not receiving inbound IPv6 traffic

    I have Proxmox setup with a single network card and software bridge. The physical network the host is connected to provides IPv4 via DHCP and IPv6 via SLAAC. I can create VMs with VirtIO NICs and the firewall option disabled, install Linux and everything works (the VM gets IPv4 and IPv6...
  4. S

    Unable to get static ipv6 working on LXC

    My ISP has assigned me a block of ipv6: 2001:19c0:1::1c00/120 I'm currently on Proxmox 7.4. After setting up a new Ubuntu 22 LXC, I've added network settings like so: Static IP: 2001:19c0:1::1c03/120 Gateway: 2001:19c0:1::1c01 I've also tried updating the bridge on the node to include an...
  5. A

    Hetzner IPv6 /64 Subnetz routing zu pfSense

    Hallo zusammen, kurz vorab, habt bitte ein wenig Nachsicht mit mir und Netzwerk :) Ich habe einen Dedicated Server bei Hetzner und möchte das ganze IPv6 Subnetz auf meine pfSense routen, damit ich das dann entsprechend an VMs weiterverteilen kann. Ich nutze das Routed-Setup und habe es auch...
  6. A

    Is a mixed IPv4/IPv6 (not dualstack, but some cluster hosts IPv4, some v6) possible?

    A very newbie question: I've got a purely v4 Proxmox cluster, and want to migrate it (the internal addressing used for corosync) to IPv6 as an end goal. Would it be possible to add a node with just a v6 address, and remove one v4 node, and so on? Or can this be done with dual stack addressing...
  7. S

    Proxmox PVE with DHCP for IPv4 and IPv6 on HOST!

    Hello all, I am trying to set up my Proxmox PVE HOST to use DHCP to optain both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address for its Network interface. I would then manage the actual Addresses via static leases on my DHCP server. As the Guest VMs would have DHCP active and therefor pull IPs within the network...
  8. M

    How to Resolve Vulnerabilities in IPv6 Cluster without Vrack on OVH?

    Good afternoon! I am facing a challenge with a cluster hosted on OVH consisting of 5 servers, each with a public IP. The cluster is working fine with IPv6, but I have identified some vulnerabilities, such as public communication between servers, the absence of a private network, and direct...
  9. L

    About IPset and limiting IP use not working for IPv6

    Hi, currently one of my vlan is having IPv6 /48. I am currently assigning VM a /64 subnet and set that subnet to the IPset field. But when I add another IP outside that /64 (but within the same /48) to the guest os. It's still able to use that and I could ssh into the VM. Is it possible to fix...
  10. R

    Simple SDN zone IPv6 HowTo?

    Hello, we want to setup Simple SDN zones with IPv6 but can't find any documentation about how to configure SLAAC or DHCPv6 for a Simple SDN zone in the WebUI. Goal: Netcup-VPS with two public static IPv4 addresses and two public static IPv6/64 prefixes -> Headscale VPN -> Proxmox VE node ->...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Problems with IPv6 passthrough, can reach vm, but vm cant reach proxmox nor the internet.

    Hi, i currently have some issues with ipv6. My plan is to create a setup like this: "proxmox <-> opnsense <-> vms". I'v allready successfully setup ipv4 with nat and all stuff, which works fine, but i would also like to use ipv6. With my current setup i can reach opnsense with it's ipv6 from...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] IPv6 via Tunnelbroker

    I have a connection via tunnelbroker.net and tried to get it running on PVE 7.1-7 and had no success. I then loaded 8.0-2 on a small machine, and still no success. Went to he.net support, they tried it and it appears to connect, the tunnel does come up, verified by support at he.net and by...
  13. B

    VE 8.0.4 how to enable IPv6 on Host port?

    I have tried everything - even reloaded it completely. I cannot get port to pull an IPv6 address from my pfSense Router. My ISP provides me with a /64 IPv6 block and I am using prefix 0 (all of my other systems will pull an IPv6 address). COMCAST uses DHCPv6 (with Track Interface of the WAN)...
  14. D

    OVH: Setup with pfSense at OVH

    Hello! I'm quite aware that there may be a few threads that detail similar issues like the ones I am facing, however this seems to be slightly special, especially with OVH's strange networking. The following setup is given: Proxmox VE 8 Host on latest Version with all Updates installed. Said...
  15. R

    Managing ipv6 prefix on Proxmox cluster

    Hi, I'm running Proxmox 8.0.4 on a two node cluster plus a qdevice (RPi). Works well. My ISP recently enabled ipv6 with a dynamic /56 prefix which also works well. The wan gw acquires the prefix from ISP using WIDE-DHCPv6, and uses dnsmasq as DHCPv4 server as well as SLAAC for ipv6. Dual-stack...
  16. S

    IPv4 not available in newly created VM

    Hi, I am installing Flatcar in a Proxmox VM. I have already several VMs working under the `vmbr0` bridge. I disabled the Firewall while defining the VM in Proxmox. Everything goes fine during the install from the Flatcar Production ISO image. But when I `ip a` , only IPV6 is available under the...
  17. A

    OVH & IPv6 only

    Hello, Is it possible to configure guests to have entire IPv6 without packet lost like this? I've GAME-1 with /64 and I'd like to have /128 on guests. I tried with NDP, etc. and it works very randomly. More details about configuration: https://github.com/DanielAdolfsson/ndppd/issues/81
  18. I

    Issues with MTU and static IPv6 configuration on LXC Containers

    Hi! I have run into some bugs after configuring static IPv6 address and gateway on LXC containers in proxmox. Some details about my network and the proxmox node, My WAN connection uses 1492 MTU (PPPoE). I use a IPv6 tunnel to get IPv6 connectivity. The MTU on this tunnel is 1472. I am...
  19. L

    (LIR IPv6 /32 into 2x Routers) Desire: /48-per-Type, Routing to /64-per-VM & /128-per-Domain?

    Hi there, This is a bit of an edge case, though being so short on time it's taking me a while to understand the inner workings of IPv6. There's a reason they say "throw out your understanding of v4 as it has no bearing with v6", holy moly are they right! It's great but needs to be understood...
  20. M

    IPv6 woes with dynamic prefixes and SLAAC

    I am using Proxmox with several VLANs for VMs with an ISP that hands out dynamic IPv6 prefixes. Thus, my router gives router advertisements for different VLANs with their respective prefix. The VLANs are defined on the Proxmox host, where only one VLAN has an IPv4 assigned. So, I can connect...


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