1. F

    SOLVED: Secure boot clean install on NUC

    I am wondering if any has successfully performed a clean install of Proxmox 8.1 on an Intel NUC 13th gen with secure boot enabled? I was attempting to set up a new cluster this morning but upon trying to boot from the USB installer, I am getting a "Secure Boot Violation, Invalid signature...
  2. R

    NUC12WSKi3 for proxmox

    Hey, I need a bit of advice here for my home server. Currently I'm running Proxmox on a 2014 PC with a Intel Pentium G3240 on a Asrock B85M PRO4 mainboard. This does the job fine, but I want something new. Also, the hardware is almost 10 years old now, so it's time for something new. I found the...
  3. E

    Switch NUC hardware - network does not start

    I had a working PVE node in a cluster on a NUC11TNKi3 NUC w/ 32GB RAM and a 2TB nvme drive. I removed the nvme drive and stuck it in a NUC10i7FNK w/ 64GB RAM. I have confirmed the NUC10i7FNK works with a fresh install of PVE but I need the existing nvme. The NICs leds don't blink (no link and...
  4. G

    Can I get video output from a VM to an external monitor for Steam Link on my Intel NUC?

    I've got an Intel NUC7i5BNH, where I have Proxmox installed and a Home Assistant VM chugging away. There's still plenty of resources to spare, so ideally I'd love to throw another lean Linux distro on there to use as a Steam Link client and some other basic HTPC functions. Obviously I need...
  5. D

    Intel NUC Kit NUC8i5BEH Freeze

    Hello I have a Intel NUC Kit NUC8i5BEH running Proxmox and system is freezing randomly and i have to hard reset for it works fine until it happens again. Kernel: 5.15.39-1-pve Version: 7.2-7 /etc/network/interfaces auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet manual bridge-ports eno1...
  6. S

    Problems with my new Intel Nucs

    Hey there, I´m using proxmox now quiet a while and im exited and very setiesfied with the product. Im using it at home for my HomeLab (currently 8-9 VMs, no LXC). I was so satisfied that I bought 2 new Intel Nuc10i7FNK2 with 32 GB RAM and a Patrio P300 (128GB). But on the new Nucs the Nucs...
  7. M

    Proxmox Install Appears To Crash At Random Times

    Hello everyone! I've been using Proxmox on NUC's for a while now and recently purchased a new ASRock NUC Box 1165G7 then installed Proxmox 7.1 as a ZFS mirror on two internal disks (Sata SSD and NVMe M.2). I started experiencing odd things where pings and the Proxmox UI would stop responding...
  8. F

    No 2.5GbE connection on Intel NUC 11 pro

    Hello all, I just bought an Intel NUC 11 Pro and wanted to run some VMs on it via proxmox. First, the installation did not work and aborted with an error. Now I tried the new version with the 5.11 kernel and the installation goes through cleanly and everything works. Unfortunately the network...
  9. S

    NUC Installation Proxmox umziehen auf eine Synology DS920+

    Moin Gemeinschaft, nachdem mir hier im Forum schon einmal sehr geholfen wurde, muss ich heute einen neuen Versuch zur Klärung eines Problems starten. Ich habe aus diversen Foren zum Thema Hausautomatisierung nach "Rezept" für meine Aufgaben einen kleinen NUC mit Proxmox aufgebaut, in dem in...
  10. M

    Support for nuc 11

    Hi, I tried to install proxmox (6.3) on nuc 11 but it failed. Are there any plans to support the latest nuc gen? Kind regards Maik
  11. G

    New to Proxmox user running before they crawl :)

    I have a new NUC7i5 with 32mb memory and 1tb storage and I think/hope Proxmox is the key to what I want to do. The hardware limitations I'm concerned about: one graphics adapter with one display (my TV) and one ethernet port. I would like to run the following on the NUC: 1) home assistant...
  12. G

    Proxmox - Nuc - single display single graphics card - need alternative

    I've installed Proxmox, a home assistant VM, and a debian 10 lxc with PiHole in docker on an older nuc. All run fine.....but I need to use the single display on the NUC (my TV) as the Debian (or other) graphic console allowing me to show internet video on my TV (YouTube, etc). I chose...
  13. M

    Iommu in NUC Kit NUC6i3SYH

    Hi there i have intel nuc NUC6i3SYH witj i3 6100u and 12gb of ram im trying to activate iommu so i can share the intel 520 to container so it can uses the quick sync t plex transcoding i tried everything with no luck anone was able to do suck thing?
  14. C

    Intel nuc und zwei platten

    Hallo Liebe Leute, Steige gerade ein in die Sache Proxmox. Frage an die Profis Auf dem ersten Schritt es zu begreifen scheitere ich. Zum Ausgang: habe einen Intel nuc mit 2x260GB SSD Und möchte davon soviel wie möglich für meine VM's haben. Jetzt stehe ich vor der Frage ext4 zfs xfs raid 0...
  15. N

    Comet Lake NUC (NUC10i5FNH / NUC10i7FNH) gvt-g support?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a Coffee Lake NUC (NUC8i5BEH) where I use gvt-g for virtual GPUs for some ubuntu VMs (mainly for Intel QuickSync) and wondered whether anyone had tried this on the Comet Lake NUCs (either NUC10i5FNH or NUC10i7FNH) as thinking about buying one of those... According to...
  16. K

    'Installation aborted - unable to continue' with nomodeset value set.

    Hi, due to some graphic issues for some reason I was unable to start the installation of Proxmox on Intel NUC NUC7CJYH2 which I use. After changing quiet splash to nomodeset value in GRUB and confirming, the installation starts but after a short while it stops on bounding to IP address. The...
  17. K

    Instalation freezes on Intel NUC NUC7CJYH2.

    Hi, I've recently bought a Intel NUC NUC7CJYH2 with a purpose of being a setup for Home Assistant and some local medial server, unfortunately I'm not able to get past the installation process. I'm trying to install proxmox-ve_6.2-1 from an USB pendrive and each time I select the option to...
  18. L

    Software web dev guy: Need to build on-prem test/stage/deploy chain

    I’m building an ambitious Erlang web app. Need to think/act toward deployment. I’ve dug deep, get basic concepts, but need critique/mentoring of path forward. Goal 1: Proxmox cluster to support testing, staging, and start-up production Goal 2: Host production on-prem until start-up revenue...
  19. D

    Proxmox startet nicht *ERROR* GPU recovery failed

    Guten Morgen zusammen, habe leider das Problem, dass Proxmox auf meinem Intel Nuc nicht mehr startet. Habe gerade eine neue VM angelegt. Nach einem Browserfenster Wechsel habe ich gemerkt, dass sich bei Proxmox nichts mehr rührt. Nach einem reload der WebUi bekam ich schon nicht mehr die WebUi...
  20. L

    Intel NUC single SSD - best filesystem?

    We're planning on using a few Intel NUCs in lab conditions with Proxmox. They take a single M.2 NVME device. What would be the best filesystem to use in this case? Also if ZFS would a RAID1 or RAID0 array be the correct option?


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