1. X

    [SOLVED] use smtp to send ALL notifications

    Hello, I added an SMTP "Notification Target" from the notification screen it works fine (tested and mail received). I disabled the "mail-to-root" target as I wanted to use the SMTP target for all notifications. I also updated the notification matcher to use the SMTP target instead of the...
  2. I

    SMTP Notifications configuration for self-signed

    Hello, I want to configure my SMTP server to receive mail from my PVE cluster. But, when I try to test my configuration, I got this return: Could not test target: could not notify via endpoint(s): mail_endpoint: Connection error: error:0A000086:SSL...
  3. T

    gotify notification

    It seems that Proxmox is sending all gotify notifications with priority 0. Is there any chance that you do not hardcode the priority as 0, but don't specify it all? In that case the default priority set for that app (and token) on the server is used. Only the test notification should be sent...
  4. E

    Cron not sending emails

    The box (PVE1) was installed on top of Debian and recently upgraded to 8.1. Tried (unsuccessfully) setting up postfix after upgrading before learning about the new SMTP notifications system, which was set up successfully and backup jobs send emails as expected. However, cron jobs are not sending...
  5. P

    Wie PBS notification einrichten

    Hallo liebe Mitstreiter, ich würde gerne die Notification einrichten auf dem PBS, wo man einstellt wann wer Infos bekommt habe ich schon gefunden - aber wo stelle ich den Mailserver usw. ein. Mit dem Link in der Doku ( komme ich...
  6. L

    Getting emails for all vzdump backups now, regardless of status

    I have a couple backups configured in Proxmox (going to PBS). Both of them have "On failure only" set for Notify. Up until now this worked fine, I only get emails when something fails. All of a sudden, as of yesterday, I have been getting notifications for all backups including successful ones...
  7. D

    many emails from SMART Email Notifications

    Hello, I am getting this email constantly. How can I fix this. or is there possible to disable smartd emails ? This is the email I got many times: This message was generated by the smartd daemon running on: host name: nasserver DNS domain: The following warning/error was logged by...
  8. X

    Extend email notification with AppRise support

    Hi all, Currently I am running a few Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Servers configured with email notifications. However, this setup doesn't work really well with Outlook. Almost every email from my Proxmox servers end in the junk mail folder even after marking a few emails from these machines...
  9. W

    Suggestion - Possibility to provide SMTP credentials during installation or in the WebUI

    Hi everyone, Longtime PVE user here! I have used Proxmox since mid 2013 for private use, and just recently deployed a couple of Enterprise ones at various companies. I realized that it would be very neat if I during installation or in the WebUI could provide SMTP credentials (SMTP-host...
  10. T

    Link zur eMail Freigabe in Notification einbauen

    Hallo Proxmox Community, ich nutze das Proxmox Mailgateway seit kurzer Zeit und bin was den Umfang und das Handling betrifft sehr angetan. Aktuell laufen die meisten Funktionen wie erwartet, aber ich möchte gerne für den Enduser das Handling weiter verbessern. Deshalb habe ich folgende Frage...
  11. D

    End User Notification

    Hi all, I've just started testing out the latest version of the Mail Gateway in hopes that I can move over to this full time, but I have a question, which I am sure is one of very many moving forward. I am trying to figure out how to get end users on the mail server who receive spam get...
  12. mattlach

    Help! I'm Being Spammed with SMART Email Notifications!

    Hey all, First let me explain my setup. My Proxmox box boots off of a ZFS mirror of two 500GB SSD's. I also have a secondary ZFS pool consisting of 12 spinning disks, 2 SSD SLOG ZIL devices and 2 SSD L2ARC devices, which I use for data storage. I am in the middle of a slow project to one...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] Email notifications still coming to old address

    Hi, I've changed the address I used for email notifications via Web GUI. I've also changed the backup time from 7am to 7pm., and all the changes are reflected in /etc/cron.d/vzdump However, Proxmox is still backing up at 7am and the emails are still coming to the old address. This happened on...
  14. K

    Ceph - OSD mail notification

    Hello everybody! We are using five nodes in one cluster, and we use ceph for the mainstorage. Now my question, is it possible to configure a mail notification for the status of the OSDs? The mail should send an email if one of the OSDs reaches the warn/health status "X near full osd(s)" at 85%...
  15. K

    Ceph - OSD mail notification

    Hallo! Wir haben Proxmox in Verbindung mit Ceph im Einsatz. Ich bin schon lange auf der Suche, das ich gerne eine Email bekommen möchte wenn eine der OSDs den Status "near full OSD(s)" bekommt (85%), und natürlich dann auch wenn es fast zu spät ist, "full osd(s)" (95%). Ist das irgendwie...


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