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    [SOLVED] Unable to connect to GUI

    I just installed proxmox as dualboot on my computer. I can access the local shell ping the internet and get a supposed adress to connect to on the local network for the GUI. When i try to connect to that webpage however, all my devices return: ERR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE. Since i want to run the...
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    Wiederkehrende Verbindungsprobleme und ungewöhnliche Kernel Nachrichten

    Ich kämpfe seit einigen Tagen mit dem Problem dass sich das Webinterface von Proxmox immer wieder verabschiedet und nach wenigen Sekunden dann doch wieder erreichbar ist. Scheinbar startet hier der Dienst immer wieder neu oder es ist ein Netzwerkproblem. Generell bleiben aber alle VMs...
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    Win10 guest ("Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration) when using vlan.

    Been trying to get my win10 guest to connect to a subnet via its vlan..
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    Cannot install Proxmox - Network issues

    Hi guys! I've tried today to install latest 3 versions of Proxmox on my HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 but none succeed. All of them answer to me on White Background "No network interface found". What's strange? I already have Proxmox 5.5 which I would like to erase and there my network connection...
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    Certain network requests error only inside VMs.

    Hey, I have Proxmox 5.2 installed on NUC for over a month and everything work fine. In the recent days, I decided to create a new workstation VM machine, and noticed something strange. Certain network request doesn't get finished at all, and it only occurs in VMs inside Proxmox. A specific...
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    cannot connect from one lxc container to another

    Hi, I've got this really weird network problem when connecting between two containers. I've got a private lan using linux bridge, so they're on the same hypervisor. First container is, the other When I try to ssh from .207 to .211, I get connection timeout and the...
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    Fresh install but VMs and CTs have no network

    I had to reinstall Proxmox and on the new install I cannot get any VMs or containers on the network. This is true for both new guests and guests that I've restored from backup. They can ping the host, but no guest can ping anything else and no guest is reachable from other hosts. Here is my...
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    No network after reboot

    After restart, networking has vanished: can't ping the default gateway, much less reach anything else. Nothing was changed in /etc/network/interfaces (attached). Output from "ip link" and "ip route" is as I believe it should be. Clearly something is wrong; possibly (probably) something subtle...
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    Fresh Proxmox install - connections going down after some time

    Hello, I am completely new to Proxmox and have set it up on a Supermicro X9 motherboard with dual Xeon processors. I am using the Supermicro onboard intel gigabit LAN to connect the server to my router. I have something strange going on, when I start the server I can connect to Proxmox through...
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    Can't connect to Proxmox configuration after successful install

    Hi everyone, After a seemingly successful Proxmox 5.1 install on my Dell PowerEdge SC 1435 2x Quad Core AMD Opteron cpus, 16 gb of ram, 2 GB NICs. I'm having trouble to connect to the configuration panel at While doing the Proxmox installation off of a USB I noticed the...
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    [SOLVED] unstable iscsi storage

    Hello guys, this is my first post in this forum, sorry for anything I have a proxmox 5.1-35 host with a remote storage for KVM guests. This storage runs ubuntu server 16.04 and a iscsitarget service. The host uses a LVM storage on top of this iscsi. We are expecting some instability on the...
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    Error Creating Network Namespace in LXC Container (Proxmox 4.4)

    I am using Proxmox 4.4. I would like to create a network namespace within an LXC container as follows: ip netns add eth1_NS However, upon doing so, I get this error: mount --make-shared /var/run/netns failed: Permission denied Does this have to do with the isolation techniques Proxmox uses to...
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    Networking fails after starting VM with GPU-passthrough enabled

    Hi everyone! First off, I am new to this forum, so i want to say a big thank you for the developement of this great piece of software and for this community, which already helped me a lot. My first few experiences with PVE were consitantly positive, but now I am stuck with a problem I neither...
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    VM is Unreachable/No Route To Host.

    I'm trying to configure my promox hosts with an external firewall (e.g. pfsense). I've got the basic iptables masquerading rules configured, however, somewhere in the network configuration on the Host is preventing the VM from being reached on a port such as port 80. I've configured the basic...
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    [SOLVED] LXC 2. eth Schnittstelle nimmt keine ipv4

    Hi, ich habe gerade ein kurioses Phänomen welches ich mir nicht erklären kann. Ich will einem Container (LXC) eine weitere eth Schnittstelle geben mit einer weiteren IPv4 und einer weiteren IPv6. Soweit so gut nur nimmt er auf der eth1 die IPv4 nicht an und löscht diese immer wieder raus. Ich...
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    keine Vm kommt online

    Hallo, vielleicht weiß jemand weiter habe schon einiges an Netzwerk Konfiguration getestet Aktuell ist in der vmbr0 als IP die 113.147(haupt IP). und als Gateway war xxx xxx 112.1 schon voreingestellt. Das war schon nach der Installation so. Die vmbr0 geht ja auf eth0 da soll man ja...
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    Proxmox 3.4 --> 4.3 Network problem

    Hello I have 2 servers at OVH, using Proxmox 3.4 since 2 years. I move all containers 3.4 from srv01 to srv02 I reinstall srv01 in Proxmox 4.3 ... scp, restore... Ok, the container is up in 4.3. But network doesn't work. :confused: I read several posts on this forum, and doc... but not yet...
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    [SOLVED] Simple container configuration

    Hi, I'm new to proxmox and I'm very confuse with network configuration. I installed Proxmox VE 4.3 and I'm trying to setup a simple LXC container with a web access. This is the default configuration # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # for Routing auto vmbr1...
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    CT network configuiration

    Hello, I want to test proxmox for future migration of my server. I try to setup a Container. After creation i can't not apt-get update my container. My network configuration it's bridge on vmbr0 (all settings it's like at default) and i use dhcp pour ipv4 But i can't reach internet. i tried...
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    Network questions

    Sorry for silly questions, I'm new to networking. Here is my /etc/network/interfaces from the Proxmox host: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet manual iface eth1 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address netmask


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