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    Configure IP Address of Proxmox

    Hi, I am trying to setup a home lab proxmox. My network is I want my proxmox server to get and the gateway and dns servers are During setup, on the network screen I entered the network as After Proxmox booted I can't ping the...
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    [SOLVED] Change IP from PVE Single Node

    Hello, I have changed IP Addres room of my network (before:, now My PVE (Single node) had the static IP now of course I can't access the web interface. How can I change the IP manually via cmd (to Hopefully someone can help me.
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    Turning off Private MAC Address for node

    Hi there! I'm fairly new to this Proxmox thing and have read this forum, r/Proxmox and the official documentation, but I can't find an answer this (or maybe I missed it). I have set up a VM and a couple of CTs on my Proxmox node to which I want to set aside IP reservations so their IPs doesn't...
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    [SOLVED] Single NIC with Proxmox Management on Default and VMs on VLANs

    Hi, I have an USFF Dell with a single NIC. DHCP, firewalls etc are via a Unifi UDM Pro. The UDM Pro switch port connected to Proxmox is carrying all Networks. I want to be able to have Proxmox running on the default LAN but then have home assistant running of my IoT LAN (VLAN 30). I'm happily...
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    Can connect to VMs, but not to host(GUI/CLI)

    I can connect to both of my two VMs (Homeasistant via webgui and archlinux via SSH). So, I know the networking is working, but when using NetworkManager to find a IP with port 8006 listening, none is found. Also, the CLI is stuck at /sbin/xfschk and never allows any connection so I cannot...
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    Issues with networking after moving V-sphere guest to Proxmox

    I am attempting to move one of my VMs setup in Hyper-V to Proxmox. I followed instructions online and moved over the image and mounted it, booted up the VM, but im running into issues with the network. I created a virtual bridge and gave it a static IP Address(/32), and im using that bridge...
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    Invalid ARP responses cause network problems

    While I have solved the issue, I hope this is helpful to others who run into the same problem. Also, it would be great if someone could verify that this is a sensible approach. Recently, we would lose the network connection to our PVE servers on a semi-regular interval. Virtual machines on that...
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    [SOLVED] Installing PMG in OVHCloud

    Not sure if anyone has come across this and if they have a way around it. I'm trying to test out PMG in an OVHCloud VPS. Its a Debian 11 KVM and everytime I add the Proxmox repository and install proxmox-mailgateway it knocks out the ethernet address. There are a couple of things that they're...
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    Multiple Networks on one node

    I'm trying to add a second network to my proxmox host so I can host certain VMs on a separate network than my main network. Networks net1: net2: I've already tried following this post here: This...
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    [SOLVED] Wrong IP when adding a node to a cluster

    Hi, I'm new on proxmox and its communitty, and I faced an error that i couldn’t solve. The error is that when I'm copying the information to join the cluster I created, the node IP "changes" from *.*.*.12 to *.*.*.175. When I try to connect to the node with this information I get this message...
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    Proxmox with three network cards

    Hello Forum, my proxmox server has three network cards as mentioned above while one of them is configured as a linux bridge (enp9s0 as management and VM network) and the other two (enp6s0, enp5s0; proxmox was not installed directly but via a debian 10.x distribution) have no linux bridge. I'm...
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    Moving Cluster network from 1GB to 10GB

    Hi all, I am looking to know if there is a fairly easy way to migrate my existing cluster from 1GB to 10GB network without having to tear everything down. I have a spare 10GB network port in each of my servers that I would like to use for the cluster network. Is there an easy way to do this...
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    There are two questions when I am using Proxmox

    First, sometimes I want to reinstall VM's system, I have to delete VM, then create a new machine and configure the same IP address. Is there any way to reinstall VM's system easier( Like one-click to reinstall it ). Second, When I create a new VM, I want a allocate IP from my IP pool, how...
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    WAN aliases vs bridge

    Hi guys, I'm new to the project. Can you advice how to setup WAN aliasing or bridge pls. From what I have read already this can be platform depending. I'm with OVH. How I can make aliasing and bridging of my proxmox with additional IPs to my server. Is there any guidance on it? Where to deal...
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    Promox does not request IP address

    So I don't really know where to begin but here it goes. A couple months pack I installed ProxMox and got a couple VMs up and running no problem. I come back to my server today and startup proxmox to do some more testing, however no IP is assigned to the machine. The command line does show an...
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    vmbr0: port 1(eth0) entered disabled state

    Hi everyone Since the startup of the server, there is a problem with network server failure. Network server is disconnected and re-connected every so often. message log: Jul 11 06:40:15 isvps085 kernel: [60086.694591] vmbr0: port 1(enp0s31f6) entered blocking state Jul 11 06:40:15 isvps085...
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    share files between virtual machines

    Hi, To share a folder between virtual machines I have some questions: 1. How should I share folders between virtual machines? Install NFS-server on Proxmox main host? Install NFS-server on a LXC container? Install NFS-server on a KVM based machine Mount a folder with Bind Mount to a LXC...
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    Remote access to VMs

    Hi, Do you have a solution for remote access to virtual machines with only one public address for proxmox server and machines connected with NAT configuration? Regards Thank you
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    Multisegment separation

    Customer desires a configuration of VM's in the cluster where few limitations should be taken in account. Server that hosts VM's have 4 interfaces (eno1 eno2 eno3 eno4) bonded together in (bond0). Host server should be accessible from dedicated administration network C class segment (f.e...
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    [SOLVED] LXC 2. eth Schnittstelle nimmt keine ipv4

    Hi, ich habe gerade ein kurioses Phänomen welches ich mir nicht erklären kann. Ich will einem Container (LXC) eine weitere eth Schnittstelle geben mit einer weiteren IPv4 und einer weiteren IPv6. Soweit so gut nur nimmt er auf der eth1 die IPv4 nicht an und löscht diese immer wieder raus. Ich...


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