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    Mount Point between multiple LXCs

    I have an external drive mounted on /mnt/hdd directly into Proxmox host. I shared /mnt/hdd/data to /data for four LXCs different, with different users. One LXC is qBitTorrent and another is Jellyfin, for example. How to make possible Jellyfin user see and write the saved file from qbittorrent?
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    Proxmox 8 converts special characters in mount point paths

    Hey Yesterday I did an upgrade of Proxmox from version 7 to 8. One of containers which has mount points defined started to make issues during boot due to special characters which one of the mount point has. As far as I observed CT config file gets amended when I make a reboot of CT or PVE...
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    Mount point as a drive

    Hey all, noob here. I got proxmox installed on an Intel NUC, having (only) 2 HDDs setup as ZFS RAID 1. This setup is only for my homelab for media server, home-assistant, etc. I would like to allocate a dedicated space to be used for both SMB/NFS shares so various Containers, such as Plex will...
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    unable to activate storage 'DIR01' - directory is expected to be a mount point but is not mounted: '/mnt/pve/DIR01' (500)

    Hi everyone. Unfortunately by hard drives no longer appear to be recognized by proxmox. I am able to see them within TrueNas. I am having issues with DIR01 and DIR 02 the storage.cfg is following root@pve0:~# cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg dir: local path /var/lib/vz content...
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    PBS restore ct/lxc without specific mp/path - pct restore

    Hello all, I have a backup of a ct/lxc that is hundreds of GB big - it's stored on my Proxmox Backup Server. Most of the data is stored in a mount point, and I would like to restore the ct/lcx without this mp. Is it possible to restore the ct/lcx without a specific mp or directory path in the...
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    Mountpoint on LXC Container not writable in application only in shell

    Hello dear Proxmox community, I’m totally lost with something seemingly simple and thought maybe someone is able to point me in the right direction as I have pretty much tried all the tricks I know and nothing worked (yet): Goal: I have an SMB-Share that I want to make available via FTP. For...
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    How to mount external drive (exfat) into an unprivelaged lxc container for all users?

    Hi, I just downloaded proxmox and am loving it so far, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to mount an exfat drive into an LXC. So to start with, I plugged in my external hard drive (formatted as exFAT) and it showed up inside the proxmox gui under the nodes>disks tab. After...
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    ansible - snapshot container with mount points

    I've recently opened a PR which adds the functionality to the module. The module can now be used with a unbind option, which allows to take snapshots of LXC containers regardless of them having configured mount points. This simple task is achieved by "toggling" the...
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    Monitoring of LXC Mount Point Metrics via API

    Hi there, Is there a way to monitor an LXC's mount point metrics (disk IO, size, usage) via the API? From our testing, all that is made available is the rootfs. Is possible to append this data (when applicable) to the follow calls? ...unless someone has a solution already :) Desired...
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    Unmount mp live through pct

    Is there any way to unmount a mp through pct ? I see you can mount a mp through "pct set" but can't find any way to unmount the mp without a reboot of the LXC while I would like to avoid reboot on production container. Thanks
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    LXC Nexcloud SMB Freigabe auf NAS

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin im Thema Proxmox noch recht neu, denke aber das ich soweit bisher mich recht gut in die Materie eingearbeitet habe. Jedoch bereit mir ein Thema seit mehren tagen Probleme und ich weiß nicht mehr weiter, hoffe da auf euren rat. Vielen Dank dafür schonmal jetzt.... Ich...
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    [SOLVED] Backup of LXC fails sometimes

    Hello, I am currently trying to figure out, why one of my LXCs only backups once in a blue moon. So far from the 20.07-26.07 the backup didnt work of that LXC. On the 19.07 and 27.07 the backup worked. On this LXC is Nextcloud running with an additional mount point just for the nextcloud...
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    TrueNAS and Unprivileged LXC

    Hello, I'm using TrueNAS on a physical machine outside of Proxmox. I would like my LXC containers to be able to write inside and copy files etc. At the moment, my containers each have a mount point which is made from the proxmox host. The mount is on an SSD inside the Proxmox computer. What...
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    NFS share not letting containers read or write when mounted through the webGUI

    So I have been trying to get an NFS share to work on my proxmox containers to use them to backup our websites and also the containers that the websites are on. So far I can get both the PVE and also the containers to see the NFS and read and write to it with mount when logged into each container...
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    proxmox-backup-client backup stops at gvfsd-fuse mount - exclude does not apply

    Hi, I freshly installed PBS on top of my existing Homeserver/Fileserver and try to backup my users home dirs, which exits while creating the file list for backup. homeserver:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)...
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    How to have shared storage between containers/VMs?

    Is there a way to mount a directory that lives on a disk on the proxmox host and into a container or VM? What I mean is that I have a directory /mnt/tank/whatever on the proxmox host (ZFS dataset), and I'd like that directory to be accessible at /whatever from within a container or a VM on the...
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    How to restore LXC without loosing mount point image / data

    Hi, I've been struggling to understand how to correctly restore a LXC with a mount point attached to it. LXC Config: mp0: media1:105/vm-105-disk-0.raw,mp=/jellyfin/data1,size=2000G mp1: media2:105/vm-105-disk-0.raw,mp=/jellyfin/data2,size=2000G On the host: ls /mnt/pve/media1/images/105/...
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    Mount Point verschieben?

    Hallo liebe Forumsmitglieder, in einem Anfall von geistiger Umnachtung, bzw. vermutlich absoluter Volltrunkenheit :rolleyes: hatte ich bei einem Container den Speicherort falsch angegeben. Normal wäre es mir egal und ich würde den Container neu aufsetzen. Leider ist es aber mein Nextcloud...
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    Unprivileged LXC local directory bind mount point not working

    I am trying to mount a directory from Proxmox host to an unprivileged LXC (Proxmox 7) From this page - Unprivileged LXC containers it seems like all I need to do is to add pct set 100 -mp0 /mnt/bindmounts/shared,mp=/shared To the LXC configuration file. I did this: 102.conf arch: amd64 cores...
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    MountPoint with lxc.idmap no longer working

    Hi, about a week ago I started getting my NUC-Server working because of problems with my nextcloud container (Docker on Synology). Especially with the data folder for nextcloud I had / have my problems. This folder shall not be locally on my NUC. Until a problem while the installation (Tried...


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