mount point

  1. I

    LXC reboot fehler (Autostart funktioniert)

    Moin Zusammen, meine Linux Erfahrung ist eher erweiterter Anfänger, daher schlagt mich bitte nicht, wenn ich etwas falsch ausdrücke oder etwas nicht kenne. Ich wollte schon einige Zeit lang von Docker Containern auf meiner alten DS412+ weg. Diese sollen als VMs / Container auf einem NUC und...
  2. W

    Frage zu Mount Point

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe auf meinem Proxmox Nextcloud laufen und eine extra Platte als Datenlaufwerk eingebunden: root@Nextcloud:~# mount /dev/mapper/pve-vm--103--disk--1 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,stripe=16) /dev/mapper/pve-vm--103--disk--2 on /mnt/data type ext4 (rw,relatime,stripe=16)...
  3. DynFi User

    Best way to access CephFS from within VM (high perf)

    We have a large 4 node cluster with about 419To split in two main pools, one for NVMe based disks and another one for SSD. We are planning to use the NVMe RBD to store our VMs and the other pool to store shared data. Shared data will be very voluminous and with +100 millions of files. Beside...
  4. C

    How to move sub volume mp0 from one container to another.

    Background: container 101 had a root disk and a mount point 0, I only had a backup that included its root disk, but mp0 was excluded from the backup because I didn't have enough storage. (I'm working on full backups now which is why I want to fix this). The root disk failed to boot unexpectedly...
  5. V

    Proxmox Containers - AD Authentication and Mount Points

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback on a setup I've been working on. I have a Proxmox host running a domain joined samba server on bare metal. I have the acl_xattr:igonre system acls = yes flag set on each of my shares. This all works to my liking. I'm able to create users in AD and use Windows...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] LXC mountpoint breaks container

    LXC container instantly shutsdown when mount point is created. I have a folder i'd like to share to a privaliged container from the host. Folder placement on lxc container id like files to be placed: /root/mnt Folder placement on host to mount: /mnt/sdb command used: pct set 114 -mp0...
  7. X

    [SOLVED] How to shrink mount point in proxmox ve?

    Hi, I tryed to shrink the size of the data mountpoint for my cloud service vm. As I tryed around with resize option in the resource overlay I ended up with an increas from 200GB to 300GB. Is there an option to decreas it to 100GB by the overlay or do I need to do some freakn' shit in the...
  8. H

    NFS Container - RAW File Container - Backup & Restore

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe folgende Frage. In PM 6.1-8 habe ich einen NFS Storage (liegt auf meiner QNAP NAS) für den Inhaltstype "Container" erstellt. In einem Test LXC habe ich dann einen Mount Point erstellt, wo ich auf den oben beschriebenen NFS Container zugreife. Als Größe habe ich mal 500...
  9. Proxygen

    Cannot Move Disk To ZFS Storage, Name Does Not Match

    # cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg lvmthin: lvmt_containers1-nvme1 thinpool lvmt_containers1 vgname lvmt_containers1 content images,rootdir nodes node2 dir: local disable path /var/lib/vz content snippets maxfiles 0 shared 0...
  10. M

    PVE 5.2 LXC guest - Summary: CPU and Memory readings zeroed after adding a mount point

    Hi all, First and foremost: my congratulations on this excellent virtualization environment. I've been using it for years and I'm suggesting it to everyone who asks me an opinion on what good hypervisor to use. Maybe I'm not a noob on ProxMox, but I'm not a super hacker either. As the summary...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Unit file order to mount from client container

    I'll start out acknowledging that some will think this is nuts and people will respond with "Why?". The answer, It's what I've got to work with; so given that... PVE 5.2-5 Node 100 is a virtual machine running FreeNAS with PCI passthrough (This part is working great BTW) Other nodes are...
  12. Y

    Issues with NFS mounts on proxmox 5.1

    Hi I'm having trouble with NFS mounts on proxmox 5.1. I've followed the advice I've read on here and mounted my NFS share on the host, and then made that available to containers with mount points. The NFS share works fine on the host and is accessible on the containers. So far so good. The...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] import a virtualbox vm on a system with zfs storage

    Hi all, I'm trying to follow these guides:
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Checking content of nfs mount point inside lxc container

    Hi everybody, I would like to write a bash script to check my nfs mount point (content) inside my lxc container. My nfs mount point are mounted on the host with fstab and all my lxc container have an entry like "mp0: /xxx,mp=/xxx" in their /etc/pve/lxc/[id].conf. I found that the files's...
  15. onlime

    Change default mountpoint/volume name for LXC container on ZFS storage

    I have setup a ZFS local storage on latest ProxmoxVE 4.2 with the following options: ID: zfs-containers ZFS Pool: rpool/ROOT Content: Container When creating a new LXC container via ProxmoxVE WebUI Create CT, it get's mounted and name as follows: $ zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER...
  16. J

    LXC Bind Mounts and VM Snapshot

    Hello Why when I add shared folder like in snapshot function becomes not active tor vm. Is some way to fix it. I think, mounted folder shouldn't affect for snapshot, snapshot should work only on lvm storage and vm.conf file.
  17. N

    LXC backup and multiple raw disks

    Hi everyone, We actually face a problem for scheduling backups of lxc containers with a second raw disk as a mountpoint (mp0). vzdump seems to ignore this and only backup the raw rootfs. Even with options like backup=1 or backup=yes specified. Here is the container conf: root@pmx1:~# cat...


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