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Nov 24, 2023
Hey all, noob here.
I got proxmox installed on an Intel NUC, having (only) 2 HDDs setup as ZFS RAID 1. This setup is only for my homelab for media server, home-assistant, etc.
I would like to allocate a dedicated space to be used for both SMB/NFS shares so various Containers, such as Plex will be able to use it.

First I thought just to create a SMB/NFS server on the proxmox host itself and allocate it to a folder on its drive, however, as this is really a bad practice, I decided to use OMV as a NAS server which will act as the NFS/SMB server.

I'm trying to mount some of the storage I have to a drive so OMV will be able to see it.
I created a new ZFS storage on proxmox and called it 'storage-media'.
Then, I installed OMV as a container and added a mount point (mp1) for that 'storage-media' storage, with the path of '/storage-media'.

I can see the storage inside the '/storage-media' path, but I need this path to be mounted as a disk.

Clearly I'm not in the right direction. Appreciate your help
With ZFS there is no virtual disk when using an LXC. It is then using datasets which are filesystems without any block device below it. And as you already mentioned, OMV needs blockdevices. There is the OMV plugin "sharerootfs" which you can use to share filesystems but this isn't working for quite some time.
I would recommend to use an OMV VM instead of a LXC.
Or you try something like zamba instead:
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Thanks, this makes lots of sense.

For those interested knowing, I ended up spinning a TurnKey Linux FileServer LXC. It provides both NFS & SMB services, which can share the mount point.


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