1. S

    Guidance on coming from VMware; ZFS datastore & file server

    Hi all. VMware refugee here and new to Proxmox. I'm building a small business server and originally was going to configure the server like this: Install ESXi on a small SSD. Create Ubuntu VM that lives on the default datastore. Passthrough a SAS HBA to the Ubuntu VM. Create a ZFS pool and...
  2. D

    Proxmox Ram läuft voll auf Ubuntu VM

    Hallo, ich habe auf einer Proxmox VE zwei Virtuelle Maschinen laufen, eine Debian 12 auf der Zoneminder läuft und ein Ubuntu auf dem ein Samba Share läuft. Beide haben jeweils 8GiB Ram, der Zoneminder schreibt die Video aufnahmen über ein gemountetes Laufwerk auf den Samba Ubuntu Server...
  3. C

    Samba Share as Storage - Permission Problem

    Good evening (dependeing, where you are...)! I´m struggling with a Samba Share. Setup: 2TB-USB-Harddrive connected to Home-Server with Proxmox (Virtual Environment 8.0.4). Mounted and shared with Samba. Config: /etc/samba/smb.conf [usb1prox] Comment = Toshiba 2TB Share Path = /media/usb1...
  4. D

    lvm in 2 LXC mounten?

    Hi, Ich habe einen LXC sambaserver der meine Fotos hostet. Diesen würde ich gerne einem anderen Container immich zugänglich machen. sambaserver besteht aus zwei LVM's, einmal root und dann die Daten/Photos: Da sich samba-shares in einem LXC mounten als nicht wirklich einfach darstellt habe...
  5. M

    LXC Samba Server Performance

    Hallo zusammen ich habe einen LXC Container aufgesetzt, der einen Samba-Server beinhaltet. Der Container läuft als "privileged" Container, was mir eigentlich nicht so gut gefällt, aber mit einem unprivilegierten LXC habe ich den Samba Server nicht zum Laufen gekriegt. Warum ich das so mache...
  6. G

    Samba auto mount issues

    Hello everyone! I am having some weird issues with auto mounting samba when a container is restarted via node restart. The required auto mount command "// /mnt cifs username=user,password=verysectedpassword 0 0" is added in /etc/fstab. Whenever, I restart the contained...
  7. S

    Mount point as a drive

    Hey all, noob here. I got proxmox installed on an Intel NUC, having (only) 2 HDDs setup as ZFS RAID 1. This setup is only for my homelab for media server, home-assistant, etc. I would like to allocate a dedicated space to be used for both SMB/NFS shares so various Containers, such as Plex will...
  8. P

    Mounting Samba Share for Plex Container

    Trying to mount an SSD attached to my router to Proxmox to use as a Plex directory. There is already a bunch of media on the drive which was used on an Nvidia Shield acting as the media server up until now since I have a Proxmox machine which can be the server. I have an Asus AX86U router with...
  9. F

    Samba and inotify script uid greater than 100000

    Hi there, I have a script running that checks if file have a uid or gid grater than 100000. If it is the case, I substract 100000 from it. I do this because I noticed that files comming from a LXC have their uid above 100000. Inotify seemt to register on the path /mnt/QData which is a zfs...
  10. R

    Sharing Proxmox external HDD on home network

    Hi all, Quite new to Linux and Proxmox especially. I have a PVE on an old macbook in a cupboard with a Plex LXC, and have successfully mounted my external hard drive (USB into the machine running Proxmox) and passed it through to the Plex container. Plex reads the HDD fine and has generated my...
  11. M

    Samba file server in LXC container

    I want to setup a Samba file server in an LXC container. I found that it works perfectly fine when I use a privileged container. However, I am unsure if it is a good idea to use a privileged container. I could sleep well better if I used a unprivileged container, but using the exactly same...
  12. Y

    LXC and Samba

    Good afternoon, created lxc with samba also created a test vm with windows server 2019 samba it is active but windows can't connect to it it says error "Windows can't access" ping ok firewall on windows to disabled for tests
  13. R

    How to create samba share on proxmox host

    I was wondering: what is the best approach for me to run a samba share on my proxmox host. Please note: I'm talking about a home-server, please don't worry about HA and stuff like that. I only want my local machines (in the local network) to be able to connect to a hard drive that is physically...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] All files deleted from SMB share after graceful reboot

    We had a power outage due to Hurricane Idalia and I shut down my Proxmox system when the batteries came on. Shut down my two Ubuntu VMs, shut down my OPNsense router, then shut down Proxmox itself. When it came back on an entire SMB share folder (hosted by the Proxmox host) is empty. My Synology...
  15. B

    Exploring a New Proxmox Setup to Ditch TrueNAS

    Hello everyone! I've been thinking about simplifying my server. Following a recent upgrade (hello NVME drives), I'm thinking about whether to shift away from TrueNAS and manage everything via Proxmox. Let me elaborate. Currently, I run Proxmox on an NVME drive as the primary disk (local...
  16. C

    Samba Storage becomes unavailable

    Hi there! I recently added a Hetzner Storage Box as new SMB/CIFS Storage to my pve environment. Everything worked out fine so far, however after a few days the storage becomes unavailable on the pve host. Manually disabling & re-enabling the storage does not fix the issue, only a full reboot...
  17. P

    ZFS snapshot on lxc

    Is it possible to take zfs snapshot on an unprivileged LXC container? I created a samba service in an LXC container as it's more lightweight and even if the VM cannot boot i can simply copy the file from the bind mount from the PVE host without the hassle of mounting virtual disks, etc. (minor...
  18. P

    How to refresh `Storage is not online`

    1. I have a storage attached in Proxmox over SMB 2. I forcefully terminated all SMB connections to rotate the storage 3. After restarting the storage's SMB, Proxmox reported `Storage is not online` 4. My backup job which requires this attached storage is unable to start because it is not online...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 can see, not access samba share hosted from other sources

    I've googled into this issue for many hours and are pulling my hair out of frustration. I'm running proxmox VE 8, I've installed a Windows 10 VM (called PVE-WIN) following guides for setting up windows vm on Proxmox, and it all went smooth. I've confirmed that file/share settings in regedit...
  20. O

    Exposing LXC mountpoint to host

    Hi, I'm really not sure how to title this. Not even sure how on-topic this is but I really need help. So I've created an LXC container using turnkey miedaserver template and am using it as a file server as well. All shares are actually mounted from the host as I want the host to have full...


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