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    Any easy way to spindown ?

    Hi, i'd like to know if there i any way to use spindown easily in proxmox ? I'm running a vm with TrueNAS and i gave him basically all my disk and the whole server at best consume 80w wich is quite a lot and i really want to try my best to drop down the consumption. But after seeing some article...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Use physical disk partition as fileserver for Virtual Machine or Container

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to use a physical disk partition (SSD) as a space for files serving a virtual machine or container. I want to create a virtualized NAS in which the files are always visible and available regardless of the VM or CT (e.g. by physically...
  3. H

    Storage problem

    Dear, hello everyone. I have a storage server with truenas, on the other hand I have other servers with proxmox. What I need is for the disks of both the containers and the virtual machines to be stored on the NAS server. But what happens, if the share is nfs I can create containers and not run...
  4. A

    NFS not showing dimension

    I've add my NFS (basaed on OpenZFS) to my PVE and works fine. If I do a df -h i see correct dimension (available and used space) but from UI I see on tree CIFS partition is on same system and I can see dimension.
  5. L

    VMs, NAS, and the Unpredictable HDs

    Ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when one of your precious HDs decides to take a break amid your Proxmox adventures? I bet you have! So, here's the deal – I've been diving into the vast ocean of Proxmox tutorials on YouTube, and guess what I found? A sea of so-called 'experts'...
  6. M

    Recommends for storage type to Synology NAS

    We have PVE running, with VMs and Containers running over NFS share to our Synology. We mostly leveraged VMs, so at the time I hadn't realized that Snapshots on NFS for containers would be an issue. Now I am starting to use LXC more often and would like to be able to have snapshots. The options...
  7. B

    Deutsch: Proxmox Backup funktioniert einmal und danach nicht mehr

    Guten Tag, Ich habe eingerichtet, das Proxmox Täglich ein Backup auf ein Nas in meinem Netzwerk macht. Das funktioniert einmal Reibungslos, dann kommt immer der Fehler: ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - file '/mnt/pve/SichTaeglich/dump/vzdump-lxc-100-2023_12_12-13_36_41.tar.zst.notes' exists but...
  8. D

    Recommendation Request: Dual Node Shared Storage

    Had a client request a fully redundant dual-node setup, and most of my experience has been either with single node (ZFS FTW) or lots of nodes (CEPH FTW). Neither of those things seem to work well in a dual node fully redundant setup. Here's my thinking, wanted to see what the wisdom of the...
  9. S

    Mount point as a drive

    Hey all, noob here. I got proxmox installed on an Intel NUC, having (only) 2 HDDs setup as ZFS RAID 1. This setup is only for my homelab for media server, home-assistant, etc. I would like to allocate a dedicated space to be used for both SMB/NFS shares so various Containers, such as Plex will...
  10. A

    Migrating from iSCSI to NFS

    Hi, i have a proxmox cluster of 2 nodes, connected via a 10Gb network to a QNAP Nas. Currently, all my vm disk are stored on that NAS using iSCSI. I would like to move from iSCSI to NFS. So, i created the NFS datastore on proxmox and all just works. But, regarding the migration, i currently...
  11. M

    Proxmox Syncthing

    Hallo ich will mit Proxmox Syncthing nutzen so weit so gut ich wollte mein Festplatten Einbinden wie oder wo mach ich das machen Proxmox oder in LXC´s? Wie find ich die Platten und Pfade. Danke
  12. P

    Media Server blew up, help with new layout

    Hello all, I was running UnRAID as a media server, when multiple drives failed, incl. the parity. So I'm nuking and rebuilding my server. Main things running are Plex, the "-arr" suite, SABnzb, Deluge, Nextcloud (or similar) among other things. Nothing wild yet. I had my eyes on Proxmox for a...
  13. A

    Connecting proxmox to NAS issue

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE and i connect the initiator of proxmox to the external storage , in my case the external storage is NAS as showin in the capture . I add iSCSI storage from Proxmox VE interface ( Datacenter => Storage => add iSCSI ) . After that, i want to format the added...
  14. W

    Misleading errors IMHO from failed backup.

    I was having several failures backing up containers, that looked like this: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 101 --notes-template '{{guestname}}' --remove 0 --storage DS220jBackup --node pve0 --mode suspend --compress zstd INFO: Starting Backup of VM 101 (lxc) INFO: Backup started at...
  15. M

    Best practice: Mount NAS (NFS) to LXC

    Hello, I wonder what the best practice is how to mount NAS to a LXC? Why? Reason: I don't want to estimate and manage the size of the LXC data storages in a containers, etc. (e.g. jellyfin, nextcloud, etc.) + have all the advantages of user management etc. of a NAS system. I basically just...
  16. R

    Adding Shared Folder to Plex server Running Inside a ProxMox Container

    Hello everyone, First off, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I didn't see any other section that would look better than this one for me to post my issue. Please feel free to move it around if need be. So unto my problem now. I currently run my Plex server from a Synology...
  17. L

    Redundant network links to storage

    Proxmox cluster consisting of 3+ nodes and TrueNAS storage. NFS share for VM disks and CT volumes. Dedicated network for storage access. Connected via 10G fiber switch and interfaces. We have experienced a failure when link between node and storage was down. All the linux guests continued to...
  18. W

    A system on a mini PC with a connected docking station HDD

    Good day! I need a compact and roomy server at the same time. I plan to transfer Proxmox to a Mini pc (it is possible to install only NVME & 1x 2.5 SDD/HDD), but for VM NAS Xpenology I need several HDDs in RAID. And so the idea came up to connect a Type-C or USB 4 docking station with RAID...
  19. S

    LVM over iSCSI not regognizing dedublication

    Hello, so I'm using my QNAP as a iSCSI target, on the LUN itself is dedublication and compression on so I can save space and use the LUNs more effencient. But the QNAP shows a usage of roughly about 300G and Proxmox sees almost 800G. How do I make it possible so the Proxmox Cluster / Host can...
  20. E

    Proxmox VMs storage disk hosted on another external server (NAS)

    Hello every ! I searched on google and youtube but I did not really find the answer to my questions. So here it is, I have a server with Proxmox installed on it, with a 5Tb RAID And on another rack I have a server with a NAS installed on it (about 22Tb) Now I would like to create VMs that...


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