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    Snapshots: how to exclude external mounts?

    I have a VM with a NFS share mounted that will be about a couple of TB, how can I exclude it from snapshots? If I will create a Proxmox HA (I still haven't had a look at it, so I don't know how it works), will it transfer the NFS share mounted with all the data? Thanks!
  2. T

    Add NFS storage in nobody:nogroup

    This is my nfs directory permission (NFS server in a privileged container): root@homelab-nas:/data# namei -l /data/nfs/ f: /data/nfs/ drwxr-xr-x root root / drwxrwxr-x root writers data drwxrwxr-x root writers nfs And nfs exports like this: root@homelab-nas:/data# exportfs -v /data/nfs...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Snapshot fails to cleanup and prevents future snapshots

    Hi Everyone, Before performing maintenance on a Windows Server 2022 VM, a snapshot was attempted with memory. Unfortunately, it failed to clean up with a perplexing error. The VM has two virtual disks, one on GlusterFS and the other on NFS. The GlusterFS storage is high performance (local on 3...
  4. R

    NFS server changed IP, PVE still using old IP

    I added a 10 gig adapter to my NAS and want to make sure my cluster of Proxmox systems use this connection. It is still running on and I added .99 as the 10 gig connection. My /etc/pve/storage.cfg looks like this, among other entries: nfs: synology export /volume1/proxmox...
  5. K

    I can't seem to have shared template

    Hello all, I am fairly new to Proxmox so forgive me if I am on a completely wrong path. I have three nodes into a cluster and a shared NFS storage (truenas). I have made a template VM on host1 and have successfully moved the disk on the NFS share. But, when I want to clone the template with...
  6. L

    Issue with qemu-ga/fsfreeze and NFSD running in Guest

    Hi, I have a reproduceable Issue with the qemu-guest-agent and the NFS server running inside a guest VM. Each night, when snapshot backups are run, and thus fsfreeze is issues to the Guest VM, I have a nasty Kernel debug stuff in my logs: Mar 26 01:30:00 publikore-data qemu-ga: info...
  7. C

    PBS backing up to NFS--backing up the NFS VM

    So I have configured my PBS datastore to use an NFS mount. It took a while but, after disabling ALL NFS caching functions from NFS client on the PBS to get around ESTSALE errors, I was finally able to get back ups working. I have successful VM backups on both of my nodes. However, my dilemma...
  8. T

    How to block port nfs from one pve ?

    Hi, I'm new, but I thoroughly go through dozens and dozens of threads already on the proxmox forum. I know I know it is a subject which has been asked before many times but without a very good answer. 1/So I've tried to block the 111 and the 2049 ports on each of my node on the pve part of...
  9. S

    Central storage for mixed workload VMs: NFS?

    We currently plan on implementing a new small-scale cluster for mixed VM workloads. The goal is to be able to add compute nodes as needed while maintaining a central ("shared") storage for all VM images. That being said, we want to build some sort if small VDI infrastructure with the ability to...
  10. D

    Proxmox VE, PBS and NFS storage

    I am planning a medium sized cluster. The VMs will all be stored on NFS storage. The backup files themselves will be stored on dedicated local storage. When PBS backs up a VM stored on NFS storage, does it back up the NFS storage for that VM? Just checking. Thanks. Dave
  11. M

    ZFS Filer als VM Store sinnvoll?

    Hi Hatte bislang einen ESXi mit einem ZFS Filer für die VM's, welche per NFS zurück an den Host gegeben wurden. War vorteilhaft, dass man VMs komfortabel direkt am Storage rum kopieren konnte. Da ist z.Z. noch napp-it im Einsatz. Erst versuchte ich, eine .ova für ESXi auf Proxmox zum laufen zu...
  12. L

    If NFS is not available cant start Container

    Hi, I have 2 containers one privileged and another unprivileged both have the same configuration on /etc/fstab They both start if the NFS storage is available. However, when NFS storage is not available, the unprivileged container fails to start and the privileged starts but never connects to...
  13. H

    Storage problem

    Dear, hello everyone. I have a storage server with truenas, on the other hand I have other servers with proxmox. What I need is for the disks of both the containers and the virtual machines to be stored on the NAS server. But what happens, if the share is nfs I can create containers and not run...
  14. M

    Lessons learned about using NFS shared storage in a ProxMox environment (w/ Synology?)

    It's possible some of the following is specific to my environment... but having read a ton of threads to solve my issues, I suspect these are more general insights gained. NFS has had serious reliability problems when it comes to rebuilding broken links... until version 4.1 Before that...
  15. A

    NFS not showing dimension

    I've add my NFS (basaed on OpenZFS) to my PVE and works fine. If I do a df -h i see correct dimension (available and used space) but from UI I see on tree CIFS partition is on same system and I can see dimension.
  16. E

    Storage confusion

    Hi all, I've been wrangling with how to setup storage on my two node cluster for a while. The main node has two 4tb SSD drives (currently btrfs raid1) that I can't pass through to a VM since they are on the same bus as one of the tow 1tb SSDs (btrfs raid1) used for Proxmox. Secondary node has a...
  17. M

    Replicate current setup in Proxmox

    Our current backup writes to an NFS share on an isolated storage network. We want to configure PBS to do the same thing. Is there a way to funnel traffic down a particular pipe? Is there any other potential issues with this?
  18. C

    Network-related kernel panics in FreeBSD guest after PVE 8 upgrade

    I have a PVE setup with a TrueNAS (FreeBSD-based) file server as a KVM guest. It is configured with a separate network interface (virtio) used for an NFS share between it and the Proxmox host, as well as one for the local network. This provides storage for some other containers and as a backup...
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    [SOLVED] group rights for using iso

    hi all, i have a group since older versions for users. since v8 group rights are different/new. i have mount a nfs storage with iso´s, how can i add rights to my user group, thats users can only use iso´s, but don´t can remove and edit it and don´t show others on this storage? my user-group is...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] FIX the ISSUE NFS mout disk questions

    Hello team, The NFS volume has been mounted on PBS 3.1-2. The NFS volume is on TrueNAS. Now, I run backup job and I can see there is backup data under /dump directory on TrueNAS NFS volume, but I don't see hostname in the "Content" tab. Also, the datasize of NFS voume is incorrect. The...


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