1. powersupport

    Bulk emails with Proxmox mail gateway

    we have a client who is looking to send out 800,000 emails a month using proxmox mail gateway. May I know how many Proxmox mail gateway servers are required in order to gain smooth delivery? Thank you.
  2. R

    Proxmox server now is able to email by-default?

    Hey, I used to configure my proxmox server for sending emails using my own smtp server. I did that by following the steps written down in this thread. Now recently I have installed a fresh version of proxmox (latest version) and it seems like it is able to send emails out-of-the-box, right? How...
  3. powersupport

    Proxmox Mail gateway features

    We are looking to settings up Proxmox Mail Security service. I would like to clarify the technical capabilities of the gateway. It is necessary to ensure throughput of 600,000 letters per day; the ability to adjust the balancing; implementation of content filtering. Types of rules and...
  4. V

    Blocking connections from outside

    Good afternoon, judging by the logs, we have been attacked for a long time by attempts to send mail not from our network - connecting via telnet... We started to figure out that google somehow disabled the "helo, ehlo" commands when connecting via telnet. Please tell me how we can also ban these...
  5. N

    Cert from other Host (NGINX Proxy Manager)

    Hey guys, I was able to setup PMG yesterday and my mailcow behind it. Right now I run into the following issue that I get a reject on a receiving server ehlo/helo domain. F.e. my PMG got the hostname mailgateway.internal.local right now. My 1st: Is it just enough to change the hostname in...
  6. L

    SPAM and HAM autolearning and suggestions for improvements

    A new version of spamassasin has been released, one of the main improvements of which is working with unicode and languages other than English - which will allow more flexible customization of filters using regular expressions. I think there will be a major PMG update for this case. Please add...
  7. E

    [SOLVED] Systemd dependencies for mail forwarding

    Piggy-backing off this thread: How should I set up the dependencies for a systemd service to ensure mail delivery during startup & shutdown of the system? From the thread linked...
  8. L

    Skip Mail Filter Rule (Exception)

    Hello everybody, 1. my goal is to remove some filetypes from incoming e-mails. Up to this it is working perfectly. But how can I realize some kind of exception of a filter rule without sending the mail directly to the recipient? When I chose the action object "deliver" all following filterrules...
  9. G

    Proxmox Configuration DNSBL SITES

    Hi, everybody, i just want to know how to configure the DNSBL Sites, for example in spamhaus site how can i know the correct url that i have to write in the text box?, in resume in my default settings i have...
  10. P

    ZImbra sends a lot of obscure letters

    It sends letters at a certain time, by periods. But I don't understand what he is trying to do and how to stop it? Logs're below: Jun 3 15:41:06 proxmox postfix/qmgr[865]: EC713C2642: from=<>, size=2337, nrcpt=1 (queue active) Jun 3 15:41:37 proxmox...
  11. L

    pvemailforward loses emails if mail server is not available

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE 7.1-12 on my main workstation which I start and shutdown daily. I have configured postfix to forward local email to a smarthost as explained in this tutorial and confirmed that it does work, but I noticed that I never get the email after boot. This is the syslog...
  12. S

    Spam emails with links

    Hi, How can I block e-mails containing links from unknown sources before they reach the user? Thanks.
  13. S

    [SOLVED] keine Mails im Tracking Center, seit Neujahr 2022

    Hallo Freunde, ich wünsche euch ein tolles und glückliches neues Jahr. Ich habe aber auch ein Problem festgestellt. Das ganze fing heute an, indem ich in meinem Outlook keine neuen mails mehr gesehen habe seit gestern. Daraufhin habe ich herausgefunden, dass der Transport-Dienst im Mircosoft...
  14. M

    IPv6 incoming and outgoing

    Hi, I am a little bit of a beginner when it comes to the IPv6 protocol and the way Proxmox/linux handles it. For context, we run a mail server on a guest inside a Proxmox box (bare-metal at a web farm). Everything IPv4 is configured and works great. Recently however, a client's MS Exchange box...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Wrong Recipient Mailadress configured

    Hey guys, I'm running a small datacenter with 2 hosts. On one host was a wrong recipient adress configured before the 2nd host joined the datacenter. After the joining process I changed the root users mailadress under Datacenter > Permissions > Users. That made only a change on my first...
  16. itNGO

    Mail nach Größe filtern.

    Hallo zusammen, ein Kunde möchte alle E-Mails deren Anhänge größer als X sind in der Quarantäne sammeln. Ist so etwas konfigurierbar? Besten Dank!
  17. S

    [TUTORIAL] msmtp for sending pve notification mails

    My mailprovider was rejecting my pve mails. I didn't get it working with postfix. So I tried msmtp and found a working config. EDIT/Attention: Logfile needs to be at /var/log/msmtp because otherwise AppArmor profile will deny msmtp to write to it. This is not the most secure configuration. See...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Unable to locate package libasal2-modules

    Guten Abend alle miteinander :) Ich habe vor mir E-Mail Benachrichtigungen schicken zu lassen, jedoch scheitere ich schon bei der Installation des Paketes "libasal2-modules". Ich habe schon gefühlt überall geschaut, aber ich scheine der erste mit diesem Problem zu sein.. Ich weiß einfach nicht...
  19. S

    disabling crontab mail notifications

    Hi everyone, about a month ago I wrote 2 crontab entries to run every 30 seconds (used to upload some data). Everything worked fine, until yesterday I opened my spam mail folder and found more than 86,400 mails (XD). every time the cron service runs an email regarding the job is sent, and this...
  20. S

    using msmtp as mta in proxmox

    Hello there. I was unable to configure postfix to work as a relay smtp server. I therefore switched to msmtp i installed the packages with apt install msmtp msmtp-mta and created a global config in /etc/msmtprc I can now send mail via msmtp or sendmail (now just symlink to msmtp) on the...


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