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Jan 18, 2020
We are looking to settings up Proxmox Mail Security service.

I would like to clarify the technical capabilities of the gateway.

It is necessary to ensure
  1. throughput of 600,000 letters per day;
  2. the ability to adjust the balancing;
  3. implementation of content filtering.
  • Types of rules and examples
i. Title equals/not equals; header("From") == ""
ii. The recipient is equal/not equal; (rcpt-to == "^$")
iii. recv-listener == "Testt"
iv. mail-from == ^$<$>
As with all Proxmox products - PMG is 100% AGPL licensed software - so my short recommendation is - just install it and give it a spin

Regarding your questions:
throughput of 600,000 letters per day;
We haven't done any throughput tests recently - but this post should still be valid:
Additionally as usual with SMTP - you can quite easily spread the load across multiple PMG instances using DNS round-robin.

the ability to adjust the balancing;
Not sure what you mean by that - but if you want to send different percentages of mail to different PMG instances then this is not possible out of the box (and seldomly necessary) - Balancing/multiple instances in SMTP can be implemented with multiple DNS records quite robustly
If you still need to do other balancing (why would that be?) - then you can always use a TCP/SMTP loadbalancer in front of PMG (haproxy, nginx maybe) - which increases the complexity of the setup and adds another point where you need to consider redundancy

. Title equals/not equals; header("From") == ""
There is regex matching in the filtering system
ii. The recipient is equal/not equal; (rcpt-to == "^$")
This would either be a What filter (if you mean the 'To' header) or a Who object (if you mean the envelope sender)

However currently negation is not implemented in the rule-system - you can work around this to some extend by creating 2 rules with different priority (one with the matching object and the desired action, one without the matching and the action if it does not match at lower priority)
There is a patch-series, in the making which aims to add negation though on the pmg-devel list.

For completeness sake - also the links to the reference documentation and the getting started page in the wiki:

I hope this helps!

1. Will the implementation of content filtering work in PMG ?

2. May I confirm the rule . Title equals/not equals; header("From") == "" can apply in PMG ?
3 The below rule is supported currently ?
ii. The recipient is equal/not equal; (rcpt-to == "^$")

Also,please let us know if the below rules can be applied
iii. recv-listener == "Testt"
iv. mail-from == ^$<$>
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