let's encrypt

  1. T

    Unable to access GUI after uploading my certificates

    I uploaded an fullchain cert from Let's Encrypt... I was asked to reload the GUI... then I cant access the gui again... the server works, mails flows but I cant access the GUI... any idea how to resolve this issue?
  2. G

    Incomplete Let's Encrypt certificate

    Greetings I'm using the build-in certificate client of Proxmox for the GUI. I noticed that randomly I end up with either a complete, working certificate, or a incomplete certificate (not full chain). I've checked with https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html Re-ordering a certificate from...
  3. Y

    API data for Let's Encrypt dns-01 challenge using Azure

    Hello, I can't seem to find any doc or description of the format for supplying "API data" to an ACME dns-01 challenge using the Azure plugin. I'm asking about the expected format of the parameters that need to be passed to the plugin via this dialog: I tried using the CLI but it returns an...
  4. P

    ACME-DNS with IONOS: failing to renew certificate

    Hi, renewing of our let's encrypt certificates worked flawlessly until now. Any ideas what could have changed with the recent updates towards PVE 7.2 root@jupiter2:~# pvenode acme cert renew Loading ACME account details Placing ACME order Order URL...
  5. P

    Let's Encrypt with Apache/Http Frontend

    Hello, I know that PMG 6/7 now comes with ACME for the Let's encrypt ssl certificates and works only in standalone/http mode (My Dns APi is not on the ACME list). The problem is that I have an Apache to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS so users can access their e-mail servers, pmg is on the same...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Zertifikate über API - Nicht über tls?

    Guten Abend Zusammen, ich habe jetzt schon eine Weile meinen PMG im Einsatz und bin extrem zufrieden mit dem Ergebniss, danke an das Team welches diese tolle Software erstellt und an alle die hier so tollen Support leisten! Ich habe heute für meine Domains im DNS DMARC aktiviert, und habe...
  7. A

    PVEproxy no load

    I generate my certificates for each CT and server with let encrypt then via web inside the proxmox, try to add my key.pem and my chain.pem, all ok. The web asked to restart, and it never started again root@promox:/etc/pve/local# netstat -plntu Active Internet connections (only servers) Proto...
  8. C

    Let's encrypt does'nt work on a domain name IPv6 only

    Hello, ACME does'nt listen on port 80 in IPv6. It listen port 80 only in IPv4. For domain names with only record type AAAA, ACME does'nt work on Proxmox VE. I haven't software is listen on the port 80 in IPv4 or IPv6. I took a screenshot of the ACME logs and the "ss -atlp" command when...
  9. A

    PBS to use existing PVE https certificates?

    It is so ordinary question but I can't find a 'official' way to implement it: I installed PBS on existing PVE server, and would like to use LE's https certificate o PBS web interface. I was quite surprised there is still no web-based certificate acquire interface but I understand this is not...
  10. J

    FreePbx let's encrypt certificate via Proxmox

    Hey there :) I have a running FreePBX VM on proxmox and I need to install a valid SSL certificate (not a self signed). FreePBX allows to add it automatically but It can't resolve it. I'm a noob and just can't figure out how to add a valid let's encrypt certificate with this. FreePBX...
  11. be_tnt

    [SOLVED] SSL certificate - Acme - Not used after generation

    Hi! I have started to use Proxmox recently (version 5.2.11). Installation is done and now I started the configuration phase. First thing, the SSL certificate. I decided to use Let's encrypt script for the node. I went so to the certificates menu, register an account, add my node domain and...
  12. C

    Proxmox+LE: certbot in standalone or webroot?

    Hello! I want to use certbot for creating certificates for any domain I use. When I start certbot with this command root@pc4-svp:~# certbot certonly Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log How would you like to authenticate with the ACME CA...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Cluster Letsencrypt SSL

    We have a Proxmox 5.1 cluster and were trying to follow the directions for LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for the nodes. We are following the directions at: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/HTTPS_Certificate_Configuration_(Version_4.x_and_newer) These directions worked great for the first node in...


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