Let's encrypt does'nt work on a domain name IPv6 only


Mar 19, 2021
ACME does'nt listen on port 80 in IPv6. It listen port 80 only in IPv4.

For domain names with only record type AAAA, ACME does'nt work on Proxmox VE.

I haven't software is listen on the port 80 in IPv4 or IPv6.

I took a screenshot of the ACME logs and the "ss -atlp" command when ordering certificates.


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please file a bug and include your pveversion -v output and other relevant details. thanks!

In IPv6 only environment this worked for quite some time as I've been renewing LE certificates from IPv6-only environment for over a year now.

root@prox01-lju:~# lsof -i | grep http
task\x20U 808660 root 12u IPv6 476825836 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
task\x20U 808663 root 12u IPv6 476825836 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)

However, there is a bug that you are describing, but only if you add any IPv4 address on any interface on ProxMox server - then the LE temporary web server starts and listens only on IPv4:

root@proxmox-lab:~# lsof -i | grep http
task\x20U 31635 root 11u IPv4 97504 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
task\x20U 31667 root 11u IPv4 97504 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)

I added IPv4 address to my proxmox-lab server and did not add A record in DNS - and LE renewal immediately broke.

I think that this is something that ProxMox devs might want to have a look in it. Attached is output of pveversion -v .

Cheers, Jan Zorz


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