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    ESXi Import Wizard Error

    I am working on moving from a single free instance of ESXi to a single PVE server, using the same hardware.
As an interim step, I have installed PVE as a VM on the ESXi instance, and I am using a NFS share to import the VMs. The plan is to: Import all VMs from ESXi to the NFS volume, using the...
  2. V

    Export from PBS / Import in PVE

    Hi, I have a question about exporting backups from PBS to import them into PVE. I need to do this because the backups are too large to transfer over the network (internet), so I want to copy them to an external drive, transport the drive to the other server, and then import the backups. Is this...
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  4. D

    Proxmox cluster does not work (freezes every time)

    Hello, since yesterday nothing works anymore on my Proxmox server, I have already reinstalled both servers, with the official iso file, but on my first server "Proxmox" the cluster does not work, there is always the one with the question mark shown, and when I go to the server in...
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    EMERGENCY: Proxmox Server Failure

    Help!! I recently upgrade to Proxmox 8 and now, my entire server fails to start. It usually starts with a few ACPI GPIO failures and then it tells me that my ZFS pool for all my home's data is failing to import. Then after reaching the login screen, after about 10 seconds, the entire server...
  6. A

    Confused on OVF Import & Ceph

    I have a VM on my QNAP under Virtualization Station. I have shut it down, exported it as a .OVF, imported it using: qm "importovf 300 ./turnkey-core-16.1-buster-amd64.ovf HDD_500GB --format qcow2" It imports just fine, takes a while, and it is going on a CEPH filesystem, however, after it is...
  7. S

    qm importdisk generates a 1000 GiB vmdk file from a 60GiB vmdk

    Good morning everyone! We are trying to migrate a 60 GiB vmdk Virtual Machine to Proxmox 8.0.3, but "qm import" is generating a 1000 GiB vmdk file root@pve:~# qm importdisk 103 /mnt/pve/Synology/vmfile.vmdk DISK_SDK --format vmdk importing disk '/mnt/pve/Synology/vmfile.vmdk' to VM 103 ...
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    import qcow2 - error message non existent or non regular file

    Hi, I want to migrate form HyperV to Proxmox but keep my VMs. After some reading I found out that you can export the VMs from HyperV, convert them to qcow2 with Starwind V2V and continue to use the virtual hard disk in proxmox. After doing so I copied the filename.qcow2 file in the root...
  9. P

    SOLVED: Ports needed for vmware import?

    What ports would need to be open between vmware and proxmox to import vms from ESX? I can't seem to find this anywhere.
  10. B

    Migration VM from OLVM to Proxmox

    Hi, How to perform migration from OLVM (kvm based) to promox without using command 'qm importdisk'? Is the another way to import using gui?
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    Backup&Restore Proxmox Settings

    There is any way to backup : DATA CENTER - Notes - Permissions > Users - Permissions > API Token - Permissions > Two Factor - Permissions > Groups - Permissions > Pools - Permissions > Roles - Firewall > Group - Firewall > Group > Rules - Firewall > Alias - Firewall > Group - My Settings >...
  12. W

    The vm disk is imported incorrectly.

    On older servers when the second hard disk of the VIRTUAL machine is a PV physical volume.When qEMu-img is converted into a qcow2 hard disk file and imported to a new server through qm importDisk, the server identifies the hard disk as a new PV physical volume.However, this results in a...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Re-install Proxmox

    Hi, I am a fairly in-experienced Linux and Proxmox user, although I have had a Proxmox installation running for a couple of years, with different VM's and containers. I have Proxmox installed on single 60 GB SSD drive, and I have all VM's on a 500 GB SSD, in the same machine. Yesterday, my...
  14. R

    Import VMs/Containers from previous Proxmox install

    Hello. I have reinstalled Proxmox because I have changed my motherboard. In my rush, I did however forget to backup my VMs and containers. Stupid me. I am using ZFS raidz1 on two ssd disks, which I have successfully mounted. My question then is; is it possible to import the VMs and containers...
  15. J

    ENG/GER Importing an physical Ubuntu-Server into Proxmox

    German below: Hello guys, is it possible to import an existing physical Linux Server (Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS) into Proxmox? And if it's possible to virtualize the machine into Proxmox, what would u recommend me, to import it in the best way? I know it's an old system, but very important. Thanks...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] Issues Booting Imported VM Image

    Hi everyone! Would someone have some insight on how I can import a KVM image to Proxmox? I have a confluence server which I have in a KVM img format. I created a VM using qm create. I then copied the backup of the server I have to that servers hard drive in Proxmox. I booted the server using...
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    Copying a virtual machine onto a pc/laptop

    Thank you so much for this wonderful environment that you have created. I've been reading over the thread and have been unable to find the answer. How can I backup an Ubuntu OS virtual machine onto a drive and run it as the OS of a laptop? My server unfortunately prefers sine wave ups which is...
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    [SOLVED] Recovery after OS drive failure

    Hi there, We have a Proxmox Server (v. 6.2-4), which hosts a few VMs and containers. Unfortunately, the server OS drive seems to be inaccessible after a power failure. We have replaced the OS drive and installed a new Proxmox environment (v 6.2-4) from scratch. We've plugged in the old storage...
  19. S

    how do i import old vms into the new node

    Hi, I am trying to import vms from old pve installation with little success. Can anybody help with please? root@vhost3:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.34-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.2-4 (running version: 6.2-4/9824574a) pve-kernel-5.4: 6.2-1 pve-kernel-helper: 6.2-1...
  20. M

    Imported Windows 10 from ESXI

    hi I have successfully imported Windows 10 from esxi to proxmox ve by following the guide i did this to make it to boot sed -i 's/scsi/ide/g' /etc/pve/qemu-server/130.conf i've installed all the drivers and enabled QEMU as well. how do i change this disk to SCSI ? will changing it improve...


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