how do i import old vms into the new node


New Member
Sep 16, 2020

I am trying to import vms from old pve installation with little success. Can anybody help with please?

root@vhost3:~# pveversion -v
proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.34-1-pve)
pve-manager: 6.2-4 (running version: 6.2-4/9824574a)
pve-kernel-5.4: 6.2-1
pve-kernel-helper: 6.2-1
pve-kernel-5.4.34-1-pve: 5.4.34-2
ceph-fuse: 12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1+b1
corosync: 3.0.3-pve1
criu: 3.11-3
glusterfs-client: 5.5-3
ifupdown: 0.8.35+pve1
ksm-control-daemon: 1.3-1
libjs-extjs: 6.0.1-10
libknet1: 1.15-pve1
libproxmox-acme-perl: 1.0.3
libpve-access-control: 6.1-1
libpve-apiclient-perl: 3.0-3
libpve-common-perl: 6.1-2
libpve-guest-common-perl: 3.0-10
libpve-http-server-perl: 3.0-5
libpve-storage-perl: 6.1-7
libqb0: 1.0.5-1
libspice-server1: 0.14.2-4~pve6+1
lvm2: 2.03.02-pve4
lxc-pve: 4.0.2-1
lxcfs: 4.0.3-pve2
novnc-pve: 1.1.0-1
proxmox-mini-journalreader: 1.1-1
proxmox-widget-toolkit: 2.2-1
pve-cluster: 6.1-8
pve-container: 3.1-5
pve-docs: 6.2-4
pve-edk2-firmware: 2.20200229-1
pve-firewall: 4.1-2
pve-firmware: 3.1-1
pve-ha-manager: 3.0-9
pve-i18n: 2.1-2
pve-qemu-kvm: 5.0.0-2
pve-xtermjs: 4.3.0-1
qemu-server: 6.2-2
smartmontools: 7.1-pve2
spiceterm: 3.1-1
vncterm: 1.6-1
zfsutils-linux: 0.8.3-pve1

root@vhost3:~# lsblk -f
├─sda2 vfat B1DE-E8DB
└─sda3 LVM2_member 5gA17r-GKcN-yJFy-Tdgw-ZC7g-Ct9Q-18SBHo
├─pve--OLD--FE758C14-swap swap 29e89c7f-ea7f-454c-a5ed-3b53dfa51373
├─pve--OLD--FE758C14-root ext4 92414aa8-d5fc-4862-8657-3162ffeb9d06
│ └─pve--OLD--FE758C14-data-tpool
│ ├─pve--OLD--FE758C14-data
│ ├─pve--OLD--FE758C14-vm--103--disk--0
│ └─pve--OLD--FE758C14-vm--107--disk--0
└─sdb1 ext4 storageprox-1 d02ad974-6e61-484a-a62f-a01889a8a4ed 202.1G 26% /mnt/data
└─sdc1 ext4 storageprox 87781dec-596f-411c-8eeb-4b2b8638cdd6 688.1G 20% /mnt/data-big-drive
├─sde2 vfat 1CA6-7581 510.7M 0% /boot/efi
└─sde3 LVM2_member N2rkKI-4xwt-JLqK-Brpo-rSU5-opM0-Su8Qzh
├─pve-root ext4 90d04726-b633-4f83-8945-4a3b875b0081 11.1G 15% /
├─pve-swap swap ea2e7556-2e5c-468c-bdfd-8d610d4bf98f [SWAP]
│ └─pve-data

root@vhost3:~# lvs -a
LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
data pve twi-a-tz-- <27.43g 0.00 1.58
[data_tdata] pve Twi-ao---- <27.43g
[data_tmeta] pve ewi-ao---- 1.00g
[lvol0_pmspare] pve ewi------- 1.00g
root pve -wi-ao---- 14.25g
swap pve -wi-ao---- 7.12g
data pve-OLD-FE758C14 twi-aotz-- <176.10g 40.15 2.87
[data_tdata] pve-OLD-FE758C14 Twi-ao---- <176.10g
[data_tmeta] pve-OLD-FE758C14 ewi-ao---- 1.80g
[lvol0_pmspare] pve-OLD-FE758C14 ewi------- 1.80g
root pve-OLD-FE758C14 -wi-a----- 67.75g
swap pve-OLD-FE758C14 -wi-a----- 8.00g
vm-103-disk-0 pve-OLD-FE758C14 Vwi-a-tz-- 32.00g data 23.91
vm-107-disk-0 pve-OLD-FE758C14 Vwi-a-tz-- 64.00g data 98.52

root@vhost3:~# vgs -a
VG #PV #LV #SN Attr VSize VFree
pve 1 3 0 wz--n- <57.93g 7.12g
pve-OLD-FE758C14 1 5 0 wz--n- 271.44g 15.99g

root@vhost3:~# cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg
dir: local
path /var/lib/vz
content iso,backup,vztmpl

lvmthin: local-lvm
thinpool data
vgname pve
content rootdir,images

lvm: vhost2-data
vgname pve-OLD-FE758C14
content rootdir,images
shared 0

lvmthin: vhost2-vms
thinpool data
vgname pve-OLD-FE758C14
content images,rootdir

dir: hdd-img
path /mnt/data/hdd-img
content images,vztmpl,iso
shared 0

dir: big-drive
path /mnt/data-big-drive/hdd-img
content iso,backup,images,vztmpl
maxfiles 1
shared 0


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