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    Is it possible to have 2 Virtual Disks and then combine them in Proxmox? Or is there a better solution?

    I'm looking at upgrading a few of my disks in my Dell R530. Currently, I have 3 x 2TB and then 5 x 4TB. I'll be upgrading 4 drives to 8TB. Currently, in Proxmox, I have 2 LVM Storage groups, 1 6TB, the other 18TB. If I create 2 separate virtual disks on my Dell raid controller, is it...
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    Sharing Storage Between LXCs and VMs Issue

    Hello! I'm currently running Proxmox 8.1 and originally had a Ubuntu Server VM set up for months, which I've loaded data on my hard drive in path /mnt/WD14-1 through two separate virtual disks (/dev/sdb1 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb1/, /dev/sdb2 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb2/). I just created a few...
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    TPM Disk Type prevents Snapshots.

    Is there a way to create a snapshot of a VM with a TPM State disk. I see that the only available disk type is 'raw', qcow2 is not available. However I would very like to be able to make snapshots of my servers, VMs, etc. Does anyone have suggestions or workarounds, simply removing the TPM...
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    Dualboot VM

    I have a PVE 8 running. One of the VM's is my 'daily driver'. A Nvidia dGPU is passed trough to that VM, along with USB hosts, and I'm running a dual monitor setup and the needed USB devices. Runs Win11. Works great for many months now. However, I'm looking to experiment with fedora as my...
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    Questions about virtual disks lifecycle under Proxmox

    Hello from France, I'm asking for some guidance/better explanations about something I'm trying to do with some Virtual Machines under Proxmox VE. I'm using IaC tools (Terraform / Terragrunt). My idea is to create a virtual disk statically and attach it to a virtual machine I would build again...
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    can a VM be restored from a .qcow2 disk image?

    Hello, I had a problem with my managed VPS provider, the data was lost and I am not responsible. It only sent me a disk image of the virtual machine in .qcow2 format and I have no idea how to use it to recover a cpanel account that I had there (1 website). Could I use promox to restore this VM...
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    Migrating VMs between clusters erased some VM disks - also how to qmrestore while keeping disks that were NOT backup up originally

    I recently ran into some odd issues with clustering. I migrated over a disk PRIOR to actually making the backend storage available to the new node. This caused some wonky things to happen including some disks being erased from their original location. I had disks in the original storage...
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    Usable drive space to small and shows different sizes in each menu

    Hello, I got 3 Drives, each 279GiB installed as a raidz1. So the usable drive space should be ~558GiB (2x278GiB), but I am only able to use around 393 GiB. If I look at Storage -> My Storage -> Summary, then I can see that I am using almost 100% of the storage space, but there it says 536...
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    how do i import old vms into the new node

    Hi, I am trying to import vms from old pve installation with little success. Can anybody help with please? root@vhost3:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.34-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.2-4 (running version: 6.2-4/9824574a) pve-kernel-5.4: 6.2-1 pve-kernel-helper: 6.2-1...
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    Can't create VM disk with almost all the available size of the zfspool

    I create a zfs raidz1 with 3 x 4T disks and it shows that I have 7.04TiB available spaces. But when I try to add a new 6TiB(6144GiB) disk to a vm, it failed because of no space. How could that happen. That's a new raid I just created. When I lower the disk size to 5000GiB, it created...
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    Where is the local-zfs directory with all my VM`s?

    Hi, i can't find the Folder where my vm storages are installed. I could find all my Containers in the /rpool/data folder but no vm is there. I want to import a .raw image into one vm that i've already created. I hope somebody can help me. :)
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    Existing ZFS Pool to VM (FreeNAS)

    I have found 3 ways to get a ZFS pool to a Proxmox VM (FreeNAS). I was wondering which is the best? ZFS over SCSI Could I import my existing ZFS pool or do I have to create a new one? Would I have to use this? Virtual Disk...
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    VM crashed - how to save it?

    So my Unifi VM crashed, what steps do I need to take to save the day?
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    [SOLVED] Migrated KVM Virtual Disk fails to boot with UEFI

    Hello! I have migrated / copied over a virtual disk (qcow2) created with Virsh. This disk has 2 partitions and uses UEFI. When I start a VM in Proxmox using this virtual disk, the SeaBIOS is loaded and fails to boot UEFI. How can I fix this? THX
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    Ceph: CT virtual drive in both storages <pool>_ct and <pool>_vm

    Hello! After creating a pool + storage via WebUI I have created a container. The virtual disk of this container is defined as a block device image in Ceph: root@ld4257:~# rbd ls pve vm-100-disk-1 However when I check content of the available storages pve_ct pve_vm I can see this image...
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    Storing backups to a disk in local-lvm

    Hello, I would like to backup my VMs onto local-lvm because my local disk is very small compared to the lvm disk (4TB versus 128GB). I know this not immediately possible because lvm is not a file system on its own, so I think I need to create a virtual disk and mount it to the host / dom0. I do...
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    [SOLVED] Trying to mount added disks

    I have a nice running vm to which I have added some extra disks (virtual ones) I can see them in the gui and I see them all listed under /dev/disk/by-id, when i log in on the vm. However, I cannot see them under /dev/disk/by-uuid or anywhere else. If they do not have uuids will the system...
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    [SOLVED] Need Help - vgremove removes my machines ?

    Hello Evrybody , I'm new with proxmox but i really liked it , but now i have a little problem : snapshots are disabled (can't even click it) for some VMs (who are located in a virtual disk ab1 that i made using vgcreate so he's not in the pve disk) but in the machines on the pve disk can be...


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