1. S

    How to block port 25 by default and unblock per IP on case basis?

    Hello! Is there any way to block port 25 by default and only open for particular IP whenever I want? I want something like this Block port 25 by default, so even in future a new vm create will have port 25 blocked by default as well. And if I want to unblock the port 25 for a particular vm, I...
  2. L

    Admin Email PMG 7

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir zu Testzwecken PMG 7 in einer Proxmox VM installiert. Soweit läuft alles. Ich habe das Problem, dass ich keine tägliche. Admin Emails erhalte, obwohl ich meine Email Adresse eigetragen habe. Was muß ich tun, damit ich die Emails erhalte? Grüsse Rafael
  3. A

    Backup Notifications - Email SMTP / STARTTLS

    Hi all, I have having a few issues with sending emails to a syslog email address I have created. I am getting an Undeliverable email bounceback due to auth being needed. Recipient address rejected: SMTP AUTH is required for users under this sender domain Is there any...
  4. D

    send email from host on host ECC report

    I have a motherboard, CPU and memory on where single bit ECC detection, correction and reporting and multi bit detection and reporting is confirmed to be working. what would be the most straightforward way to recieve an email when ever the OS receives an ECC report?
  5. B

    Noob on PostFix : how to get email notifications ?

    Hello to all, I have 2 proxmox servers and I would like to enable email notification on these 2 servers. My network is very simple and I have a working stmp server. I have activated in /etc/postfix/ the relayhost to But if I do echo "mail test" | mail -s "proxmox"...
  6. M

    No email notification for zfs status degraded

    Hello, I installed zfs-zed via # apt-get install zfs-zed and edited /etc/zfs/zed.d/zed.rc to uncomment ZED_EMAIL_ADDR="root" as described here: zpool status is degraded, but I do not get an E-Mail. Other notifications from...
  7. Y

    [SOLVED] vzdump does not send email

    About a month ago the server stopped to send e-mail after performing a backup with vzdump. In the logfile I do not find a line which indicates that vzdump does do this. I also checked the /var/log folder if a file contains the target e-mail address, no result. The mailserver is correct resolved...
  8. K

    Email Notifications

    Is there a list of email notifications Proxmox sends out? Are they sent periodically or only sent when something is wrong? I've confirmed I can send email from the commandline and received it on the destination address.
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Mailq Shows Undelivered Emails But I Do Not Have Postfix Setup

    Hello everyone! I have emails that keep showing up in the queue and they are failing because of a connection time out but I do not care about that. I was wondering why these emails keep showing up in the queue even after I delete them using postsuper -d ALL? Plus, I do not currently have any...
  10. T

    [TUTORIAL] Script for Proxmox Email notifications configuration

    Hello everybody! EDIT: This tool is now included "Proxmox Toolbox" - Edited this post in order to update path and links. As beginner, i had some difficulties getting Proxmox e-mail settings configuration up and running. I recently wrote a little script to get the configuration done with ease...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Gateway stopped delivering mail

    Hi all, This morning I had an issue with my PMG server where it went deaf and stopped delivering emails to end email addresses. I use it as a smart host. Its built off of the Proxmox LXC container and its running on a Proxmox Server in a cluster. The server in the syslog went from working to no...
  12. P

    Mail Gateway flooding Mail Server with Emails from Root

    I have a postfix/dovecot mail server setup in a container. In front I have installed and configured Proxmox Mail Gateway as the proxy. I am able to send & receive emails successfully to all my hosted domains and mailboxes. My concern is that everyday my mailserver gets flooded with hundreds...
  13. Z

    Sending and receiving emails issue

    Hi, I am running a mailserver (ISPConfig) in a proxmox lxc container which was working fine and stopped working recently all of a sudden. All the ports necessary are open in the proxmox host: # iptables -L | grep smtp ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere tcp dpt:smtp...
  14. P

    Minimum configuration needed to configure e-mail alerts

    On a fresh install what is the simplest, cleanest, most beginner friendly way to setup e-mail alerts to a remote e-mail address? (assuming a single node on a home LAN)
  15. C

    How to Config exim with proxmox mail gateway

    Hi, Current i set my dns for proxmox mail gateways already which also setup domain-mx point to promox-mail-gateways eg. "" For Incoming Its work already and i can see on proxmox-mail-traffic, But for Outgoing i don't know how to set it up. when i sentmail, it using exim...
  16. mattlach

    Help! I'm Being Spammed with SMART Email Notifications!

    Hey all, First let me explain my setup. My Proxmox box boots off of a ZFS mirror of two 500GB SSD's. I also have a secondary ZFS pool consisting of 12 spinning disks, 2 SSD SLOG ZIL devices and 2 SSD L2ARC devices, which I use for data storage. I am in the middle of a slow project to one...
  17. G

    Email notification of significant events

    Having only recently migrated from vSphere, I havent been able to find any equivalent of the alerts in Proxmox. As I am not watching my cluster all the time. What if any alerts can be configured in Proxmox? I'd like to know (by email) if a node goes down or a VM is restarted on a different host...
  18. A

    How can I change email text.

    I would like to change the text of the backup email, more specifically translate the text.
  19. S

    Scheduling SMART email alerts

    On Proxmox 5, I appear to already be able to see SMART data via the webgui. Further I can send email from the CLI: echo "testing" | mail -s "test" So I suspect that email smart alerts are already working. My question is if there's a way to test it? Or perhaps get a monthly SMART...
  20. L

    Can't Send Mail - Error Code 75

    Hi All, My Proxmox 4.4 server just does not want to send email anymore! It used to work fine but randomly stopped a week or so ago. Whenever I try to send an email I get the following output: postdrop: warning: uid=1008: No space left on device send-mail: fatal: lucam(1008): queue file...


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